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Big Gay Marijuana

Talk Radio Host Bryan Fischer has been getting a lot of Twitter ridicule for this tweet regarding the situation in Indiana: This worry about Big Gay… sound familiar? It’s just like Kevin Sabet and his constant concern trolling about Big … Continue reading

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Against random student drug testing

Doctors Group Opposes Student Drug Testing, reported by Tom Angell of Marijuana Majority A group representing 62,000 pediatricians said Monday that schools should not randomly drug test students.[…] Beyond drug testing’s futility, the group’s policy statement cites a number of … Continue reading

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Speaking in Indiana on Wednesday

On Wednesday, April 1 (no joke), I’m traveling to Indiana to talk about some bad laws (no, not that one… some others). This event is hosted by Young Americans for Liberty at Indiana University and Student Peace Alliance If you’re … Continue reading

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Colorado responds

Colorado has responded to the Supreme court complaint by Nebraska and Oklahoma with this brief. I think it’s extremely well-written and well-argued, pointing out the absurdity of the claims by the other states. Here’s a taste: The Complaint, however, does … Continue reading

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Mark Kleiman asks Kevin Sabet the big question

On twitter: […] Now, is there any way to keep prohibition and limit the excesses of drug law enforcement? That’s the hard one. Yep. Kevin always talks about there being a way to solve the problems of the drug war … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends

Marijuana Arrests in Colorado After the Passage of Amendment 64 The report finds that since 2010, marijuana possession charges are down by more than 90%, marijuana cultivation charges are down by 96%, and marijuana distribution charges are down by 99%. … Continue reading

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And now for something completely different

Just for fun: 9 Reasons We Should Never, Never, Never, Ever Legalize Marijuana by Michael McCutcheon. Pretty convincing stuff. Consider this an open thread.

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United Nations Agency tears into the drug war

No, not the UNODC, but the United Nations Development Programme has nothing good to say about it. Transform has great coverage: Another UN agency savages the drug war Here’s the key quote: “[Drug control efforts] have had harmful collateral consequences: … Continue reading

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About the notion of cyclical support for legalization

Kevin Sabet has an recent interview with German Lopez in VOX. Most of it is the usual stuff he peddles, like wanting to somehow reduce some of the harmful effects of prohibition while keeping marijuana illegal, bemoaning the greed involved … Continue reading

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HAT in Nevada?

Wow. Nevada State Senate to Consider Goundbreaking Heroin-Assisted Treatment Program Last week, Nevada State Senator Richard Segerblom introduced groundbreaking legislation, Senate Bill 275, which creates a four-year heroin-assisted treatment pilot project. Heroin-assisted treatment, also known as heroin maintenance, refers to … Continue reading

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