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The Obama Administration demonstrates once again that it’s not interested in anti-war voters of any kind.

The “clarification” of the Attorney General memo on medical marijuana (AKA the “Ogden Memo” has arrived. No big surprise. This administration, like the others before it, has hitched its wagon to the drug warriors.

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US Sentencing Commission Votes to Make Crack/Powder Cocaine Sentencing Reforms Retroactive

Press release from Drug Policy Alliance: WASHINGTON, DC—Today, the U.S. Sentencing Commission voted to provide retroactive application of the Fair Sentencing Act, which Congress passed last year and narrowed a decades-old disparity in federal sentencing between crack cocaine and powder … Continue reading

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Addiction and Pain

Tweet of the day from Maia Szalavitz: 116 million in chronic pain. 23.5 million with addiction. 2 nat instits on adxn, none on pain There’s nothing wrong with caring about addicts, but there’s something extraordinarily perverse when we’re so concerned … Continue reading

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Black leaders speak out

Jesse Jackson, Black Leaders Are Right About Ending the War on Drugs by Dr. Boyce Watkins in the Huffington Post Powerful stuff: Jesse Jackson said it best during the recent forum on the drug war. “This is a crime against … Continue reading

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We shouldn’t be surprised about who’s in bed together

No, this isn’t about recent legislation in New York. It’s about Barney Frank and Ron Paul, and Willie Nelson and The National Review. Those of us following drug policy regularly know that sanity in drug policy is not necessarily a … Continue reading

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I’m back…

As many of you know, Drug WarRant was offline pretty much the whole day. No, the FBI or the DEA didn’t shut me down. Drug WarRant wasn’t being censored. My domain hadn’t been seized. In fact, the actual reason was … Continue reading

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In occupied America…

McAllen buys $150,000 SWAT vehicle With 11 gun ports, a rotating turret and room for 10 officers, the modified Ford F-550 will help city police handle high-risk calls, police Chief Victor Rodriguez said. Cash and other assets seized during police … Continue reading

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The Living Canvas: Rain

Some of you may be aware that I am involved in a lot of different interests and pursuits. One of them has been as photographer and Artistic Director of The Living Canvas. It started out as photography of the human … Continue reading

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Sorry for the neglect, folks. I’ve been busy doing tech rehearsals for my show that opens in Chicago on Friday. I’ll give you more details on that, along with some additional postings tonight. In the meantime, this is an open … Continue reading

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Bolivia chooses to withdraw from UN Convention on Drugs!

Big news, so far apparently not reported in U.S. media Bolivia abandona la convención de la ONU contra las drogas La Paz, 22 jun (EFE).- El Congreso boliviano aprobó hoy, a petición del presidente Evo Morales, la denuncia de la … Continue reading

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