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The Onion skewers NIDA

Oh, this is just fun. Anti-MDMA Campaign Warns Teens About Dangers Of Feeling More Connected To Others ROCKVILLE, MD—Explaining that most young people mistakenly believe the popular drug to be safe for recreational use, officials from the National Institute on … Continue reading

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Is the DEA having a bad day?

Awww… too bad. This article really makes me smile. Congress’ Summer Fling With Marijuana. How Congress turned on the DEA and embraced weed. by James Higdon. […] The next day, Leonhart retired, a move Chaffetz and Cummings deemed “appropriate.” That … Continue reading

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Update on Felony Murder Case

This refers back to one of the items in the “Odds and Ends” post this week… Kyle Carriker found not guilty of felony murder WICHITA, Kan. — Jurors have reached a not guilty verdict in the murder trial of a … Continue reading

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DEA administration moves from actively evil to just incompetent

Remember when former head Michele Leonhart refused to say that marijuana was less harmful than heroin? Well, her predecessor, Acting Administrator Chuck Rosenberg, has taken a bold step toward… oafishness. New DEA Leader: Pot Probably Not as Bad as Heroin. … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends

As of today, Drug WarRant has been going for 12 years, with 6,090 posts and 10s of thousands of comments (don’t have an actual number on comments, since the count on those re-started when I moved to WordPress in 2009 … Continue reading

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A fun app to test your own impairment

There’s a new app available for iOS and Android called Canary that lets you test whether or not you are in shape to drive. There’s an article about it here (though with some structural problems in the article). It’s being … Continue reading

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The next states?

Christopher Ingraham helps provide data for future speculation — These are the states that could legalize pot next Click on the image to see it larger. I’ve got to say, I really don’t understand Wisconsin. In general. The state that … Continue reading

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An active U.S. President said what?

I have very little faith in politicians and none in Presidents, yet this is pretty amazing language to hear from a U.S. President who is still in office. “Mass incarceration makes our entire country worse off, and we need to … Continue reading

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What about the children?

Teenagers using less marijuana in age of legalization A new study published The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse has found that teens are using marijuana less frequently and are less attracted to it now that it is decriminalized … Continue reading

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The desire to eliminate

Sharing something I wrote for my Facebook friends… The change of an era… This was the first week with the new rule where I work prohibiting smoking anywhere on campus. Now those who smoke have to either completely leave campus … Continue reading

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