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And the winner is…

Roger Morgan, Chairman and executive director of Coalition for a Drug-Free California, with Drug czar’s office keeps drug use down

Before one throws the “drug czar” out with the bath water (“The drug czar should go,” Commentary, Feb. 8 ) he should look closely at the critics.

Teenagers who laugh at the anti-drug ads are probably part of the 33 percent of high school dropouts who will cost the nation $470 billion a year as they burden public health and welfare, turn to crime because they can’t sustain employment, fill our prisons and contribute to the 3,200 monthly drug-overdose deaths.

Wow, that’s quite fact-free accusation (and note that it’s aimed at least partially at “critics”).

It would actually be just as true (if not more) to say that teenagers who laugh at the anti-drug ads are probably part of those who get straight A’s and go on to become community leaders.

More teens smoke pot than tobacco in many places because of the hoax perpetuated on society by legalization proponents that marijuana is a medicine and legal in some states.

How do we perpetuate a hoax that medical marijuana is legal in some states? Did we just make it up and then hypnotize people into thinking that a referendum had passed?

Both pot and tobacco lead to an early grave and a rocky road getting there.

Pot may lead to Rocky Road but not an early grave.

Because today’s pot is 10 percent to 20 percent stronger than in the “flower power” days of the 1970s, it is a factor in 26.9 percent of accidents with injuries and sends more than 100,000 people a year to the emergency room. That’s about the same as cocaine.

I think he meant to say 10 to 20 times stronger — that’s the scare figure they usually like to use (not true, but that doesn’t stop them). 10 to 20 percent stronger is nothing — just a minor variance. If you have pot with 3% THC and make it 10% stronger, then it would have 3.3% THC. 20% stronger would be 3.6% THC.

The emergency room business always gets me. They love to say that marijuana is sending people to the emergency room, but they never say… for what? (Of course, we know that it’s not marijuana that sends them to the emergency room – it just gets mentioned as part of the visit.)

What is the treatment for a marijuana visit to the emergency room?

“Well, we gave the patient 250 CC’s of water in a cup to treat his dry mouth, showed him some pictures of gall bladders to stop the giggles, and then sent him with an orderly to the coffee shop for some rocky road ice cream.”

Back to Roger Morgan:

Because of the Office of National Drug Control Policy past and present, drug use actually has decreased. If the office has a shortcoming, it is its failure to focus on prevention and to stop the corruptive monetary influence that drives legalization efforts, with George Soros at the helm.

There’s that boogey-man George Soros again. I’d like to meet the man that has funded all my legalization efforts…. oh wait, that’s right, I haven’t gotten a penny from him. Yet, it seems to me that I did read about a corrupt monetary influence… right — that would be the $15 billion of taxpayer money that the drug czar gets each year to fight this stupid drug war.

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  1. allan420 says:

    I think he and Linda use the same file cabinet.

  2. allan420 says:

    for example, examine this fine piece of factual presentations:,%20Roger%20Morgan.html

    Today, more people are in rehab for marijuana than all other drugs combined, and over 100,000 emergency room visits where marijuana is the primary cause. It is the most prevalent cause of drugged driving, a 7 times greater problem today than drunk driving.

    And there are plenty more there like that!

  3. Balloon Maker says:

    You can’t have it both ways. Either the “hoax” that marijuana is legal for medical reasons is causing kids to smoke more pot OR the efforts of the ONDCP are causing kids to smoke less pot.

    Do these people even listen to themselves when they babble incoherently?

    And how exactly should the ONDCP “stop the corruptive monetary influence that drives legalization efforts, with George Soros at the helm”? Wait, I don’t want to know the answer to that.

  4. Tim says:

    Fitting that only the Washington Times would publish this spin.

  5. Just me says:

    “its failure to focus on prevention and to stop the corruptive monetary influence that drives legalization efforts?”

    Do they mean the money that ruins families due to arrest by law enforcement? The money that stripes us of our rights and privacy? The money that makes it possible for law enforcement to take our property and privacy? The money thats turning the once wonderful country into a police state? That money that is used in these ways that in turn angers us and forces us top fight this destrutive prohibition? Isnt that taxpayer money? wouldnt they be cutting thier own throats? How could they not know they are the reason this legalization effort is happening?

  6. Just me says:

    Loved the “rocky raod” reference….oh look chocolate syrup!! Im not sharing guys….!

  7. Chris says:

    I’m at the point with my research that I could refute just about any argument thrown at me as it relates to cannabis or drug policy. I look forward to speaking to people about it who bring it up.

  8. kaptinemo says:

    I love it. I can’t help but have a face-splitting grin. They really, truly are a ‘one trick pony’. Every hoary old chestnut about illicits, no matter how disproved, is trotted out like a pathetic old circus bear with severe arthritis, forced to perform when the poor thing should have been retired long ago.

    Disgraceful, the sheer mendacity of it.

    Mr. Morgan, the children of at least two generations have been laughing up their sleeves at your ilk …and the adults that they became are still laughing…and, worse for your kind, have become politically active. And will eventually hold your kind accountable for the damage caused by that mendacity.

  9. kaptinemo says:

    And as to the Rocky Road, well, I’d like mint chocolate chip and a scoop of any triple fudge you have, please 🙂

  10. Jon Doe says:

    Do you think prohibitionists like to scare their kids with horror stories about George Soros? Or maybe they sometimes forget his name and just say “if you’re bad, the Jew will come get you”.

  11. BuelahMan says:

    A recent conversation I had that proves no matter how much information you try to provide, the propaganda/brainwashing is stronger.

  12. DEXtronaut says:

    Rocky Road? I love that ice cream, this article appeals to me

  13. claygooding says:

    Hannibal is at the gate. As we await the wheels of government to shift and creak towards legalization.
    Every study shows the stupidity our government has displayed using marijuana as the devil for this war against it’s own citizens. Even the bogus ones trying to find harm,that we are probably paying for,with tax dollars
    as we have paid for hundreds of others.
    From their inception,NIDA,a federal agency, has searched for the smoking gun that would show any kind of actual harm caused by marijuana. They tried for years,using marijuana that they grew,and when that failed to show any noteworthy harm,they moved into
    using synthetic chemical compounds trying to replicate
    or produce any kind of harm on test subjects that could possibly be connected with marijuana. And most of their testing that they claim shows harm,when analyzed and researched,shows the impossibility of a human being being capable of ingesting enough marijuana too subject themselves to a dangerous “dose” of the chemicals they claim are dangerous.
    Just as they ignored Dr Taskins and the research on lung function,they can ignore this last one also.

  14. kaptinemo says:

    BuelahMan, you have vastly more patience than I have at this point. I have ceased trying to educate the willfully ignorant. Such are mental lumpenproletarians and will never be dissuaded of their error.

    The battle lines are clearly drawn now, and the bottom line is money. Money for those who desperately need it but is being wasted by the DrugWar. This has to be hammered home at every opportunity.

    I’ve given up talking with those in the opposition about rights; such talk is deemed ‘weakness’ by those who respect only ‘strength’, i.e. authoritarianism. They worship at its’ altar, and will not tolerate any other ‘gods’…such as real freedom. They remind me of the book I once read, Milton Mayer’s They Thought They Were Free: The Germans, 1933-45

    I fear that someday, after a terrible calamity removes us as the premier superpower, some future historian will write a sequel…about the US…and use a similar title. And that that catastrophe will involve the suspension of civil liberties because of people like the lady you corresponded with, and their support of the DrugWar.

  15. DdC says:

    We must not forget that “we the reform people” are the modern Galileo Galilei’s trying to prove to the vested ignorant everything they have been taught since the Garden of DARE is wrong. Even with selling Hemp on the net they believe it’s all a Soros plot to inculcate Communism by taking over the kids minds with the heathen devil weed. The one bipartisan attribute of blue collar America is shared vested ignorance proposed by the corporate sponsored politicians on both sides of the aisle. After years of close observation I have concluded it all boils down to the simple fact that prohibitionists hate birds and monkey’s and will trade any amount of Liberty to provide temperory safety from these menaces…

    Major Error in Ecstasy Research
    Ricaurte’s Team Accidentally Gave Monkeys Methamphetamine instead of MDMA

    United Nations Drug Report Disappointing XTC v Meth! 12/02/03

    Spraying Ditchweed Could Devastate Game Bird Populations

    Dr. Heath/Tulane Study, 1974 (Jack Herer)
    The Hype: Brain Damage and Dead Monkeys

    Psychology of Drug War Ads?

    Propaganda and Disinformation

  16. shaleen says:

    “showed him some pictures of gall bladders to stop the giggles”

    this cracked me up

  17. we distort you deride says:

    This is your brain on drugs, this is your brain with a side of bacon and ham. Just say no. Drugs Are Really Expensive (DARE). Marijuana is a dangerous gateway drug two weeks after smoking your first joint you’ll be shooting up, robbing your family to score more and being a general menace. Just ask these laughing teenagers.

  18. nt109 says:

    “More teens smoke pot than tobacco in many places because of the hoax perpetuated on society by legalization. ”

    What nonsense. Please, who in the legalization movement is advocating that kids/teenagers should be able to obtain cannabis? It should be taxed and regulated like Alcohol. If someone is selling to minors then in that situation such an individual should be punished under the law.
    However, an average adult shouldn’t be punished for making the WISE decision and using the substance that is many many times less harmful than alcohol or cigarettes. You aren’t going to stamp out marijuana use. There are 16 million Americans(AND GROWING) that CHOOSE to consume cannabis every month either recreationally or for medical reasons. Such individuals should not be punished.
    The market for cannabis will ALWAYS exist. So either there will be a legal market where responsible suppliers will cater to demand, or their will be a BLACK market where drug gangs and cartels fill the demand. Which do you think is better?

  19. Just me says:

    LOLOL You bet Kaptin !!

  20. Just me says:

    BuelahMan , thanks for posting that link. Man I have been there, not only with cannabis arguments but many other subject. It gets so tiring to try get these thick headed people to open up their mind. I commend you on your efforts with”MaryJane”. I have recently taken a break from trying to educate these types on some subjects. I get such a headache and heartburn from it. UGGHH! So the battle must go on…..

  21. Just me says:

    In some ways this war on drugs(AKA the war on American citizens) reminds me of the war on terror. Now just so all know, Im not questioning our troops, just our leaders decisions. The war on terror is just the same in that you can kill “terrorist” leaders and there are 10 waiting to take thier place, as with drug dealers or those who head the cartels. Terrorism is a buisness to many of these people , and like any buisness there are those who will be willing to run it, reguardless of the danger , just as drug dealers and cartel leaders.

    If this comparision is true ,then as with the WOD’s being a failure , wont the war on terrorists also be a failure and very costly?

  22. the only way to “win” against terrorism is by living as brave people. we need to be brave enough to live free and take it as a given that every once in awhile some nut job or group of such is going to kill some of us.

    we should not be allowing that idea to paralyze us with fear or force us into committing military operations in the name of “fighting them over there.” it’s all absolutely absurd.

    they live in caves — we kill them by remote control. the only way they have to hurt is is by using our own tools against us. foxnews and dicks like cheney are a terrorists best friend.

  23. Pete says:

    Brian, I agree 100%

  24. kaptinemo says:

    JustMe, if the goal was to ‘win’, then you have to wonder how our leaders intend to do so with losing strategies. Neither the War on Terra (not a misspelling) nor the War on (Some) Drugs has a chance of being won thanks to them being, in effect, ‘insurgencies’, i.e. ‘guerilla wars’. The bloody butcher Mao Zedong had these kinds of conflicts pegged when he wrote:

    “”When the enemy advances, withdraw; when he stops, harass; when he tires, strike; when he retreats, pursue.”


    “The guerrilla must move amongst the people as a fish swims in the sea.”

    Cartellistas share the same characteristics as the terrorist. Which is why we can’t win using methods that favor them. To beat them, you must starve them, and in the case of the catellistas that means removing their profits. And there’s only one way to do that…and the prohibs refuse, on ‘moral’ grounds. Which makes them the cartels best buddies.

    They deserve each other…

  25. denmark says:

    BuelahMan: Just as kaptinemo said “I have ceased trying to educate the willfully ignorant” is the stance taken up by myself as well. What I’ve done instead is approach people in person. The other day I went to buy printer paper and asked the clerk if they had hemp paper. He said “no, but I sure wish we did”. That opened up a brief conversation, as they get paranoid while at work. He said, “it’ll never be legalized.” From that conversation I shared the various movements out there and got a yes head nod and asked him to become more active. I also gave him a business card with various web site addresses to go to.

    As far as the “survived the 60’s” statement that doesn’t ring true for everyone who grew up in the 60’s, late sixties, such as myself. Heck, in 1972 I was walking around town with a petition to stop Prohibition for NORML.

  26. TrebleBass says:

    “Teenagers who laugh at the anti-drug ads are probably part of the 33 percent of high school dropouts who will cost the nation $470 billion a year as they burden public health and welfare, turn to crime because they can’t sustain employment, fill our prisons and contribute to the 3,200 monthly drug-overdose deaths.”

    The anti-drug mentality of these people is amazing. Here we have a guy with such a punitive attitude towards drugs, he is literally willing to accuse KIDS of costing the nation 470 billion dollars, even accuse them of “turning to crime”, just because they laugh at an anti-drug ad. “Innocent until proven guilty” has apparently been replaced by “if you laugh at an anti-drug ad as a kid, we’ll assume you’ll commit a crime someday”.

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