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Welfare drug testing ruled unconstitutional

Link A federal judge on Tuesday struck down a law requiring Florida cash welfare recipients first pass a drug test. The law, enacted in 2011, had been temporarily blocked by a federal judge under grounds that it might constitute an … Continue reading

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Colorado counts down to legal cannabis shops

The Denver Post has a new website for their pot culture reporter: The Cannabist, with cannabis reviews, recipes and much more. Looks like a good site. … Jacob Sullum writes about What to expect when Colorado’s marijuana shops open on … Continue reading

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For those who wish to quit, treatment is not the only option

This peer-reviewed paper is several years old, but I thought it was very interesting and brought up some important points about how we in society tend to deal with those who wish to give up a particular “vice.” The Global … Continue reading

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‘Legalization’ is coming into focus

We’re just days away from the first legal recreational sales in Colorado. Many are projecting shortages of product to begin with (not surprising as there will certainly be a beginning surge as a kind of celebration of the new status). … Continue reading

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Open Thread

I’ve got a number of commitments over the holidays so I’ll be in and out here. Yet there’s a whole lot going on, so everyone take shifts and keep active in comments, while having a wonderful, joyous, and safe holidays. … Continue reading

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Possibly the most-studied substance on the planet

Thanks to Paul Armentano for his proper take-down of the ignorant comment so often floated out there — that we just don’t know that much about marijuana. The Media Should Stop Pretending Marijuana’s Risks Are a Mystery — The Science … Continue reading

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The ongoing tragic and devastating fallacy of seeing prohibition as a way to help people

Yesterday, Canada’s Supreme Court struck down some prohibition laws as being unconstitutional. It found that the laws were overbroad, and while it agreed that the government had the authority to regulate the activity, it was not allowable for that to … Continue reading

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Scott Greenfield does an excellent job discussing the latest outrageous bodily intrusion serving the war on drugs: A New Low: Vaginal Probes At The Border And then there are the doctors, happy to stick whatever they’ve got into unwilling women … Continue reading

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Country of the Year

The Economist But the accomplishments that most deserve commendation, we think, are path-breaking reforms that do not merely improve a single nation but, if emulated, might benefit the world. Gay marriage is one such border-crossing policy, which has increased the … Continue reading

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Kids and pot

The 2013 Monitoring the Future survey results are out, and you’re going to be hearing about them in the news. The Government will be parceling out bits and pieces of information to the media in ways that are useful to … Continue reading

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