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July 2011



8 years

So… it was eight years ago today that I dipped my toe in the waters of blogging with my first post at

I really wasn’t sure about this whole “blogging” thing at the time, but I wanted another way to express my concerns about the drug war beyond what the 200-words-every-30-day policy of the […]

NAACP adopts historic resolution to end the War on Drugs


Daily Caller

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) passed a resolution Tuesday calling for an end to the “War on Drugs” during their 102th NAACP Annual Convention in Los Angeles, CA.

“Today the NAACP has taken a major step towards equity, justice and effective law enforcement,” said NAACP president and […]

Drug Czar in completely over his head in scary new expanding drug war

Director Gil Kerlikowske

Today, I was pleased to join my colleagues from throughout the Administration to announce the first U.S. strategy on transnational organized crime (TOC) in fifteen years. The Strategy to Combat Transnational Organized Crime provides a comprehensive plan that will, in part, help us build on our progress to further reduce drug use […]

Thank you, Russell Brand

I never really followed Amy Winehouse, or knew that much about her, other than peripheral awareness of the tabloid stuff about her drug problems. However, I knew that her death would dredge up a lot of anti-drug fervor and some ignorant comments.

And it did. I saw friends on Facebook who essentially wondered why anyone […]

And more collateral damage

Via Grits for Breakfast: After all, how many Steven Rodriguez’s could there be?

The wrong Steven Rodriguez was arrested in front of his wife and four year old son for drug trafficking based on a warrant approved by a local Justice of the Peace. He was taken to jail and required to post bail (including […]