Finally, a Daily Mail story that I can support

Via Glenn Greenwald…

‘Marijuana changed us from Nazis to peace-loving hippies’: Twin sisters who sparked outrage with pop band named after gas used to kill Jews claim they’ve grown up

Now, however, at the age of 20, the twins have radically transformed themselves from hate-spouting extremists to peace-loving hippies.

And the reason for their change? Marijuana.

Who knows — this may be yet another reason why some people oppose marijuana — they’re afraid that it’ll wipe out the bigotry and hatred they love so much.

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23 Responses to Finally, a Daily Mail story that I can support

  1. Duncan20903 says:

    The synchronicity on this blog has my head ready to implode.

  2. Servetus says:

    Egalitarian behavior emerging from marijuana consumption is something that’s been observed in rat studies. I read an article in Science magazine from the mid-70s (which I can no longer locate, unfortunately) in which rats given marijuana stopped treating the dominant male rat of the colony with any kind of deference. King Rat suddenly became Citizen Rat, just like all the other rats.

    Translated into human terms, this behavior might imply (to arch conservatives, at least) that pot smokers reject arbitrary hierarchies. Feudalism and serfdom, plantation-style slave/master morality and its politics, all of which still gain favor in their modernized forms with political right wing extremists in the United States, would be threatened with liberalism.

    Citizen pot smokers would be among those who reason that respect for authority must be earned and not ordained. Under such a backdrop, authoritarianism becomes merely a useless irritation when people refuse to bow to petty despots. Tyranny and totalitarianism falters. Naturally, the right wing is prepared to react to perceived threats of chemically-induced liberalism regardless of whether the substance represents a true threat. Belief is all it takes for them to act.

    The prohibitionists may never want to admit to what truly motivates them to employ eliminationist tactics against drug and medicinal herb users, but any drug that pacifies people, any material substance that enlightens citizens by enabling and inspiring them to think for themselves, is likely to be on the list of prohibitionists’ worst nightmares.

    • Windy says:

      How the hell do you account for the authoritarian prohibitionists on the left side of the (false) political spectrum, who are as numerous as those authoritarian prohibitionists on the right side of the (false) political spectrum?

      For a more realistic picture of the actual political spectrum please see this:

      As it has truthfully been said, the fight is not between left and right, it is between the state and you.

      • Servetus says:

        The political spectrum is circular. At a particular point, the extreme left begins resemble the extreme right. As for left wing authoritarianism, in Russia, the authoritarians are the ones who want the iron hand of Stalin to reign once again.

  3. “Prussian Blue” is a term that long predates the Third Reich and has nothing to do with Nazi ideology itself.

  4. Byddaf yn egluro: says:

    Anyone caught with less than 22 grams of marijuana or one gram of cocaine for personal use may receive physical or psychological treatment depending on their level of intoxication, but may not be prosecuted or detained, the court ruled.

    • claygooding says:

      That gives the ol house of cards a good shaking. Should we expect UN hearings or will they postpone them until after the US election?

      After all,,wouldn’t do for countries to team up at the UN on our drug policy failure while Hominy and Grits try to act like we are winning the drug war.

    • allan says:


      ya know… my eyes ain’t what they used to be but I could swear I detect a breech in the wall, a bit of light creasing thru the brick. An hola in the wall. So to speak…

  5. claygooding says:

    Justice Department won’t prosecute Attorney General Holder for contempt of Congress

    WASHINGTON (AP) – The Justice Department declared Friday that Attorney General Eric Holder’s decision to withhold information about a bungled gun-tracking operation from Congress does not constitute a crime and he won’t be prosecuted for contempt of Congress.

    The House voted Thursday afternoon to find Holder in criminal and civil contempt for refusing to turn over the documents. President Barack Obama invoked his executive privilege authority and ordered Holder not to turn over materials about executive branch deliberations and internal recommendations.

    In a letter to House Speaker John Boehner, the department said that it will not bring the congressional contempt citation against Holder to a federal grand jury and that it will take no other action to prosecute the attorney general. Dated Thursday, the letter was released Friday.

    Ta Daaaaa

    • darkcycle says:

      Yeah, they knew that would be the result, this was an insult and political theater. I wish there was a way to hold Congress in contempt of the people.
      As much coverage as F&F got in the media, I don’t recall ever hearing the real scandal mentioned even once. What’s the real scandal? The fact that this entire illegal fiasco is the direct result of the Drug War and the drug policies of this country. Not a peep about why the weapons were being sought in Mexico, nor about the people seeking them or what business they use the weapons to engage in. How exactly the MSM has been able to keep any mention of that OUT of the story is just dazzling me. These people are far better slight of hand propagandists than I will usually give them credit for.

  6. The More America Spends On The Drug War, The Cheaper Drugs Become

    tooting my own horn too –

  7. Windy says:

    OT alert. Here’s some more good news:

    Federal Court Ruling May Change Probable Cause in Cannabis Cases

  8. Duncan20903 says:


    Snoop Dogg got busted again, this time in Norway of all places. He was also found to be carrying a large amount of cash but the Norwegian authorities only helped themselves to a percentage and called it a fine.

    Snoop Dogg collared in Norway over marijuana

    Now isn’t that headline just precious? I know you think so.

    • allan says:

      *head slap*

      ya know… Snoop and Willie (and the remaining 4 CIND patients of course) oughta be known pretty well globally for their tendencies. I think they deserve a global ganja can’t-fuck-with-me permit.

  9. someguy says:

    I would suggest that there was some chemical imbalance in the girls that made them so crazy in the first place, possibly caused by fluoride in the water or their parent’s abuse of nicotine, etc… I have heard of many similar cases in which marijuana (aka cannabis) helps to settle a person’s dysfunctional bad temper (myself included).

    It’s true, the ruling-class prohibitionists don’t want the working-class to get along peacefully, they want them to fight among themselves. That way they pose much less of a competitive threat to the wealthy ruling-class because if they can’t stop fighting among themselves they cannot become well organized.

    • Duncan20903 says:

      I would suggest that there was some chemical imbalance in the girls that made them so crazy…

      Indeed, it’s called “puberty”.

      • claygooding says:

        Reptiles,,womens are reptiles,,you heat them up too quick and the go spastic…Maria excluded

  10. claygooding says:

    Woo hoo! ‘Shrooms and acid party at my house tonight!

    “”We do not have a rational drug policy. There are potent and dangerous drugs that are socially accepted because hey, we’ve always drunk alcohol and smoked cigarettes, while there are milder, far less dangerous drugs that are damned because they’re new and unfamiliar. And so we throw people in prison for long jail terms if they are caught with some marijuana, while people can go out every weekend and drink themselves into an abusive, obnoxious state, and we just tell them they’re cool.”” ‘snipped’

    Even the science bloggers smell blood in the water.

    • Duncan20903 says:


      I’m having a hard time accepting that GHB, benzodiazepines, methadone, mephedrone, butane, anabolic steroids, and ecstasy are less harmful than cannabis. Butane? Really?

      I was very surprised to find there’s no drug specific mortality attached to anabolic steroids. I may be a victim of propaganda on that particular bunch of drugs compressed into a catch all category.

      I’ve almost no working knowledge of buprenorphine AKA Suboxone. Still, it has a body count which makes me skeptical that it’s safer than pot.

      Lots and lots of subjective categories. Loss of relationships? So because there are some people that go wacko because another person chooses to enjoy cannabis makes cannabis more dangerous?

      It sure seems to me that we could use less arbitrary categories and give more weighting to things like loss of life, and less to bullcrap like “family adversity”.

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