Find out what some people want you to think it’s like to smoke pot


That’s right! The Fatal Vision® Marijuana Simulation Experience – Program Kit ($875), and the Fatal Vision® Marijuana Impairment Experience – Event Kit ($1,590) from Innocorp, Ltd. can show you what they want you to think it’s like to be stoned.

Or, for a whole lot less, I suppose, you could just, you know, try pot.

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16 Responses to Find out what some people want you to think it’s like to smoke pot

  1. damm says:

    … meh looks like they are trying to target it for ‘Events’ to teach children to say no.

    Nothing like lying to our children at a young age

  2. claygooding says:

    Hell,,for about $5>$10 they can buy the real thing and find out for sure.

    ♫ Laser beams in my brain,,,chicken,chicken,chicken,chicken train ♫

  3. darkcycle says:

    404 page not found.

  4. jean valjean says:

    Jeez. How many more opportunities for a fast buck is the drug war going to produce? It really is the gift that goes on giving for every grifter in America.

  5. Servetus says:

    “…simulates the distortion of visual information and altered visual perception, loss of motor coordination, and reaction time that results from recreational marijuana use.”–Innocorp

    That sounds like a really a strange simulation. Especially since I experience no distortions of visual information, no altered visual perceptions, no loss of motor coordination, nor reduced reaction times after I’ve taken a few hits off the vape. Someone never experiencing a marijuana high wouldn’t know the difference if they donned a pair of Innocorp’s altered ski goggles. I’m guessing that individual is Innocorp’s intended customer.

    If Innocorp really wanted to make big money off the drugs business, they could reprogram their altered ski goggles for LSD simulations and produce a portable laser light show. People would buy it, but not for $875. Only some ignorant drug education schmuck spending someone else’s money would buy visual simulation goggles that expensive.

    • Nunavut Tripper says:

      Somehow I can’t imagine any of these silly gadgets would be sold especially at these ridiculous prices.
      I can imagine the snickers and ribald comments if that was on the curriculum at the local high school.

  6. divadab says:

    These people won;t be happy until everybody is subsumed in the matrix of control they are trying to create. Parasites.

  7. kaptinemo says:

    Cannabis-naive DrugWarriors remind me of the ColdWarriors I used to know, the ones who stated that they had never read anything written by Marx…and thus were ideologically (and spiritually) ‘pure’. Ignorance proudly displayed, as if it were something admirable.

    The sellers of such devices will always find a market. Usually from amongst those proudly ignorant sorts. The bad part is, you’d probably be making a sucker bet if you said we didn’t pay for this crap with our taxes.

    It’s bad enough we pay for the DrugWarrior ignorati who try to pass themselves off as the cognoscenti when it comes to psychotropics. It’s worse when we have to buy the toys like this wildly overpriced LEO version of comic-book X-Ray Glasses that reinforces their idiocy.

  8. n.t. greene says:

    …so synthetic cannabinoids are illegal but this is aok?

    This is arguably more dangerous… But also more profitable.

    …and how do they know how accurate this “simulation” is? It sounds like they’re just selling expensive 3d glasses

  9. free radical says:

    First of all, note how many times the ad writer specified “recreation” marijuana. So the goggles simulate only “recreational” marijuana, not the medical kind. Well, that’s a relief.

    Second, the claim that the goggles simulate the “short term memory” of, again, “recreational” marijuana. I’d love to know how they pulled that off, technologically. My guess is they are talking crap.

  10. Jim Ignatowski says:

    It’s just like Reefer Madness isn’t it? One joint and you’ll be shooting smack by next week. Be careful of that car crossing the street.

    Off Topic-How about OK and NEB taking CO to court over the legalization of recreational use:

    Meanwhile CO rakes in millions, I cheerfully spent a few hundred dollars myself last fall, while OK and NEB rake in thousands off of fines and court costs.

    • B. Snow says:

      Some folks in OK & Nebraska – really don’t want this to go antwhere because it would almost certainly undermine those States’ ability to govern themselves in other policy areas like = ‘Gun Control’…

      And they may have trouble proving that Colorado’s law created the blackmarket for cannabis in those States.

      It will take a lot more than a handful of plants and/or packaged products that are ‘sourced’ to CO stores to prove that the demand didn’t pre-date the shift in CO law…
      They’re trying to blame local demand on a few people using legal sources in Colorado as the source of their local “Policy Fails” – and that won’t likely pass too many Courts *ahem*, “smell-tests”…

      Especiallyn when people realize the extent of the precedent that could threaten to set up in regard to other contentious legal issues.

  11. kaptinemo says:

    You know you are dealing with those who are a few cans shy of a sixpack when they liken Amendment 64 to ‘an act of war’

    Like I keep saying, the more they lose, the more their Inner Whacko will erupt into full, wide-eyed, screaming, foaming manic glory. Nancy Grace(less)’s harpy imitations regarding drug law reform – and reformers – is symptomatic of the neuroses surfacing.

    Look at it this way: They knew they could never do more than ‘hold their own’ in a debate. Occam’s Razor cuts them to pieces on that front, every time.

    Through DARE they thought they had properly indoctrinated The Children to be the new taxpayer/marks needed to replace their parents in the prohibition con-game, and had everything sewed up tight and thrown over their shoulders financially for the next 30 years…and are now realizing they have 5 at best.

    All they ever had was appeals to both emotion…and authoritarianism. Neither of which works with the new electorate. They’ve had enough of both, and want policy based on science, not bigotry.

    As every avenue of escape is closed off, one by one, State by State, the prohib rats in the trap are beginning to realize the only way out is to recant their sins publicly…something that most are too arrogant to even consider. The cognitive dissonance must be excruciating.

    When monkeys become upset, they screech and fling dookie. As they lose more ground, expect the already-mentally-handicapped prohibs to descend further into emotional displays that ‘ape’ that, verbally. Reformers should dress appropriately.

  12. DdC says:

    Kids say these devices are really cool when you’re using them stoned…

  13. Duncan20903 says:


    These people have no social conscience! Don’t they know that these things will get “the children” addicted to heroin use simulators?

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