What a great ad for… weed

Weed Billboard

New Jersey prohibitionists clearly don’t have a clue about advertising.

Story at Weedist.

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11 Responses to What a great ad for… weed

  1. Frank W. says:

    A billboard with the Clear Channel brand? Nuff said.
    We want to think Sabet is weeping in the corner with a dunce cap on his head but he’s a full time PROFESSIONAL thief, and he’s probably got his hands in a lot of small pockets, which adds up to $$$. I’m just grateful we have plenty of activists ready to call the thieves on their bullshit, while I sit here farting and typing.

  2. claygooding says:

    Still no voting Pete,,,

    Since the prohibs do not want us to advertise pot do we have to wait for them to do it for us?

    Every grower legal and illegal should email them a thank you card.

    A nice bud down in the right corner would have been tasteful but one in each corner would be a little much.

    • Pete says:

      Regarding the voting. I’ve had to disable it completely. There seems to be a conflict between that plugin and the current version of the theme. I can’t resolve it, so I’m going to try to look for another voting plugin.

  3. Servetus says:

    Mad Dog Prohibitch Assistant U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag is at again, this despite recent Congressional action protecting medical marijuana dispensaries. Haag is determined to prosecute Berkeley Patients Group (BPG) because she claims the dispensary is too close to a school. Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates disagrees, and the City of Berkeley has sued to block the forfeiture (smash and grab) of BPG. Currently, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is determining if Berkeley has standing in the lawsuit:

    BPG’s leadership does not understand why U.S. Attorney Haag is defying orders from the White House as well as Congressional law mandating she do something more useful with her time and resources.

    “We’re still surprised given the recent change in the climate surrounding medical cannabis in California that the attorney is being relentless in her fight,” said Victor Pinho, for BPG. “We are emboldened by this judgment and we reaffirm our commitment to our patients and reaffirm our commitment to fighting the good cause of making sure everyone who needs access has proper access.”

    “We are hopeful that Congress will act quickly to resolve the split between state and Federal marijuana laws by passing bills like Congresswoman Lee’s proposed H.R. 262″ said Tim Schick, Berkeley Patients Group’s Executive Director, referencing the States’ Medical Marijuana Property Rights Protection Act introduced on January 9. “In the meantime,” he added, “we look forward to continuing to serve our local patient population.”

    Melinda Haag is acting as if she’s bloody Queen Mary. Her obsession with medical marijuana dispensaries is proof that assistant U.S. Attorneys have too much power. It would serve her and the country well if Melinda’s prosecutorial misconduct resulted in such arbitrary and capricious power being cut back or eliminated.

  4. Dave in IL says:

    Yes, but has the quality of the brown acid improved ; )

  5. Paul McClancy says:

    Wait a minute, if cannabis is really 10x stronger today wouldn’t that mean you would have to consume less to get similar effects? How would this be a bad thing in their minds?

  6. Czar of Cannabis says:

    Read that Australian cannabis is 40% THC but they wouldn’t name any strains.
    The highest content I have enjoyed is THC Snow at 27.5%.
    Once you smoke some good indica or sativa you never go back to the midtown brown where you have to depot your seeds and stems.
    Washington Compost=bird cage lining or emergency toilet paper like all other voices of the ruling oligarchy status quo.

    • Windy says:

      I have been enjoying dama oil (each a has a \ above it) at 80-87% THC, just a tiny amount about the size of an uncooked grain of rice wrapped in a bite size piece of a 3 Musketeers Bar (otherwise it sticks to my denture worse than caramel and it doesn’t taste good either). The oil in produced in WA and, tmk, only sold in WA. http://www.damawashington.com/

  7. kaptinemo says:

    Gee, thanks Kevin! We got a major return for your using our tax dollars against us! Wonderful advertising!

    (Facepalm) You’d think they’d have learned by now. The prohibs keep throwing these boomerangs at us, thinking we’ll be hurt by them, but they keep getting clouted on the noggin with their own devices when they wing their way back, as in the spook term ‘blowback’.

    They long ago lost any chance of influencing the intended audience with their lies, the same audience that billboard was meant to reach..

    One of the organizations mentioned in the article was named GRASP. Rather suitable; they really are GRASPing at straws, here, desperately trying to remain relevant in a society where their efforts are increasingly seen for what they are: last-ditch attempts to maintain a self-serving bureaucracy and its parasitic industries on the public’s dime and time.

    So, once again, raise a bong to Kevin and Co.; their unintentional self-inflicted wounds caused while aiming weapons like this at us makes our work so much easier!

  8. Mr_Alex says:

    Straight inc propaganda right there on the bill board

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