Fun with ribbons

Rapid City, South Dakota

Red Ribbon Week in Rapid City starts Monday. It kicked off in the afternoon at Dinosaur Hill.

Students and other officials pledged to be drug free.

Also, they tied a large red ribbon around the dinosaur’s neck.

I guess the message is, “Hey, you may be extinct, but at least you’re drug free!”

They have other activities as well, including the strange-sounding “look up and be drug free flyover.”

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9 Responses to Fun with ribbons

  1. darkcycle says:

    I’m gagging. “Drug Free”. It boggles the mind that they can continue with that “Drug Free” hypocrisy. Nobody, not even they, believe it is possible. It’s utter nonsense, and every person with a more than room temperature I.Q. knows it.
    How many martini’s did they have after they managed to Shanghai public funds for this thoroughly discredited and ridiculed idea?

  2. darkcycle says:

    ERK. That release is from a NEWSROOM?! It reads like it was written by a seventh grader.

    • Francis says:

      Red Ribbon Week in Rapid City starts Monday. It kicked off in the afternoon at Dinosaur Hill.

      Wait, it “starts” on Monday (sometime in the future?) and yet it “kicked off in the afternoon”?

      Students and other officials pledged to be drug free.

      They let the students be officials in Rapid City?

      Also, they tied a large red ribbon around the dinosaur’s neck.

      Um… what dinosaur? Also why?

      Organizers say it’s good to bring awareness about being drug free.

      Does that sentence remind anyone else of Ralphie’s Christmas theme? (“I don’t think a football is a very good present.”) How about: “Organizers say the ribbons are intended to raise awareness about the importance of being drug free”? (I’m not saying it’s great. I’m saying it’s better, and it took me about 2 seconds to come up with.)

      An organizer of the event says, “So we want to encourage you to think of those things you can do and help make red ribbon week a big celebration for your children some day as well.”

      Why am I not surprised that this is the best quote the, uh, “journalist” could get? Also, what’s with the “some day”? Is red ribbon week an adults-only “celebration”? (Is that because booze is served?)

      There are events planned all week long for red ribbon week, including a look up and be drug free flyover at schools in Rapid City, and then a parade on Saturday.

      How about a little consistency? I thought we were capitalizing “Red Ribbon Week”? And “then a parade on Saturday”? Wait, when is the “look up and be drug free flyover”? Also, what the hell is that? Anyone else getting the impression that the folks in “Rapid City” might be a little… slow?

  3. ezrydn says:

    As William S. said, “It’s much ado about nothing.” I see it as a whole week of making unaware kids aware of drugs. Like DARE, prepping the youngun’s to get involved so the meat machine keeps working. This is nothing for a self-gratifying RA – RA session by the KnowNothings.

  4. B-roll says:

    All right, Speaking of the term drug free, they don’t mean the meth that we as adults have prescribed to our children.
    I went through that program while i was in grade school, While during this Red Ribbon program I’ve never seen marijuana before, i didn’t know what cocaine, or crack looked like or was. The teachers never explained it when i was going through 3rd – 5th grade, these kids don’t really have a real concept of what they are really pledging against.

  5. Duncan20903 says:

    Does anyone else think it wierd that the “law is the law blah, blah, blah” crowd adopted ribbons as their trademark when the entire idea was started in a popular music number about a convicted felon getting out after a 3 year stretch in the Graybar Hotel and wondered if his girl was still interested or had wandered off with the nearest truck driver she could find? No way honey, the truck stop has a never ending supply. There’s no reason to run off with one of them. Besides, variety is the spice of life.
    (now that’s funny)

    Gosh, that song is the popular music equivalent of high fructose corn syrup.

  6. Eridani says:

    The person who came up with the idea to tie a ribbon on a big plastic dinosaur to promote being drug-free definitely wasn’t drug-free.

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