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U.S. must legalize drugs to stop the violence

That’s the powerful message from former Mexican President Vicente Fox is this very hard-hitting video interview with BBC News.

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Headline of the day

Red Ribbon Week promotes anti-drug use I hope they’re promoting responsible anti-drug use. You wouldn’t want young people abusing anti-drugs. I also enjoy the fact that “Throughout the week, junior high and high school parents will have a chance to … Continue reading

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GOP Senators discover states’ rights when convenient

From the Hill The Senate narrowly defeated an amendment on Thursday that would have established a commission to research avenues for reparing the “broken” criminal justice system after Republicans said it would encroach on states’ constitutional rights to conduct their … Continue reading

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Governors Highway Safety Association rebukes Drug Czar on drugged driving

I found this article at The Auto Channel that, at first, would seem to be in support of the ONDCP’s effort to use driving laws as a back door method to criminalizing internal possession of marijuana. Oct. 13, 2011: The … Continue reading

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