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Keith Humphreys’ and Jonathan Caulkins’ dance cards are full of straw men

Check out this whopper of an opening sentence in the Guardian: The loudest voices in US drug policy debates call either for enforcing prohibition with ever-increasing ferocity or for giving up altogether by letting corporations legally sell the currently illicit … Continue reading

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Can Ron Paul wake up stagnant progressives?

…Just some two-bit political analysis on my part. I’ve been fascinated the past couple of weeks by the vehemence of some of the political pundit discussions regarding Ron Paul’s candidacy. (Note: Keep in mind that when I talk about progressives/liberals/conservatives … Continue reading

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Meet my special hamster.

I have a new helper in the fight against the smuggling of endangered species. It’s a hamster named Sergeant Cheeks. He is able to detect the presence of endangered species or protected elements of endangered species (feathers, tusks, etc.) in … Continue reading

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