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Do you really want to go there, Holder?

Holder promises marijuana verdict coming ‘soon’ I have no idea what that means. “We’re still in the process of reviewing both of the initiatives that were passed,” said Holder, speaking at the National Association of Attorney General annual conference in … Continue reading

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Am I being detained?

Lessons from some free Americans, taught on American soil.

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For many decades, part of the prohibition tactic was to make illegal drugs so taboo that even discussing them was considered improper. People even whispered when they said the word “marijuana” as if some Orwellian hidden government microphones might catch … Continue reading

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Let’s go for a drive

Lee Rosenberg makes sure we continue the important discussion of the nuances of cannabis and impaired driving in a post that discusses both what’s happening in Washington, and his own experiences driving. It’s well-written and worth reading. I know we’ve … Continue reading

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It’s OK; don’t worry. People hardly ever go to prison for cannabis.

Teenage sports star hanged himself over 50p worth of cannabis Edward Thornber, 17, played lacrosse for England and planned to teach it in the US, an inquest heard. But he feared a court appearance would ruin his American dream after … Continue reading

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The Economist on The Great Experiment

The Economist has always been better than most on drug policy, and this piece – Illegal Drugs: The Great Experiment – is really outstanding. The Economist has long argued that prohibition is illiberal in principle and harmful in practice, and … Continue reading

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Supreme Court proves it has absolutely no understanding of the real world

In yet another boneheaded ruling – this time unanimously – the Supreme Court has ruled that mistakes made by dogs in the field don’t count and that police have no interest in going on fishing expeditions in your car. Wow. … Continue reading

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Can unions help the marijuana industry?

That’s the intriguing question posed by John Ford in Marijuana Legalization: Why the Pot Business Needs Unions to Survive Though the image of straight-laced hard-working blue-collar labor collaborating with hippy stoners doesn’t quite seem to match up, it is actually … Continue reading

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Open Thread

Those who don’t learn from history… Marijuana legalization bill may threaten fabulous Prohibition II profits by Paul Carpenter The next time they designed such a system, the gangsters and their allies were more clever. With Prohibition II, they skillfully made … Continue reading

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Just how much stupid can you squeeze into two sentences?

This account of Mayor Bloomberg’s opposition to legalizing marijuana sure seems to indicate that he’s trying for the record. Bloomberg: I Oppose Legalizing Marijuana Bloomberg says he opposes legalizing marijuana because it’s stronger than it used to be. He added … Continue reading

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