More from Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol

Billboard on carding children:

Dear Dad:

Here’s their website.

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  1. darkcycle says:

    Bang! *rumble* Bang! *shudder* That wall don’t look too sound. Oh, and here comes a guy with a jackhammer. Look out, we vote!
    We need to get all cannabists to the polls in states with initiatives. That’ll open up the first real gap in this here edifice.

    • Absolutely. Once a half-dozen states have legalized via ballot iniatiative, state legislatures will start stepping up.

      I’d be interested in hearing everyone’s thoughts on the following: with the limited amount of financial resources available to the reform movement, we can’t run ballot initiatives in every initiative state in every election cycle. Given this fact, would it be better to go all in on CA or to take that money and hit a bunch of smaller states (e.g. AK, AZ, MA, ME, MT, and NV)?

      Personally, I think the small-state strategy has a lot going for it. Psychologically, it seems like there would be a bigger impact from having mj legal in, say, five small states than in one big one.

  2. darkcycle says:

    That billboard is getting some play time, too. Huff Post, and a bunch of others.

  3. Peter says:

    If you haven’t seen this yet at alternet be ready to be outraged. Hope Kevin Sabet is sleeping well in the fantasy that nobody goes to jail for pot:

  4. Duncan20903 says:

    It is a good day to get high.
    Eric, you got some ‘splainin’ to do!

    • Francis says:

      The House took two votes, one on criminal contempt charges, which passed 255-67. The criminal contempt of Congress is likely not to go anywhere as the Justice Department, which Holder heads, is the department responsible for opening a criminal investigation.

      That’s a little insulting, isn’t it? I’m sure Mr. Holder won’t let his personal connection to the case interfere with his professional responsibilities and judgment. My guess is he throws the book at himself.

  5. Maria says:

    Dear dad, that soap mom got you for your birthday could give you a positive drug test and get you fired. Oops.

  6. Mr Ikesheeny says:

    Remember when Ms. Webdale was pushed into a rail accident in the subway. The perpetrator refused his prescription meds. My take about the Florida face eating story.

  7. Landis says:

    A change is a comin’ 🙂

  8. Servetus says:

    The framing of the video and billboard are good, although they could be a bit more upbeat.

    Different themes for future videos and billboards might include:

    Student emails home: “Dear Dad, remember how I was just some thoughtless little snot and potential alcoholic with no sex life, no interests, no ambition and no future?

    Well, all that’s changed. I just started smoking marijuana, and some friends and I did a few shrooms, and everything’s okay now….”


    Veteran’s Group Billboard: Pardon My Patriotic Son

    He smokes only Grade A U.S. grown marijuana.

    Tea Party Billboard: First They Come for Marijuana

    Then they come for your guns.


    Republican Billboard: Reduce Your Tax Burden

    Legalize and Regulate Marijuana


    Democrat Billboard: [over picture of Obama] Sure I inhaled.

    That was the whole point.

  9. CJ says:

    you know how you guys love tokin weed in lots of different ways with lots of different devices as often as possible, probably before and after work but in that respect wouldn’t be as proud to admit it for some strange reason of shame you shouldnt have?

    well, in some ways, im alot like you guys
    except i prefer heroin and other powerful opiates, particularly pain killers like hydrocodone (in roxicet blue instant release) or hydromorphone (in dillaudid triangle form please – or in beautiful liquid script bottle form i.e drugstore cowboy scene with william burroughs please) you see, booze is boring, predictable seems to attract slutty chicks and hangovers suck and who wants to be a trendy loser anyway? oh, but more importantly, i dont like pot because it just sucks in my opinion, the feeling leaves much to be desired and i hate how it makes me, and in my opinion most people, feel entitled and like the center of the earth and gods gift to mankind. i also hate the pot culture and the wanna be hip chicks, and genuine hipsters (both male and female) as well as the general cowardice of the people, hipsters, hippies, trendsters, frat boys etc. etc.

    so i prefer a fat wopperoo of dope, and i mean make that several. id say 4-6 woppers a day, china white is preferred but if its powerful diesel, hell, i dont care, as st kobain once said “the water is a yellow im a healthy student” and to further the comparisons of us, just like theres an overabundance of bologna about pot, there is twice as much bologna about dope. the fact is, since its so much better than everything else, the consequences can be a little bit more severe but despite what any 6-month community college issued paper drug counselor wanna-be psychologist will have you hear or any heretic from AA will tell you, the truly awful consequences only apply to people that knowingly are taking extreme risks and thus make foolish moves. oh and other dangers are the exclusive result of prohibition, not the drug of glory heroin.

    so dad, friends, stepmom, lovers, poets, wish-you-were anarchy types and general pot heads, lets not have the internet drug reform world be so biased and transparent, lets spread the need to combat prohibition because i assure you pot has enough support, the sad thing is even if i were the only voice of heroin with reason in this reform world, sadly, other drugs have none, indeed theres enough reformers that MDMA, the wet, crack etc. should all be properly represented.

    so lets do the right thing for the right drug, diacetylmorphine, the glorious dopeth and put into gear the mechanisms that will create medical heroin, eventually a vote on dope deal like this and we will thereby all be living in a fair, balanced reform world.

    um… i would be best served to sign waivers acknowledging that partaking in any kind of drug reform movement with pot elitists can and probably would result in me being stabbed in the back, thrown under the bus, whenever it would be convenient for the potheads – i.e this whole DEA agent debacle where so called drug reformists have come out to bash dope and praise heroin thus showing how they’re not legit drug reformists but just pot reformists and thereby should take their prejudices to pot exclusive domains nevertheless ive banged dope around potheads enough times to know pot can inspire people to do great things, i wish that would happen now. i bet the pot heads ben and jerry wouldnt be so oblivious as to think the word drug was merely a synonym for pot, indeed i can trust them, oh i hope they make a new flavor – china vanilla (wild, wacky, zany heroin inspired, dope taste ice cream dude!!!)

    so thanks dad, dad, toke that motherlovin’ pipe homeboy!! your the best dad, oh what, this belt around my arm, oh thats nothing, new fashion statement, my hipster friend told me it was in oh the redness in my inner elbow? oh nothing, see i joined this new religious thing and kinda like crucifix drawn in the middle of your forehead we kinda have a buddhist deal with redmarks on the inner forearm and inner elbow. you smell the smell of the glorious dope on me? well… uh, ah, ya got me ya wily ol pothead you, im a dopebanger… ah shucks. well hey, im alot like you pops, instead of the dank i prefer the wop. ah well

    • Peter says:

      good night kevin

    • darkcycle says:

      Jeezuz christ ona crutch, CJ. Will you frikking relax? I know you hate pot, but I don’t think I know anybody in more need of a couple of good bong rips than you. Dude, I was done being shocked by junkies at seventeen years old. I’m 52. Can’t speak for the rest of the couch, but I suspect their eyes were rolling, as well.
      Still, I’d rather have you ranting in here that out there in the larger web-world. Here the damage you do is somewhat limited.
      Beyond just trolling here and trying to shock, I don’t really get your point. It has been explained to you time and time again that our goal here is the reform of all drug laws, not just pot laws. You’re like the crazy Uncle still shouting about Obama’s birth certificate (after three years of his Presidency, kinda seems moot now, don’t it?).

    • nick says:

      I really hope “regulate marijuana like beer” idea\movement picks up pace. Sometimes when I’m not being pessimistic it gets me really excited to see that logic is right around the corner.

      I also preferred opiates when I used drugs until I got clean 5 or so years ago. It can be frustrating to see the ignorance and hatred directed towards opiate users. I just hope when marijuana is legalized the light will shine on opiate users so they can be treated as humans.

      Sometimes when I see news articles trashing methadone clinics and their patients I die a little inside. So much ignorance and misinformation is directed towards clinics, even though they save lives and allow people to live semi-normal lives.

      I know a little off topic but there it is.

  10. ezrydn says:

    My VN Company Reunion will be the first week of October, in Cleveland, MS. That’s when the LEAP tee shirt and black Cavalry Stetson move through the airports of America, answering that immortal question, “WHY?”

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