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January 2014



A blast from the past

This New York Times article from 1997 (thanks, Erowid), is a hoot.

Seductive Drug Culture Flourishes on the Internet

Even as parents, teachers and government officials urge adolescents to say no to drugs, the Internet is burgeoning as an alluring bazaar where anyone with a computer can find out how to get high on LSD, […]

Even political leaders will be forced to follow

There are parts of this country that would never even have seriously discussed legalization, but that’s changing…

Politicians may soon have to take marijuana legalization seriously – Kansas City Star

In our area, the chances of overturning marijuana laws by legislative action seem remote, for now. It’s a tough vote for a politician in an […]

He’s back

I almost missed him. Almost.

Our old nemesis John Walters shows up in this series in the New York Times. Room for Debate: Should Drug Enforcement be Left to the States

He starts out in classic style:

Government of the people, by the people and for the people cannot be indifferent to growing addiction and […]

Drugs, alcohol, crashes

There has been so much hype over concerns regarding “all the drugged drivers on the road” once marijuana is legalized, and it has been just plain dishonest. Sure, driving impaired is a bad idea regardless of the impairment. But there are many kinds of impairment and many degrees of impairment, and it’s important to know […]

About that cannabis link to low IQ…

Scientific American: Pot Smokers Might Not Turn into Dopes after All

This won’t be a surprise to anyone here, but it is an important rebuttal to all the prohibitionists who have been citing the New Zealand longitudinal “Dunedin” study as proof of the harmfulness of cannabis.

Cannabis rots your brain — or does it? Last […]

Colorado man fails to buy cannabis

Colorado’s legal marijuana industry has been in operation for a full week now, and despite long lines, the cannabis stores have been able to serve local residents as well as tourists from around the country.

So it was with some surprise that it was discovered that Richard Silverman, a Denver resident who lives less than […]

More fun with ‘Christians’ who just don’t get it

As someone who was raised in the church and spent a lot of time studying Christianity, I am constantly bewildered by the number of idiots who somehow think that Christian morality is achieved through secular law.

Larry Tomczak with the Christian Post brings us 4 More Reasons to Reject Legalizing Marijuana

It’s an OpEd full […]

Reefer madness entertainment

Here’s a wild one. Emily Miller — a senior editor for the Washington Times.

MILLER: Obama’s cultural legacy is legal marijuana blowing through America. Stoned citizens will further burden the dependency society

This demonstrates how activists are totally uneducated about the severe consequences of smoking pot.

Cully Stimson was a prosecutor in drug court in […]

Another front against the prohibitionists

Prohibitionists in the U.S. and around the world are reeling from the recent cannabis developments in Washington, Colorado, Uruguay, etc., resulting in truly pathetic attempts to defend their position.

Before long, they may have a new headache…

Bolivia urges internationally legal coca leaf

Bolivia’s President Evo Morales has assumed the chairmanship of the Group of […]

Odds and Ends

Jacob Sullum nails it once again with Pathetic Pot Prohibitionists

This is what passes for smart commentary among pot prohibitionists. Colorado’s path-breaking legalization of the marijuana business has revealed the intellectual bankruptcy of people who think violence is an appropriate response to consumption of psychoactive substances they do not like.

People like Kevin […]