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February 2010
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Finally, the bust that destroys the drug cartels

According to the Galveston County Daily News…

‘Major drug dealer’ taken down in La Marque raid

By T.J. Aulds The Daily News Published February 21, 2010

LA MARQUE — A man La Marque police said was one of the city’s “major drug dealers” was arrested during an early morning raid Saturday, Chief Randall Aragon said. […]

Marijuana Addiction - a response

When I whole-heartedly agreed to publishing Danny Chapin’s guest post on marijuana addiction (Marijuana Addiction – guest post and a discussion), I was looking forward to a strong and intelligent response in the comments section from my readers, and I wasn’t disappointed in the least.

If you haven’t had a chance, please go and read […]

Stupid OpEd of the Week

And the winner is…

Roger Morgan, Chairman and executive director of Coalition for a Drug-Free California, with Drug czar’s office keeps drug use down

Before one throws the “drug czar” out with the bath water (“The drug czar should go,” Commentary, Feb. 8 ) he should look closely at the critics.

Teenagers who laugh at […]

Open thread

No time to post tonight. Keep the conversation going in the Marijuana Addiction post (great discussion there, both on and on Facebook).

I’ll give my response soon, hopefully.

In the meantime, use this thread to talk about what else is going on.

Oh, and can I just repeat how much I despise spammers? […]

Marijuana Addiction - guest post and a discussion

Addiction. It’s a loaded word. Lots of baggage, lots of uncertainty in its meaning. It gets tossed around a lot in reference to marijuana, from those who claim that marijuana is provably addictive, to those who say there is no such thing as addiction.

Regardless of those views, I think most people would agree that […]

House of Death

NPR has the first of a three-part series titled The Case Of A Confidential Informant Gone Wrong by Carrie Kahn.

It’s the story of one of the uglier episodes in the ugly business of using informants in the drug war. The U.S. government paid and worked with an informant with full knowledge that he was, […]

Editorial puts Jeff Sweetin in his place

Great editorial in the Aurora, Colorado Sentinal after the recent medical marijuana raid.

Sweetin’s comments raise serious questions about just who’s in charge of this federal agency, and how inappropriate it is for this agency to usurp state’s rights in contradiction to the will of the president. […]

As to Sweetin’s remarks about the medicinal […]

The face of our opposition

Rather amusing train-wreck of a rant. He suggests parents rip apart their kids’ bedrooms and kick them in the balls if they find marijuana. He’s also quite convinced that all drug policy reformers are stupid. His logic is unassailable unavailable.

[Via Reddit]


Criminal Justice Reform - people are talking

There’s a great editorial in the New York Times yesterday: A Blue-Ribbon Look at Criminal Justice

The nation’s criminal justice system is in need of an overhaul. This is particularly true of its incarceration policies. Too many people are being put behind bars who do not need to be there, at great cost to the […]

Ending federal marijuana prohibition

Howard Wooldridge at Citizens Opposing Prohibition reports on a combined effort to lobby for a bill ending federal prohibition.

I received word this week that the major players on the Hill are now united in what direction to take regarding marijuana; namely push for a bill to repeal federal prohibition. COPs, MPP, DPA and NORML […]