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January 2006



Maine officials explode from hyperbole

All the Maine news outlets are covering the fact that, while final facts are not yet available, 2005 will be the year to see drug deaths exceed motor vehicle deaths. Politicians were quick to explode with wrath: Link

Gov. John Baldacci took aim at the Bush White House, saying it continued to turn its back […]

Mary-Louise Parker wins Golden Globe

… for Actress in a Leading Role – Musical or Comedy Series, for her role as a suburban housewive making ends meet by dealing pot, in Showtime’s ‘Weeds‘, which has been picked up for a second season. Not a huge surprise to me. She really is outstanding (and so is the show).

Morality and Lawmaking

I was strolling through the blogosphere looking at drug war-related posts and I stumbled across a blog by Ron Gainey (WRONGAINEY) and yesterday’s post about Risk, Reward, and Paternalism. In it, he quotes an unlinked statement from his friend Daniel Charles regarding the drug war and the paternalistic justification for prohibition that I found interesting.


Odd definition for ‘Beyond Resonable Doubt’

Link A Wyoming man was arrested for selling “drug paraphernalia” in his store, but a jury acquitted him in just 30 minutes of deliberation, something that didn’t set well with the Police Chief.

But Police Chief Rich Adriaens worries that jury members looked more at technicalities than the reasonableness of the charges. Adriaens said there’s […]

Economics 101

Look, I took Economics in college at 8 am from a professor who droned in a monotone for 55 minutes. Needless to say, I mostly slept through it. And yet, I still was able to come out of it with a basic knowledge of supply, demand, and elasticity — something that nobody involved in drug […]

ONDCP’s First Full Podcast, Featuring…

… Al Roker. That’s right — the Drug Czar’s office has stepped up to the plate and shown off their command of new technology by interviewing a weatherman. Maybe they decided that they wanted to start off with an authority, to show off their seriousness with facts and science and stuff, and someone in their […]