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Former judge takes on the drug war

Federal Judge: My Drug War Sentences Were ‘Unfair and Disproportionate’ Former Federal Judge Nancy Gertner was appointed to the federal bench by Bill Clinton in 1994. She presided over trials for 17 years. And Sunday, she stood before a crowd … Continue reading

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Don Winslow writes a letter

Best-selling author Don Winslow took out a full page ad in the Washington Post yesterday as an open letter to Congress and the President: “It’s Time to Legalize Drugs.” Let me come right our and say what you won’t tell … Continue reading

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Driving simulator study – will we get science or junk science?

I’ve been waiting to hear about Iowa driving simulator studies for a while now. Time reports: How Much Does Marijuana Impact Your Driving? The researchers looked at 250 parameters of driving ability, but this paper focused on three in particular: … Continue reading

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More churches look toward ending the war on drugs

My father is a retired minister in the United Methodist church, so I was very pleased to see this new resolution from the New England Annual Conference of the United Methodist church… Our United Methodist Book of Discipline charges us … Continue reading

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Drug Testing

If we want to save more lives,we need to stop drug-testing peopleand start drug testing… drugs. We’ve been doing it all wrong. What got me thinking about drug testing this morning was this headline in a piece at Release: The … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends

Big Government-Supported Study Finds No Evidence That Medical Marijuana Laws Encourage Teenagers to Smoke Pot A study reported [earlier this week] in The Lancet Psychiatry, based on 24 years of survey responses from more than 1 million students, finds no … Continue reading

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Living Canvas

This is completely off topic for drug policy, but as many of you know, I have a number of different active parts of my life. One of them is a performance company called The Living Canvas, which has specialized in … Continue reading

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Just because the court says you can, doesn’t mean you should

The Colorado Supreme Court ruled that a company can fire a worker for their use of marijuana off the job, even if there’s no evidence that they were impaired on the job. Now, without even getting into the nuances of … Continue reading

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Sheila Polk – intentionally misleading, moron, corrupt, or some combination?

This is just unreal… Safe pot? Tell that to the 62 kids who died by Sheila Polk, Yavapai County Attorney and vice chair of Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy. Marijuana is an addictive and hazardous drug. But lately, some have … Continue reading

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Fear-mongering takes another hit

William J. Bennett and Seth Leibsohn dropped a load in the L.A. times with What happned to the marijuana stigma? Twenty years ago, drug dealers were seen for what they were — criminal and dangerous elements in our society. They … Continue reading

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