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The headline really says it all

Top cop says 12yo girl’s strip search justified That’s the world in which we live — the world of the drug war.

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Questions, questions

Josh Gerstein at Politico had a prediction that Obama would answer a marijuana question last night based on a conversation with a Google staffer: Google is signaling that it won’t let any single issue, like marijuana legalization, dominate its online … Continue reading

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Parenting 101

If you believe that hiring a drug-sniffing dog to go through your house is a good way to get connected to your child’s life, then you might want to re-think your entire parenting approach. Dog for hire sniffs out drug … Continue reading

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Drugged Driving Certification Follies

Did you know that Maricopa County, Arizona does the training for “85 percent of all drug-recognition experts in North America”? That’s the shocker (to me, at least) in this article: RCMP halts training with U.S. force over abuse findings Training … Continue reading

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President Obama wants my questions

I got an email from President Barack Obama on Friday. I didn’t realize he knew me, but it was a nice letter and apparently he wants to hear from me personally! The day after I delivered my State of the … Continue reading

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Site back up

Drug WarRant was down for most of the day Sunday due to massive problems at DreamHost that affected a large number of virtual private servers. Nothing directly connected to this site. Sorry for the temporary lack of couch.

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Odds and Ends, Feds and States, Sheep on the Lamb

Posting has been extremely light the past few days as I’ve been exceptionally busy with a variety of diverse and interesting projects (description after the fold) Wayne State Law School symposium on the federal-state dichotomy on marijuana. Kevin Sabet starts … Continue reading

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Open Thread

BBC: Richard Branson drugs policy advice to David Cameron It’s up to politicians, I think, to get the message across, and sometimes to ignore a newspaper like the Daily Mail and just get on and do what they believe is … Continue reading

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A criminal justice system ruled by greed

Americans for Forfeiture Reform report on another cash grab, this time by prosecutors. Buried in a proposed New York State bill is a measure that “was inserted at the request of prosecutors, especially Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr.” … Continue reading

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Some very light reading

Here’s a six-page paper called Drug Legalisation: An Evaluation of the Impacts on Global Society. Position Statement It’s been put together by: Drug Prevention Network of the Americas (DPNA) Institute on Global Drug Policy International Scientific and Medical Forum on … Continue reading

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