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February 2015



Open thread

OK, so I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to refine various aspects of the site to adapt to changes in WordPress and the Atuahalpa Theme.

In order to adapt to interests of readers, I’ve added a few new throw pillows on the couch and cleaned a couple of the old ones.

1. The […]

Barriers to marijuana research acknowledged

Tom Angell is unstoppable in his dogged determination to ask pointed questions of the powerful. Over at, he discusses the Facebook chat conducted by NIDA’s Nora Volkow, where he got her to admit that there are barriers to research on marijuana.

This is why most people supporting the prohibition regime don’t like to […]

Death penalty

Richard Branson: Abolishing the death penalty

One area of particular concern to death penalty opponents like me is the so-called war on drugs. At least 32 countries still prescribe the death penalty for various drug offences. […]

One of these countries is Iran, which has in recent years seen a dramatic increase in drug-related death […]

Ashley Halsey III again exemplifies bad journalism

Back in 2009, Ashley Halsey III, a factually lazy reporter at the Washington Post, was completely taken by the drug czar’s report about the voluntarily testing of drivers and made statements in his article like “11 percent of motorists are high” when the study had specifically stated that it only tested for presence in the […]

What a great ad for… weed

New Jersey prohibitionists clearly don’t have a clue about advertising.

Story at Weedist.

Bad science reporting again

Here’s a great way of looking at how facts get distorted by government and the media.

Remember, on Friday afternoon (putting it out with the trash), NHTSA released their report showing no evidence that marijuana use is statistically significant in increasing crashes.

The report showed that overall those who smoked marijuana were more likely to […]

NHTSA study: No evidence marijuana leads to higher crash risk

No evidence marijuana leads to higher crash risk

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said a 20-month survey of drivers in 2013 and 2014 found that while drinking dramatically raises the chance of a crash, there was no evidence that marijuana use is statistically significant in boosting wreck rates.

This is something we’ve known, but […]

Find out what some people want you to think it’s like to smoke pot

That’s right! The Fatal Vision® Marijuana Simulation Experience – Program Kit ($875), and the Fatal Vision® Marijuana Impairment Experience – Event Kit ($1,590) from Innocorp, Ltd. can show you what they want you to think it’s like to be stoned.

Or, for a whole lot less, I suppose, you could just, you know, try […]

Open Thread

OK, this is certainly interesting…

Remember that in-depth article at Huffpost about how we as a country are failing addicts that I discussed recently? Again, it’s nowhere near where we need to be headed (read “Chasing the Scream” for what we should be doing), but it was at least a wake-up call for some […]

Smooth government lies

Here’s a great little exercise in seeing how government agencies can dance and weave to avoid telling the truth, and to make implications that aren’t true.

It’s the ONDCP’s Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Marijuana

It’s really worth understanding how they operate, so you can know how to shine light on their actions.

What […]