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Upgraded WordPress and the theme tonight. May have been a few glitches. Let me know if anything isn’t working right. Thanks!

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Using children vs. teaching children

On one hand, we have No on 64 – website aimed at stopping marijuana legalization in Colorado. What’s on top of the webpage? Amendment 64 would: Make Colorado the first state to try to profit from the legalization of marijuana … Continue reading

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Gil should have a chat with Jack Riley

The Chicago Sun-Times discusses the proposal to decriminalize minor possession of marijuana in Chicago. Thanks to Dan, who pointed out this bit: From the DEA’s perspective, the battle over drugs in Chicago is on a much higher level. “I am … Continue reading

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Good legalization discussion in the L.A. Times

A must-read in yesterday’s L.A. Times: A former L.A. cop calls for legalizing drugs Of course, we’re all familiar with the excellent Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, and Stephen Downing does an excellent job making their case. The way he sees … Continue reading

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