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June 2012



Warning signs

One in five young people…

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11 comments to Warning signs

  • Duncan20903


    I’ve been very concerned about your theater habit Pete. Honestly*, just yesterday I was considering calling on my couch fellows to consider staging a dramatic act of intervention! You travel to other faraway cities in order to get your fix! You seem to spend all your time thinking about acting, stage design, stage left this, stage right that, I mean, heavens to Murgatroyd Pete, you’re so hooked that you indoctrinate innocent youth into the seamy, sinful world of fantasy land! C’mon Pete, what about the children? Do we really want our innocent children growing up believing that all the world’s a stage, that we are merely players, performers, and portrayers? Do you know how many actors end up unemployed, on welfare, living on skid row, lives totally destroyed? Well neither do I, but I say even one is too many.

    (*Just another instance of that confounding synchronicity in my life. C’mon, one day I think about posting the above, decide it’s just too stupid and discard the idea, and the very next day you post the above, forcing my hand? What the heck is up with that??)

  • Deep Dish

    Dead Poets Society, anyone?

  • Servetus

    But think of the money. Once the DEA bans theatre, ticket demand and admission prices will skyrocket.

  • claygooding

    When you consider what criminals will cut theater with,,adding to the dangers and stigma already surrounding theater,it will triple the attendance,exposing even more of our children to this evil disease of expanding peoples imagination.

    • Maria

      OMG. I knew flash mobs were being cooked up in basements, trailers, and mobile mob labs.

    • When you consider what criminals will cut theater with[…]

      you’ll get the Kardashians? All cutting agent and no substance?

  • Deceptive Cowpie

    Friends don’t let friends do theatre….?