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Positive jury nullification development in New Hampshire

Jury Nullification Law Signed by New Hampshire Governor Here’s the new language that has been passed: 519:23-a Right of Accused. In all criminal proceedings the court shall permit the defense to inform the jury of its right to judge the … Continue reading

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Finally, a Daily Mail story that I can support

Via Glenn Greenwald… ‘Marijuana changed us from Nazis to peace-loving hippies’: Twin sisters who sparked outrage with pop band named after gas used to kill Jews claim they’ve grown up Now, however, at the age of 20, the twins have … Continue reading

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Abuses of the law are getting so bad that State Troopers are rebelling against their own agency!

Via Radley Balko… NHP Troopers Sue Department Over K-9 Program LAS VEGAS — A group of Nevada Highway Patrol troopers and a retired police sergeant have filed a racketeering complaint against the NHP and Las Vegas Metro Police in U.S. … Continue reading

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More from Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol

Billboard on carding children: Dear Dad: Here’s their website.

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Jon Stewart catches Gov. Christie re: marijuana vs. sports betting

Nice piece on The Daily Show The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c Of Vice and Men – New York Weed Bill Dies & Chris Christie’s Veto Threat Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor … Continue reading

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Warning signs

One in five young people…

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Marijuana Decriminalization in Chicago

Chicago to Decriminalize Marijuana The Chicago City Council passed — by a vote of 43 to 2 — an ordinance today that will decriminalize small amounts of marijuana. People caught with less than half an ounce of marijuana may now … Continue reading

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Open Thread

Tech week for my show in Chicago, which opens on Friday. It’s going great, but keeping me busy. I’ll be posting more about it later, but in case you’re interested, it’s The Living Canvas: Eureka! running June 29 – August … Continue reading

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Leonhart story has legs

The DEA head’s performance in the House hearings has been getting play all over. Chart: What The DEA Refuses To Admit About Drugs in U.S. News and World Report is just one example. Having it as the top story on … Continue reading

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Michele Leonhart apparently will melt if forced to respond factually

Top DEA agent won’t admit heroin more harmful than marijuana During a House Judiciary Subcommittee hearing on Wednesday, Drug Enforcement Administrator Michele Leonhart repeatedly refused to admit that anything was more addictive or harmful than marijuana. Democratic Rep. Jared Polis … Continue reading

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