Another front against the prohibitionists

Prohibitionists in the U.S. and around the world are reeling from the recent cannabis developments in Washington, Colorado, Uruguay, etc., resulting in truly pathetic attempts to defend their position.

Before long, they may have a new headache…

Bolivia urges internationally legal coca leaf

Bolivia’s President Evo Morales has assumed the chairmanship of the Group of 77 nations and said he would use his new international platform to have coca leaf, which can be refined into cocaine, removed from the list of internationally banned drugs. […]

Bolivia was chosen head of the G-77, which actually groups 133 developing nations, by consensus, and Morales was at the United nations on Wednesday to take over the chairmanship from outgoing Fiji.

At a news conference, Morales took pride in saying that “Last year, we achieved recognition of traditional consumption of the coca leaf,” a mild stimulant chewed to relieve altitude sickness and to elevate the mood in Andean nations.

Bolivia had pulled out of the Vienna Convention anti-drug treaty in 2011, but last year it was allowed to rejoin with the reservation that it would not prosecute coca leaf chewing. Bolivia regards its readmission as an international concession of the legality of the traditional social use of coca leaf.

“Our next task will be to remove the coca leaf from the list of prohibited substances,” he told reporters, speaking through a translator.


Can’t wait until Kevin Sabet hears we’re opening a coca tea shop.

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14 Responses to Another front against the prohibitionists

  1. TieHash says:

    Isn’t the worlds oldest man an avid coca chewer?

  2. allan says:

    heh… methinks the good ship Prohibition doth sprung another leak. Glub glub.

    • curmudgeon says:

      As if the prohibitches didn’t have enough leaks between their ears. Let’s hope those sailing on the good ship prohibition are good swimmers…NOT!

  3. claygooding says:

    damn hippies,,,won’t even let us free cannabis and they are already trying for freedom on another of nature’s drugs that our government spent considerable money demonizing,,,hasn’t anyone got respect for those billions of dollars the US govt spent building up it’s drug war machine??

    • Nunavut Tripper says:

      “,,,hasn’t anyone got respect for those billions of dollars the US govt spent building up it’s drug war machine?? ”

      I’d have respect for the billions if they were in my bank account.
      2013 was a great year for us reformers and 2014 is shaping up to be very interesting also.

  4. Servetus says:

    Finally. Maybe now Coca Cola will once again become the “real thing”.

  5. ezrydn says:

    While my compadre and I were at Immigration yesterday, he mentioned that he’d heard on a French news channel that the Parliment in Italy is opening up to legalization.

  6. ezrydn says:

    While my compadre and I were at Immigration yesterday, he mentioned that he’d heard on a French news channel that the Parlament in Italy is opening up to legalization.

    • Malc says:

      “After years of silence, Italy is again talking about legalising cannabis. The call to overhaul the country’s draconian drug laws came from an unexpected source. It was not a member of the left-wing Democratic Party, nor the libertarian Radicals, but a Northern League councillor from Lombardy who put the topic back on the country’s front pages.

      “If a conservative population like that of America is open to the legalization of cannabis, why aren’t we Italians?” Gianni Fava tweeted, commenting on an article on the state Colorado legalising marijuana for recreational use.”


  7. War Vet says:

    Has anyone drank coca liquor? I tried some in Amsterdam once.

    Once coca gets legalized, the leaf will be used for something else and then reeducation will kick in about the product and thus the use of turning leaf into powder will be reduced once the market requires the leaf to be turned into alternative products other than just powder.

  8. allan says:

    if we open a tea shop should prolly splurge on a new couch…

    • Duncan20903 says:


      After all of the time and effort it took to break this one in? You must have gone stark raving mad! I don’t know about your butt but my cushion is contoured just right. This couch is a Goldilocks couch. Also, what would happen to the wiggle dude? He’s so happy underneath this couch that he hasn’t even come out from under it for weeks.

  9. Steve Finlay says:

    A cannabis seed seller here in Vancouver told me that he sold coca leaf in the same store for a short period of time some years ago. There was huge demand from cocaine addicts, who strongly preferred the leaf (milder, far safer, and nutritious) over powder cocaine. This is another perfect example of how prohibition makes any drug more concentrated and more dangerous.

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