The drug czar answers a letter

The letter was from U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen who wrote about marijuana policy and suggesting that marijuana should be removed from Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act.

Kerlikowske responded with the usual nonsense. Rep. Cohen could probably use the help of some of you in comments, where some of the constituents seem to be ridiuling the Congressman for caring about this issue.

[Thanks, Tom]
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18 Responses to The drug czar answers a letter

  1. claygooding says:

    Posted,,waiting for the comment to be approved,,,what a crock of shit Kerli is,,and what kind of a person takes a job that requires them to lie to America.

  2. allan says:

    wow… what a load of crap comments… and even included the having a drink is ok but smoking herb gets a person “high” laugher.

    I certainly hope some intelligent comments are added.

  3. claygooding says:

    made the cut:

    claygooding writes:

    “”He said the Department of Human Services reported 376,000 ER visits related to pot use in 2009.””

    None of the visits were caused by pot,,they were the number of people that listed pot as drugs they had taken recently on the admission form.

    “We ardently support research into determining what components of the marijuana plant can be used as medicine,” Kerlikowske wrote in the letter dated today.

    The main active ingredient,THC,,has already been synthesized and sold by big pharmacy,,it was the devil in marijuana for 20 years until the pharmaceutical companies synthesized it,,think back America.

    The drug czar is required to do anything necessary to keep any schedule 1 drug from being legalized,,anything,including creating false science and skewing statistics,,such as the hospital admissions statistic he created.

    Wake up America,,you are being played.

    The ONDCP budget is 16 billion dollars a year,,and the majority of that is spent intervening,,arresting and convicting marijuana,,,mostly simple possession and losing marijuana from his plate will impact his budget severely.

    Wake up America,,you are being played.

    Now dark or allan can hit him about the lack of dead bodies on the traffic statistic he has blown up….

    • Francis says:

      If people insist on using some type of recreational intoxicant, why can’t they just stick to alcohol? I mean, there’s a drug that never sends anyone to the emergency room…

      “The researchers found that there were an estimated 68.6 million ED visits attributable to alcohol from 1992 through 2000, averaging 7.6 million alcohol-related ED visits per year. Alcohol-related visits accounted for 7.9 percent of the total 866.5 million ED visits in that time period.”

  4. TINMA says:

    A few days ago, I done what i noramlly dont. Got drunk. I was very sick for two days. Dry heaves and all. Finally started eating the second day.

    I NEVER EVER got sick from being high. Fact is, 2-3 hours later your good to go.

    Being drunk is a very bad thing Mr Drug Czar.
    Being high is not a problem….except to you and your lying breed.

    • Duncan20903 says:

      I recall one night I spent in a drunken stupor the morning after spending a particular night in a drunken stupor. I don’t think I’ve ever been so sick and addle minded. Despite it being the morning after I realized that I was going to puke my guts out. I made it to the stool and started to enjoy the pleasure of projectile vomiting. Little did I suspect that I was going to get the rare pleasure of simultaneous projectile diarrhea. It must have been a spectaculor site. I wish I had gotten it on video. It’s not something that you see every day.

      How can anyone argue that drinking alcohol isn’t a life affirming and enhancing substance? A bucket for monsieur, and hurry.

      (PS I’ve noticed that more isolated populations are associated with significantly more ignorant comments by sycophants of authority. The obvious conclusion using ONDCP “methodology” is that living in a rural area makes people stupid.)

  5. TINMA says:

    “We ardently support research into determining what components of the marijuana plant can be used as medicine,” Kerlikowske wrote in the letter dated today

    WHAT! I thought the federal government and ONDCP agrees that there is no acceptable medical use of cannabis?

    So Mr Drug Czar…which is it? Why would you support research into something you dont believe in?

    • Duncan20903 says:

      You’ve really got to make a fairly healthy time commitment in order to keep up with the current Know Nothing prohibitionists’ official dogma. They tweak it constantly and it’s a mistake to presume that there will be any logical progression.

      Take “Reefer Madness” for example. What we see as an asinine film made by people who could benefit significantly from radical surgery to remove their respective brains, that has been tweaked until it has transmogrified into warnings of cannabis being a causal factor in schizophrenia, dementia, psychoses, and bad manners.

      Warnings presented in a somber, authoritative tone delivered by a paternal man wearing a lab coat and sporting a stethoscope as a neck tie are much more broadly effective than the movie.

      Harry J’s classic, “Marihuana leads to pacifism and communist brainwashing” has been tweaked into “amotivational syndrome” today. Harry J was also the author of the “gateway” theory, but his asserted that heroin was a gateway drug to the fiction of cannabis addiction. Even as late as 1969 they were working on this and had changed cannabis to be the gateway drug to heroin, but at that time the Know Nothings thought heroin to be the “gateway” to LSD. Go figure that one out.

      But such is life when your argument is solely built on a platform of nothing but bald faced lies, half truths, and hysterical rhetoric. Have you ever wondered why Know Nothings are constantly asking “have you seen the latest research which shows that merrywanna causes (insert ridiculous claim)?” It’s very simple. Studies supporting their unsupported assertions have a very short shelf life before somebody says “hey, it’s been proven for decades that high levels of carbon monoxide result in brain damage. Why in the world would you conclude that those cute little monkeys got brain damaged from the 63 joints of merrywanna that you lit on fire and the monkeys forced to inhale 100% of the smoke without stopping by utilizing a gas mask and leather restraints?” All that they have are recent studies which haven’t been debunked. But we’re still using stuff from the 1970s.

    • Maria says:

      In my shaky opinion… I’m eyeballing Slovakia for a glimpse of what I think the American PTB are angling and chomping at the bit to do here. Keep Cannabis illegal, even increase punishment for personal use, but profit from the medical and industrial uses.

      “The law enables medical companies to register drugs that include the (THC) molecules, have passed all the clinical tests and their medical effect has been proven,”

      I think that this is what a number of states are likely to do, at least in the short term. We already have pain clinics. And medicine is medicine. Even some states that are currently driving MMJ programs seem to be backing away from them.

      Slovakia’s path seems to be the only one where all the most powerful players get to win for a while. The federal and state level governments, the pharmaceutical companies, the legal/ judicial industry, law enforcement industry, treatment industry, let’s not forget the prison industry.

      This way maintains and even reinforces the status quo. It essentially gives a big fat finger to the medical marijuana advocates all the while patting them heartily on the back, congratulating them on their win. ‘You guys said it was medication and since we’ve known for half a century(!) that there’s something to it we’re going to treat it like everything else. The toxic amazonian tree frog isn’t medicine; the isolated peptides derived from it’s slime are. The fungi isn’t medicine, but the penicillin is. The opium poppy isn’t but diacetylmorphine is. Why should the powerful cannabis be any different? You wanted medicine? We’ll give you medicine.’

      • TINMA says:

        Beer isnt medicine, but we’ll give you alcohol in its various forms.

        A gun isnt medicine,but the bullets will cure your rebelious attituted.

        Freedom isnt medicine, but its application sure cures many things.

        Shall we go on?

  6. Duncan20903 says:

    It’s no surprise that people think my life unimportant. I’ve only met a few people who have any problem with spending my money and my time, so why would I expect my freedom to be any concern of theirs?

    Oh wait, now I recall. It’s because freedom is a two way street and people can’t denigrate and sabotage my freedom without doing it to themselves.

    • darkcycle says:

      Aw, Duncan, that first sentence could have you put on suicide watch. If that happens some flunky in a white coat looks in on you every half hour all night long with a flashlight. We take away your eating utensils, razor, pens and pencils, belt, shirt and shoelaces…etc. Then, when you’re good and tired from not sleeping, and sick of eating with a plastic spork and writing to your wife with crayons, we’ll review your case and recommend that you stay for two more weeks (or until your insurance runs out, whichever comes first). Oh yeah, and the drugs SUCK LIKE YOU’D NEVER BELIEVE.

      • Duncan20903 says:

        You can’t fool me. There can’t be a drug worse that Thorazine®, and that’s what they gave to anti-social narcissistic teenagers who refused to follow orders in the 1970s. The Thorazine shuffle and the extreme level of sialorrhea were ever so much fun. For the ODD you know. Score another victory for FDA certification of safety.

  7. Duncan20903 says:

    Happy happy, joy joy, some really good news. I thought that they had blown it:

    MISSOULA- The state medical marijuana law will go to Montana voters next year after petitioners picked up more than the 26,000 signatures needed to place the measure on the ballot.

    A petition to put the power back to the people has passed and voters will not [now?] have their say on Montana’s current medical marijuana law that the Legislature passed earlier this year.

    The Montana Secretary of State’s Office certified the initiative will be on the ballot in 2012 on Monday.

    “We got support for every county in Montana. We go support from every House District in Montana and we expect that when our signatures are done being counted that we will have qualified for 5% of the voters in over 60 House Districts,” she concluded.

    Take that you fascist pigs!

    Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

    • Duncan20903 says:

      Man the dominos are really starting to pick up speed:

      Montana objects to federal gun ban for medical marijuana users

      Now we even have the gun nuts on our side? What’s next, the Pope’s imprimatur? Oh well I can work with the gun lovers. Quite frankly I read the 2nd Amendment the same way as does the NRA.

      • Maria says:

        Don’t go knockin’ the gun nuts. Lots of them know what’s up when it comes to self-ownership, rights, and responsibilities.

        • Duncan20903 says:

          You’re assuming facts not in evidence. I spent all that time thinking up “Oh well I can work with the gun lovers. Quite frankly I read the 2nd Amendment the same way as does the NRA.” and it didn’t make any difference. Oh well. It just isn’t wrong to refer to fanatics as nuts. Sports nuts, gun nuts, beer nuts, they are all very real. (well beer nuts are better than cotton balls.)

          You know, most people don’t understand the black market. Guns just aren’t particularly sophisticated devices. Gee whiz I think they had them on the Niña, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. It just wouldn’t be that hard to set up some machines in the basement and go into production.

    • tensity1 says:

      Gotta love Ren and Stimpy. Oh, and the petition thingy is good, too!

      Here’s a story about endocannabinoids and the placebo effect: Body May Use Cannabinoids to Make Placebos Work

      Thanks to allan to help motivate me to get off my lazy ass and make my links purdy.

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