Am I being detained?

Lessons from some free Americans, taught on American soil.

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16 Responses to Am I being detained?

  1. darkcycle says:

    that could be a catchy rap hook…
    “Am I being detained?…No?
    I ain’t bin Violatin, so you know you got me waitin’ I ain’t participatin’ in any crimes you know
    So If I ask “I bein’ detained?” and the answer’s “No”
    Then I ask, you little bitch, “Am I free to go?”

    • Dr Atomic says:

      who are you? Mr man in blue?
      Wit’chur bling and ur bang
      hanging at your side
      ya wanna frisk ME?Frisk this!

      Ah no… you might like it
      so go shoot a dog
      chase that patient ’cause he’s gotta bong!
      Why chase rapists, creeps and thugs
      when ya kin bust the hippies
      and steal their nugs!

    • darkcycle says:

      Two thumbs DOWN? You people got no taste…

  2. kaptinemo says:

    (Long, long string of incendiary unprintables, literally shaking with rage.)

    Every Veteran who had ever been through Checkpoint Charlie when there was an East Berlin and an East Germany left the place even more determined not to let that kind of fecal matter happen here…and here it is. Even the same kind of mentalities involved. The same kind of questions, the same kind of mannerisms, the same kind of arrogance. The service of every Vet willing to place their ass on the line to protect our (supposed) freedoms has been soiled.

    Damn the prohibs! Damn them to the lowest pit of Hell! BECAUSE THEY STARTED THIS ROT! It wouldn’t have happened if they had been called out for what they were doing, using kids as bureaucratic human shields in order to acquire this unwarranted power. The so-called ‘War on Terror’ used the drug laws as their foundation. And this is the result: the American version of “Papieren, bitte!” said with a barely disguised threat. Sickening…

    • kaptinemo says:

      Awwwwwwww, it seems like I hurt someone’s widdle fee-wings. Would the offended party care to debate as to why? I’m certainly up for it, right now.

      • stlgonzo says:

        I suspect we have a drive by troll on the couch today.

        • kaptinemo says:

          When properly seasoned, trolls can be very tasty, especially when barbecued. They tend to have a seemingly hard crust, but after proper tenderizing they are all gooshy inside, sort of like those little square breath-mint things. And the bones are good replacements for toothpicks; why kill a tree when there are so many trolls?

          I’m getting hungry just thinking about it; excuse me while I fetch my marinade…

  3. darkcycle says:

    You really have to admire their composure. (Well, I do…) In my case, It’s be so shaken by rage and fear that there’s not doubt in my mind I coud not pull that off. PTSD would kick in and I’d be so primed for a fight I don’t beleieve I’d make it out without charges of one kind or another. I know the limits of my self control. And that is so far beyond them I simply cannot imagine going there.
    I have serious issues with simple border crossings, when I know to expect this sort of thing. Even then I have a hyper-combative reaction. Of course, I learned some things about border crossings in Central America that stick with me constantly. I learned, for instance, that they don’t follow their own rules. (I’ll keep my other take away private. But Kap’n and EZ know what I’m talking about, so does anybody who has ever operated in “enemy” territory.) I really am like a sweaty old stick of dynamite in those instances.

  4. stlgonzo says:

    Sort of OT:

    How Even a ‘Well-Trained Narcotics Detection Dog’ Can Be Wrong 84 Percent of the Time

    Really good article by Jacob Sullum

    • Cheech Wizard says:

      Moot point! SCrOTUS says so, in fact I think this is their direct quote on that:

      la la la la la la la la la la I can’t hear you la la la la la la la…

    • kaptinemo says:

      I worked with SAR dogs, and I can tell you from experience the dog will do anything to please the handler. They closely watch you – their ‘alpha’ – and will react to your unconscious body language.

      The more clever the breed (like Shepherds, but we also used Labs when looking for kids, as a big, goofy, lick-you-to-death Lab isn’t as ‘scary’ to some frightened kid) the more likely the the animal will try to influence you to reward it, so it will react to that body language in hopes of eliciting that reward. It’s something that every handler has to be aware of, and avoid any extraneous motion, lest the dog pick up on that. To say otherwise is patent BS.

  5. strayan says:

    “I would appreciate the next time you came through here you would be more co-operative”.

    I think he meant to say more “compliant”.

  6. druggie underlord says:

    oh the webs we weave:

    Stoned Inc: the war On drugs’ whack-a-mole problem

    […] abuse by young people of these drugs is now 40% higher than it was for previous generations. That […] is partly due to increased availability. The UN reports that global quantities of oxycodone (generic oxycontin) jumped from 2 to 135 tons between 1991 and 2009. It blamed the increase partly on the lack of social stigma attached to using these pharmaceuticals.

  7. Paul says:

    Oh, what a thankless job! I felt sorry for some of the cops–how often does someone challenge them like that?

    I’m guessing these are the inland border stops, not stops at the border, since the actual border stops come with customs officials who really CAN go through all your stuff without cause.

    I’m not sure about the legality of the inland border stops. I recall reading something about a supreme court decision allowing them to do it and ask questions, but I really don’t remember the specifics.

    • Plant Down Babylon says:

      It’s all about the conditioning. Way too many sheeple have NO idea what their rights are and seem happy to be ‘compliant’ with ANY uniform wearing ‘officer’ and his requests.
      These checkpoints are so illegal. Notice how the people who stand their ground get through after much harassment!?
      Why are there drug sniffin dogs there?

      People better wake up soon to this police state or it’s gonna be too late. I bet 80% of the drivers who have to go through these domestic ‘checkpoints’ don’t even see a problem with it.
      Seems like alot of these officers should be asked the same questions they’re asking others.

      Pretty soon, these ‘officers’ will be wearing blue helmets… wake up, america

  8. primus says:

    Three years ago in Mexico, I chatted with a retired schoolteacher from Texas who moved to Mexico to be more free and safer. His unsolicited remark; “The US is a police state.” It’s worse now. That is why I will never voluntarily cross the medicine line.

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