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U.S. wanted Vancouver’s supervised injection site closed

That’s the title of this article in The Vancouver Sun. OTTAWA — A diplomatic cable shows U.S. officials opposed the Insite supervised injection site in Vancouver and wanted the federal and municipal governments to shut it down. […] The memo … Continue reading

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Perry and Mexico

Perry: Send U.S. troops to Mexico to fight drug wars MANCHESTER, N.H. — Texas Gov. Rick Perry said Saturday that he would consider sending U.S. troops into Mexico to combat drug-related violence and stop it from spilling into the southern … Continue reading

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Prohibition then and now

From Reason TV, we have “Prohibition Vogue: Why we can’t stop talking about “The Noble Experiment.” The Ken Burns documentary on prohibition airing tomorrow comes at a time when we have clearly made the case that prohibition is a bad … Continue reading

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Who needs criminals when you have the Philadelphia PD?

AT Toke of the Town: Philly Cops Rob Undercover Cop Posing As Marijuana Dealer The arrests come just months after three other crooked officers were caught in a federal sting and charged with stealing heroin from a drug dealer. Update: … Continue reading

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