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Glenn Greenwald

The same person who directed the DOJ to shield torturers and illegal government eavesdroppers from criminal investigation, and who voted to retroactively immunize the nation’s largest telecom giants when they got caught enabling criminal spying on Americans, and whose DOJ has failed to indict a single Wall Street executive in connection with the 2008 financial crisis or mortgage fraud scandal, suddenly discovers the imperatives of The Rule of Law when it comes to those, in accordance with state law, providing medical marijuana to sick people with a prescription.

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  1. christy says:

    What about Obama making the medical marijuana industry (tax-paying American job creators) a federal enforcement priority while crippling state efforts to enforce federal laws against illegal immigration?

    • Peter says:

      the arizona laws requiring racial profiling of ” immigrants” ie brown people is from the same populist playbook as the crackdown on mmj. im surprised obama isnt embracing both

      • Peter says:

        also, lets not forget the massive increase in deportations of “criminal aliens,” many of whom have only been convicted for possession of small amounts of cannabis, that have occurred since obama took office

      • Duncan20903 says:

        It’s all about who has the power. Immigration law is widely accepted as an enumerated power of the Federal gov’t. Arizona’s law usurps that power or at least appears to do so.

        With MMJ it’s the Feds who are intent on usurping what is rightfully regulated by the various States.

        Both actions are consistent when viewed in terms of a power grab. The object of the power grab is irrelevant.

      • christy says:

        I’m not surprised, considering Obama needs all the votes he can get. That’s why Democrats are against Voter ID initiatives. Sick and dying Americans (many too sick to vote) can walk in front of bus for all he cares but the illegal vote is gold, not brown.

        • darkcycle says:

          Christy, the immigration policies in this country have two purposes which the current deportation/enforcement regime serve quite well (prior to Arizona’s meddling, that is). The first is to have a constant pool of cheap, expendable labor for Big Ag and other exploiters. The second is keeping this labor pool too consistently frightened and off balance to organize to demand higher wages and better conditions. The policy of arrest and deportation, the constant threat of losing what government services they are able to take advantage of (due to manufactured anti immigrant sentiment), along with the non punitive fines for employers served this purpose well. The problem is Arizona takes that too far, in that it truly establishes the hostile environment that was only supposed to be a threat.

  2. claygooding says:

    Obama is carrying out his owner’s agenda as he has since he stepped in office.

    That he continues putting people in prison to protect the financial interests backing him is so obvious that even usually complacent voters are seeing the hypocrisy and about face he has done,especially over medical marijuana.

    He has the power to remove cannabis from schedule 1 and his failure to do so tells it all.

  3. magic fairy dust rainbow unicorns says:

    You mean president jesus messiah is just another empty suited two faced politician? Too bad so sad.

  4. Benjamin says:

    I voted for Obama… And I’m ashamed to discover that I voted for a soulless powermonger who doesn’t care a whit whose lives are destroyed by his policies.

    After all, many people heard his assurances that he “wouldn’t be circumventing state laws” on MMJ, and decided to put their life savings into dispensary businesses. Then he turns around and busts them. Some might call that entrapment!

    Oh, but of course, you have to be charged to claim entrapment! The feds never charge anyone in these raids. They just come in, seize everything they can, sell it or destroy it, and leave. Charges bring trials, with all that messy publicity. Easier to just financially ruin the people they want to destroy.

    • Peter says:

      using the irs as weapon of choice….

    • Duncan20903 says:


      It certainly isn’t far fetched to speculate that the entire Ogden memo and reassurances that the medicinal cannabis distribution chain would not be molested were simply tactical maneuvers designed to draw out a significant number of people so that they could be arrested. It also had the benefit of keeping the general public from turning on the administration for making these arrests because they’ve been reassured that only those “taking advantage” of the law are the subject of Federal law enforcement.

      • Peter says:

        “simply tactical maneuvers designed to draw out a significant number of people so that they could be arrested”
        like those decoy signs on the freeway warning about a police checkpoint ahead and placed just before a rest area or exit, only on a grand scale

        • Duncan20903 says:


          When the worm turned in 2011 the earliest victims were Montana growers and vendors. I thought they had an excellent case to argue entrapment by estoppel…I still do. But the Feds really do have the game rigged to vigorously discourage any kind of a challenge to charges. Once the Federal Grand Jury indicts even the truly innocent are inclined to take a plea rather than chance an extra decade or three in Club Fed.

          It really doesn’t much matter if it was planned the whole time or if Mr. Obama sold out for an under the table quid pro quo. The only difference is that if it was the former he’s a devious, evil asshole. If the latter he’s just a garden variety asshole. I’ll leave it to you to decide which is worse.

      • Emma says:

        Like Mao asking for criticism of society and the government in his Hundred Flowers Campaign and then sending dissenters to prison camps.

  5. primus says:

    This is the end game for party politics; they all move to the same ideological spot because it has the least potential for personal accountability. We must show them consequences which drive them out of that comfort zone. Calling them out for their hypocricy and repeatedly pointing out their lies is quickly ending their credibility. Their audience is tired of the show and want some resolution, but they can’t give it because the party won’t let them. No matter which candidate you choose makes no difference because they are all the same. The system wants them that way because if they can be controlled the system won’t need to change. Revolution is the only way out.

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