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UMaine’s Robert Dana – teaching a course in hypocrisy

Some universities focus on liberal arts, others on research; based on their Dean of Students, apparently the University of Maine focuses on hypocrisy. University of Maine Dean of Students Robert Q. Dana has an OpEd in the Bangor Daily News: … Continue reading

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Another argument for regulated legalization

… found on Facebook.

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There’s a Fourth Amendment?

It was refreshing earlier this week to see a few of the Justices crack open their dusty Constitutions and discover some text sitting there between the 3rd and 5th Amendments. Almost surprising, unfortunately. Jacob Sullum talks about one of the … Continue reading

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The Portugal experiment works

‘This Is Working’: Portugal, 12 Years after Decriminalizing Drugs in Speigel Online. Another evaluation of the Portugal experiment in drug policy, now after 12 years, continues to show that it’s much better policy than the lock-them-up approach to drug policy … Continue reading

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Defeatism has no place here

Glenn Greenwald gets it right again: The gay marriage snowball and political change It really is a bit shocking how quickly gay marriage transformed from being a fringe, politically toxic position just a few years ago to a virtual piety … Continue reading

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Supreme Court finally limits dog searches

Important, and close, ruling handed down today. Court: Drug dog sniff is unconstitutional search WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that police cannot bring drug-sniffing police dogs onto a suspect’s property to look for evidence without first getting … Continue reading

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Open Thread

Maia Szalavitz does a nice interview with Mark Kleiman about his role in Washington legalization. Pot is Legal in Washington: Q&A with the Man Who Is Making Weed Legit It’s a revealing interview that helps give an idea of what … Continue reading

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Democrats can’t afford to put it on the back burner any longer

Good article at Think Progress: Rand Paul Is Right On Marijuana, And That Should Scare Democrats Into Action Rand Paul is fast becoming a real star for the Republican Party, right at a point where it has become painfully clear … Continue reading

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LEAP’s Peter Christ

He’s a very good communicator.

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Around the world

Editorial: Legal pot: worth a try – Copenhagen Post In a country that regulates the sale of over-the-counter painkillers, you’d have thought that a reasonable way to decriminalise the sale of cannabis would have long since been rolled out, perfected … Continue reading

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