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Why isn’t Nancy Grace obsessing over this?

Via Radley Balko: Mom sues Lawrence County over seizure of newborn For the second time in a year, Lawrence County Children and Youth Services has been accused in a federal lawsuit of removing a child from a mother’s custody after … Continue reading

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There must not be any drugs left!

Iran leads the world in drug seizures United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Executive Director Yury Fedotov has said Iran ranks first in the world in illicit drug seizures, Mehr news agency reported. Iran seizes 80 percent of … Continue reading

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Fun with referral logs

Every now and then, it can be amusing to check referral logs. Today, someone using the U.S. House of Representatives Information System googled “drugged driving death statistics in california.” It took them to this page. I’m guessing it may not … Continue reading

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