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I haven’t updated the Drug WarRant Cafe Press store for quite some time, so I thought I should at least put a couple of new things in there.

This elegant and understated clock avoids the clutter of numbers scattered all over its face and instead picks one as a point of reference. (Not recommended for those new to reading analog clocks.) Goes with any decor and great for starting conversations. Only $14.99

I’ve also added a car magnet (10″ x 3″ – $4.99) – like a bumper sticker, but removable and doesn’t harm the paint. Plus, you can take it off in situations when you prefer not to be talking about the drug war.

I’m really interested to see what people think about this. It’s hard to say much in such limited real estate, and all the standard catch phrases like “End the Drug War” and “Free the Weed” have been heard and aren’t going to get people thinking in different ways.

So yeah. I went there.

What do you think?

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7 Responses to New stuff to buy

  1. Nice – I’ll be getting one of each.

  2. vickyvampire says:

    Cute clock but needs a tad bit more color green,maybe.Yeah

  3. B. Snow says:

    I love the “bumper-magnet”,
    That concept answers the age-old lesson some young people learn the hard way…

    Anecdotal Example: I remember driving down a Texas Panhandle highway to see Pantera in Lubbock w/ friends back in 95′ (& again to Amarillo in 96′ iirc).

    Anywho, we saw numerous cars pulled over with prominent ‘Grateful Dead’ stickers (a couple were practically covered in ‘counter-culture’ stickers) and whatnot = These people were practically screaming “Hey cop, pull me over and bust me, please!”

    And some got what they were ‘asking for’ (particularly in that part of the country & in that time period), people were getting pulled over on the way there AND on the way out of town too…

    IMHO, It’s better about your design is that it ISN’T green & leafy or anything blatant/obvious = people would have to be close enough to read it to know what subject it addresses. So you can remove it = whenever it would be less than prudent to be “representing”, aka “sporting the cannabis/mmj flag” – so to speak.

    In some parts of the country its better to ‘pick your battles’ rather than go all out = 24/7/365. And “starting conversations” is fun and all but, not always appropriate.

    And I adore the clock too – (Unfortunately, I don’t have a place to put it where anyone but me would see it) & while a watch of similar design, on the other hand (or arm as it were) would be cool = it could also be a very ‘bad call’ to wear it out in public. Unless maybe, you happen to live in a VERY liberal place.

    • darkcycle says:

      My oldest rule: no bumperstickers- EXCEPT: Good Sam club stickers, “I’ll see you at Walmart” sticker for the camper. Occasionally a sticker for a tourist trap…Wall Drug is best. But, “See the fabulous, Seqiuchuk Reptile Zoo” has a place in my heart. I once had a sticker on my motorcycle’s saddlebag that violated every rule I have….It said “Never go with a Hippy to a second location”.I never figured it out but it sounded like it might be funny so I bought it. I took it off right away.
      I really enjoy a low profile.

  4. A Critic says:

    I love the clock!

    I also love the bumper magnet, the removable nature is a great feature, and the message rings home with me (my brother died because of the WOD).

  5. Rick Steeb says:

    Woo-Hoo! “Check the front porch, your package should arrive soon.”

    What time ya got!?

  6. darkcycle says:

    …is on my side, yes it is,
    Time, is on my side…
    You always say,
    That you want to be free,
    But you’ll come running back,
    To me, ee, ee,”

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