The headline really says it all

Top cop says 12yo girl’s strip search justified

That’s the world in which we live — the world of the drug war.

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7 Responses to The headline really says it all

  1. darkcycle says:

    Thank god I don’t have a daughter, and she wasn’t subjected to this. I’d be defending myself from a murder charge.

  2. stayan says:

    Tasmania Police:

    “We may have molested your child, but you should thank us for protecting her from drugs”.

    According to their website their core values are “integrity, equity and accountability”.

    What a joke.

    • Mine'sTheSameAge says:

      and I can rip the top of a person’s face off with one swift movement – now add to that my Scottish temperament. You’d have to chain me to the wall before you did that.

  3. claygooding says:

    What happened,,an officer or two missed the first show?

  4. wiggles says:

    i thought their job was to protect little girls from child molesters. So now they free passes to fuck the kids too

  5. Francis says:

    A review by Tasmania Police has exonerated the actions of officers who twice strip-searched a 12-year-old girl during a drug raid.

    No drugs were found on her.

    Kevin Sabet, when asked to comment: “They didn’t find any drugs on her and yet they stopped after a mere two strip-searches. That shows admirable restraint on the part of these brave officers. Of course, there are extremists out there who’d say that you shouldn’t strip-search 12-year-old girls. And there are other extremists who’d say that you should continue strip-searching a child until you find drugs, no matter how many times it takes. But these cops were clearly implementing a ‘balanced approach’ to drug policy. And their heroic efforts in this case represent exactly the kind of ‘smart enforcement’ I’ve long been an advocate of.”

  6. Dante says:

    Let’s all be thankful that, after strip searching a little girl, they didn’t shoot her dog in front of her.

    Thanks for saving the children, Public Servant Child-Molesters!

    No wonder their nickname is “Pigs”.

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