Site back up

Drug WarRant was down for most of the day Sunday due to massive problems at DreamHost that affected a large number of virtual private servers. Nothing directly connected to this site. Sorry for the temporary lack of couch.

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5 Responses to Site back up

  1. thelbert says:

    welcome back pete, you know we love you like a brother from another mother, right.

  2. Cannabis says:

    It’s great that the site’s back up! Unfortunately there’s never a shortage of stuff to talk about.

  3. primus says:

    It was just a preview of censorship as envisioned by the present administration of the formerly land of the free.

  4. darkcycle says:

    *sweat, shake, scratch. Hug self…look truly pathetic*
    Thank god, the couch is back….

  5. ezrydn says:

    Just enough time to work on my “1000-yard stare.” 😉

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