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Rand Paul slams Bush ‘hypocrisy’ on pot Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) accused Jeb Bush of hypocrisy after The Boston Globe reported the former Florida governor was a heavy marijuana smoker while at an elite prep school. […] “You would think … Continue reading

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Our approach to addiction treatment is medieval

There’s a new extensive article at Huffington Post worth reading: Dying To Be Free: There’s A Treatment For Heroin Addiction That Actually Works. Why Aren’t We Using It? by Jason Cherkis. This article absolutely destroys the abstinence-only approach to addiction … Continue reading

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Keeping the pressure on forfeiture reform

While Holder’s recent announcement about limiting federal adoption of civil forfeiture got a lot of people excited, it was important to realize (as we did) that the impact was very limited. The danger was that people would think that Holder’s … Continue reading

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More ugliness from the National Sheriff’s Association

Press Release from the NSA: Gupta Nomination Concern On behalf of the National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) and the 3080 elected sheriffs nationwide, Sheriff John Aubrey, NSA President and Sheriff of Jefferson County, Kentucky wrote today to The Honorable Chuck Grassley … Continue reading

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More junk science from Patricia Cavazos-Rehg

The media is often up for a juicy pot-related study, without requiring much critical thought. The latest outrage-du-jour is that people are talking about marijuana… on Twitter. Pro-marijuana ‘tweets’ are sky-high on Twitter Analyzing every marijuana-related Twitter message sent during … Continue reading

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Open Thread

We were one of the few reporting sites that showed restraint and skepticism regarding Holder’s announcement of forfeiture “reform.” Yes, it’s a good step, but it’s not a solution. Jacob Sullum continues to report: Despite Holder’s Forfeiture Reform, Cops Still … Continue reading

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I don’t consider any government that commits murder or violates basic human rights to be legitimate. Capital punishment and public opinion The campaign to abolish capital punishment in Indonesia suffered a huge setback following the execution of six drug traffickers … Continue reading

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More from Johann Hari on addiction (updated)

Johann Hari’s new book “Chasing the Scream” is getting some good coverage. Apparently he was on Coast to Coast recently with a huge audience, and reviews are starting to show up quite a few places. The book is available for … Continue reading

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Holder limits federal adoption of seizures

This is potentially big (and has gotten people quite excited), but it really depends on how certain things are defined. Executive order dated today: Prohibition on Certain Federal Adoptions of Seizures by State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies The tricky … Continue reading

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The opposite of addiction isn’t sobriety. It’s connection

That’s one of the powerful messages that comes from Johann Hari’s excellent new book “Chasing the Scream” (see my review earlier this week). Everything we’ve done to address the issues of addiction within the context of the drug war has … Continue reading

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