A really bad idea

420 rally to celebrate drug-free youth

The Eagle County Sheriff’s Office in collaboration with the Eagle Valley High School’s DADD (Devils Against Drinking and Drugs) Club is hosting its inaugural 420 Drug Free Rally on Friday at the Field House in Edwards.

This event will be celebrated on a local level with a free community barbecue and open pick-up games such as soccer, basketball, volleyball and rock climbing, along with a giant bonfire with s’mores and an outdoor movie. This event will begin at 4:20 p.m. with a National Guard helicopter landing.

Gee, I wonder how that went (and I really want to know what movie they showed).

If this continues as an annual tradition, I foresee many awkward moments in the future: “Hey, you want to join me at a 420 rally?” “Sure!” …

On the other hand, I think that other 420 rallies could learn from this one in that a giant bonfire with s’mores and an outdoor movie sound like a really good idea (skip the helicopter, though).

I found this particularly odd:

Most Coloradans believe 420 sends out the wrong message to our youth by glorifying drug abuse. Others view this as insensitive and a dishonor of the Columbine High School tragedy, which also occurred on April 20.

Why, of course. How dare people do anything else on the day that a tragedy once occurred. People who have birthdays on April 20 must cease enjoying them, and must certainly not have parties. Stop being so insensitive.

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23 Responses to A really bad idea

  1. Duncan20903 says:


    I thought that D stood for Dumbshits, not Devils. Isn’t it funny how you get ideas like that into your head sometimes?

    I’d presume that “Devils” is the sports team nickname at that school rather than referring to a coven of Satanists. Am I making the same mistake again as I did above?
    The Connecticut House passed a medicinal cannabis patient protection law by a margin of 96-51. But hold onto your hats, the bill includes patient cultivation and anti-discrimination requirements. Sadly, they’ve made it an age restricted medicine with a floor of age 18. I guess that’s because the care so much for the children and worry they might get sick on purpose to get some medicinal cannabis.

    • claygooding says:

      They also added an amendment making it veto proof,,meaning Lynch and Kerli are pissed.

      • Duncan20903 says:


        Governor Lynch works in New Hampshire. He doesn’t have any say in Connecticut, and Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy has said he will sign the law if the Legislature passes it.

        Dannel? What kind of a name is Dannel?

        • claygooding says:

          oops,,story mentioned Leach,,could have been about his threat to veto NH bill,,but said it was why they had added an amendment making it veto proof,,confusion set in.

  2. ezrydn says:

    They’re so lame. The can’t even think up a special day of their own. The gotta infringe on others. Prohibitionists can’t come up with a single fresh thought, even when in committee.

    • Duncan20903 says:


      I see these counteractions as more validation that we own that day. Concerning Columbine, I used to mutter under my breath about 4/20 being Hitler’s birthday until someone pointed out that we’ve taken a bad day and made it a better day.

      Columbine was scheduled for 4/19 which was the anniversary of the day that the Waco wackos were summarily executed by authorities. There was a delay in getting devices needed which pushed it back to 4/20. At least so it says in Wikipedia.

  3. N.T. Greene says:

    My sister was born on September 11, 2000.

    Cry me a river about having celebrations on anniversaries of national tragedies. To be frank, I don’t understand why people drive to commemorate the bad things in history in boldface while opting to ignore aspects of progress and human dignity.

    I see a sad future in which every “holiday” is in memoriam of a terrible act, and no one remembers anything really worth celebrating. And if you really break it down, it could be argued that no holiday should be “celebrated”, as I’m pretty sure there has been an atrocity to match up with every day of the year.

    And come on, it’s a stoner holiday. We get over bad stuff pretty quick (and the straightedge among us should take notes pertaining to “letting things go”).

    • Matthew Meyer says:

      Stuff worth celebrating, like drug law reform, takes a long time. And the big moments often happen slowly, making them hard to commemorate.

  4. darkcycle says:

    So, hypothetically, if this massacre had occurred on Easter Sunday, these people would object to observing it? I mean 4/20 predates Columbine by about three decades…

  5. kaptinemo says:

    Pathetic. Just pathetic.

    (Condescending, mocking laughter) Do they honestly think this is an act of bold, brazen defiance? And who attended? The modern day equivalent of the kids on the social ‘outs’? The ones that were so tight-arsed that nobody wanted anything to do with them?

    Sad. I recall my high school days with no affection whatsoever, as any student with a functioning cortex knew the whole game was rigged, and that we were only being warehoused for the day and our education was woefully inadequate…especially when they axed the Rhetoric course from the curriculum. Can’t have those young, impressionable minds being taught in school to challenge official pronouncements using the very tools they were supplied with, now can we?

    Bad enough you know when you’re being propagandized. Worse when you are forced to participate in the process. Worst of all if you mindlessly support your own subjugation…

    • claygooding says:

      It is great living in the age of “smart” phones and stupid people.

      Arrested and charged a parent for infant in a car that reeked of marijuana,,baby being tested,,,,

      County prosecutor charged with marijuana grow,,,

      The news is so full of marijuana busts that the court system’s and lab facilities in every state must be about ready to revolt.

      • Duncan20903 says:


        You’d have a heckuva time getting me upset about prosecuting an adult for smoking in a closed car with an infant present.

        C’mon kaptinemo, the hall monitors of America also have a need to belong.

        • darkcycle says:

          Seriously? My parents smoked tobacco like chimneys… Dad had a cigar and later a pipe hanging from his jowls like it was sewn to his lips, Mom smoked Silva-Thins and always in the car.
          This new “sensibility” you display disturbs me Duncan. Please say something offensive so I know you haven’t been taken over by Calvina.

        • Duncan20903 says:


          My wife likes to relate the story of how her mother drove herself to the hospital to deliver my sister-in-law with her and her brother (7 and 8 y.o.) in the back, no seat belts much less child safety seats, with mom smoking cigarettes like a chimney the whole way because she knew she’d have limited opportunity to smoke after reaching the hospital. Even back then they didn’t let patients smoke in the delivery room.

          My mother-in-law was ignorant of the danger she exposed her 3 children to with that stunt. This was before the 1964 Surgeon General’s report so she had a valid excuse. What’s yours?

        • darkcycle says:

          I didn’t say I support it, much less do it. Seemed a like a good opportunity to give you a poke. So consider yourself poked. 😉

      • kaptinemo says:

        I really do wonder at the times we’re living in. I feel sometimes like it’s an old Heinlein story, about when every probability reaches 100%, and all Hell breaks loose. Think of “Dogs and cats, living together! Mass insanity!”

        I never thought I’d be alive when this country would begin to skirt the edge of overt fascism, but here it is. And the usual thing about creeping fascism is that those who are aware of how it works see this coming years down the road…as the drug law reformers did, and sounded the warning, but were ignored because they were (gasp!) ‘druggies’.

        The legend of Cassandra comes to mind. I hope we reformers don’t wind up in the same hurt locker for our efforts to try to save this country from fools and idiots…

        • divadab says:

          I think it might be better to concentrate on savings ourselves from the fools and idiots since they have a death grip on the levers of power. Fecking ‘tards.

  6. watchshows says:

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