Site issues

There have been some problems with the site in the past few days. I thought the server was intermittently down, but the tech guys at DreamHost say that the site had been getting quite a few memory spikes (this was Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning).

The overall 5 minute memory use averages are quite low compared to my maximum, so there should be no problem, but apparently very quick, even millisecond, spikes were causing the server to shut down temporarily, thus freezing the site.

At their suggestion, I’ve implemented some additional caching to the site that should make pages load faster, but that shouldn’t have caused spiking. I think the problem is over for now, but I’m still not sure what caused it.

Please let me know if you continue to have issues.


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One Response to Site issues

  1. darkcycle says:

    Seems better now. Much weirdness up on the WWW these days. I hear Anonymous is going to try to crash facebook. Not just a little denial of service either…they’re gonna try to bring the networking giant completely down. (good. I use facebook, but I won’t let my real name anywhere near their site. I do all my social networking under the name Gil Curly-cows-ski)

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