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Open Thread

Happy New Year!

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The blind spots of progressives

Glenn Greenwald has a comprehensive must-read election piece about the problems with progressives who put all criticism of Barack Obama off-limits and dismiss Ron Paul out-of-hand. Progressives and the Ron Paul fallacies Whatever else one wants to say, it is … Continue reading

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You’d think it would be hard to steal a motel

After all, you can’t load it in the back of a truck, or sneak it out after dark. But apparently motel theft isn’t as unlikely as you might think. Tewksbury Owner Fights Feds’ Attempt To Seize Alleged Drug Motel Caswell’s … Continue reading

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And the execrable Caballes v. Illinois marches on

As many of you know, I find the decision written by Justice Stevens in Caballes v. Illinois to have the jurisprudential value of the what comes out of the other end of the sniffer in question. At the time, some … Continue reading

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Political Updates

Ron Paul: Drug War In U.S. Has Racist Origins by Ryan Grim in the Huffington Post. Gary Johnson Goes Full Libertarian: “I am excited. I am liberated. And I am committed to shaking the system as it has never been … Continue reading

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A message I’d like to see sent to the U.S.

In this article: Legalization a Controversial Weapon in Mexico’s Drug War, we find the usual talk about Latin American leaders calling for discussions of legalization, and Kerlikowse’s nonsense rebuttals. But I enjoyed the go-it-alone suggestion: This has led some advocates … Continue reading

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Siobhan Reynolds, R.I.P.

Sad news. Pain treatment advocate and leader of the Pain Relief Network Siobhan Reynolds was killed this weekend in a plane crash. See Radley Balko’s excellent post on Siobhan along with his links to others who have written tributes. I … Continue reading

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Bought and paid for

DEA, IRS give local police ‘holiday gift’ from confiscated drug money OAKLAND — Federal agents issued the ultimate stocking stuffer Thursday when they gave more than $1.2 million in drug money confiscated from a former Hayward medical marijuana store to … Continue reading

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Open Thread

I’ll be traveling to spend the holidays with my parents. For all those who are traveling, drive safely – don’t take any chances, and if you get tired, pull over and take a nap. Tired driving is probably the worst … Continue reading

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Jury Nullification

Jurors Need to Know That They Can Say No is an extremely important OpEd by Paul Butler in the New York Times (and that makes it additionally important because of the reach). This is something that we’ve talked about for … Continue reading

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