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January 2012



Supreme Court kind of thinks some 4th Amendment protection may be OK

An important decision by the Supremes today in United States v. Jones.

Lyle Denniston at ScotusBlog has the details:

The Court flatly rejected the government’s argument that it was simply not a search, in the constitutional sense, to physically — and secretly — attach a small GPS tracker on the underside of the car […]

Gary Johnson helps set the record straight on Gingrich

Ezra Klein in the Washington Post:

On Saturday’s edition of “Up With Chris Hayes,” Gary Johnson brought up an old Newt Gingrich idea I hadn’t heard before: Putting individuals who brought more than two ounces of marijuana into the United States to death. That sounded extreme, even for Gingrich. So I looked it up. And […]

Selling marijuana in ABC stores

Some interesting reactions to this story: Va. lawmaker wants to legalize marijuana to sell in ABC stores

For those who aren’t aware, ABC (Alcoholic Beverage Control) stores are state-run stores to sell alcohol, a system that exists in certain states as opposed to licensing private alcohol stores.

Radley Balko tweets: “I genuinely don’t know how […]

Open thread

It’s been suggested in comments that we have an annual Prohibitionist of the year award. I think it’s a great idea.

Perhaps, in addition to the big award, we could have a few sub categories, such as Most Outrageous Single Prohibition Action (OpEd, quote, etc.), Prohibition Apologist of the Year, etc.

What other categories would […]

Strangest OpEd of the week

This is an incredibly self-righteous and contradictory OpEd by Yoni Goldstein in the Huffington Post: I Smoke Pot, But Don’t Make it Legal

I don’t have time to do it justice right now, but check it out and do your thing.

I love this…

First, he says that legalization is bad because it’ll make it […]

U.S. declares war on Canadians

White House, today

Today, Gil Kerlikowske, Director of National Drug Control Policy, released the Obama Administration’s first-ever National Northern Border Counternarcotics Strategy. The Strategy outlines new actions that seek to reduce the two-way flow of illicit drugs between the United States and Canada […]

“Disrupting the flow of illegal drugs across our borders is […]

Drug Czar Speaking

Right now on C-Span

Speaking to Sheriffs’ Association. According to his office: “Will call for reforming criminal justice system to address addiction as treatable disease”

Sheriff introducing him couldn’t pronounce his name.

Update: Kerlikowske lied again about the NHTSA study.

The utter absurdity of drug laws

Jim Todd has an OpEd in the Tennessean: Fairness demands a new look at Drug Free School Zone Act

Call it political suicide, but the state Legislature needs to re-examine the Drug Free School Zone Act.

It’s ridiculous (but not a surprise) that such a thing might be considered political suicide, particularly when you read […]

Cops speaking out

I think everybody here know the high esteem I have for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. Groups like that are extremely important for turning the tide in the war against drugs. Most law enforcement LEAP members are former police officers, etc. There are very few active-duty members because of the very real risk of losing their […]

The difference between marijuana and rape

Every now and then this ridiculous argument shows up in some serious-sounding piece about legalization and it’s important that a stake be put through its heart before it breeds more stupidity. This time, it showed up in Mamon McKinnon’s Drug Legalization Chic, which I mentioned a few days ago.

“…If the war against drugs is […]