Happy Thanksgiving

Give thanks for what you have, and remember those families that won’t be together today because of the war on drugs.

I’ll be without wifi for the next few days, so posting will be light.

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59 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving

  1. darkcycle says:

    Happy Thanksgiving. Snow was falling lightly when I woke up here, and my wife was already cooking. I think it’s Wake-n-Bake and some quality couch-time.
    And Too Much Food.

  2. Kronik the Hemphawg says:

    A nice blueberry dream holiday log is ready for the flames of the lighter. Happy Thanksgiving to all the tokers!

  3. chris says:

    Great, it looks like ABC’s national coverage of k2/spice/jwh has prompted the DEA to act. And there is only thing they know to do with recreational drugs: ban them outright. Obviously a regulated legal market is out of the question, because the only options that exist are an unregulated legal market and an unregulated illegal market. Idiots.

  4. ezrydn says:


    As you look at this new ban, ya just have to ask “So, how’s that cannabis ban working for ya?” LOL

    I doubt the company that produced “K2” and the rest used dirty buckets to mix the chemicals in. However, thanks to the DEA, the dirty buckets will now be used.

    It just gives the DEA another duck to hunt. This is another showing that they haven’t a clue. Just a bunch of knuckle-draggers.

    And what’s with the DEA banning things??? I wasn’t aware they had that power. I thought that fell to Congress. Does the DEA now bypass Congress and outright ban anything they want to? Sure seems like it. Like the cops saying cannabis bills are bad because they give no method of “them”(the cops) collecting the fines, as one Asst. Chief stated last week.

    This has absolutely nothing to do with drug control. It has everything to do with PEOPLE control.

  5. DdC says:

    Today we gather with our loved ones, reflect on the year, and think about what we’re thankful for.

    First and foremost, I’m thankful for you and your support over the past year. We came so close to finally fixing our marijuana laws, and in the process pushed the debate forward and into the mainstream.

    I’m thankful to my parents, Ann and Bob, who came in from Texas to join the campaign trail. I’m thankful to the campaign staff and volunteers who gave their all to educate voters and change minds and hearts. And I’m thankful to the countless individuals and organizations who stepped up and supported our efforts.

    Today, I want to acknowledge one organization that truly stood out, worked tirelessly and helped to make our movement mainstream. The organization is Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) — a group of extraordinary police officers, judges, DAs, and other members of law enforcement who see the drug war is wrong and speak their minds in order to end it.

    Throughout the campaign, LEAP and its dedicated staff and volunteers were right by our side. Their speakers traveled up and down the state to explain why we needed to pass Prop 19. And most prominently, if you saw our powerful TV ad featuring former San Jose Police Chief Joseph McNamara — or our YouTube videos of Judge Jim Gray, or any other LEAP speaker — you realize the importance of law enforcement in making our movement a reality.

    So this Thanksgiving, as you reflect on everything you’re thankful for, I hope you’ll join me in making a contribution of $5 or more to LEAP. I’ve never asked you to contribute to another organization before — but they’re going to be such an important voice in this movement we’re building together, so I want to be sure we support them just as they supported us during the campaign.

    Thank you so much, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


    Richard Lee

  6. claygooding says:

    A friend came by with some orange kush and it has me walking funny and talking to people I don’t even like.

  7. darkcycle says:

    This evening’s appetizer menu will consist of D.J. Short’s Blueberry, Sour Diesel, and as an aperitif, a nice couch lock Afgooey, with some bubble hash.
    There will also be an impromptu strain exchange, MK ultra coming and the ‘goo in trade. This will be a farmer’s thanksgiving. My Brother, and at least three other growers, a 16 pound bird, Ganja laced stuffing and Ray Charles on the box. Man I wish you guys could be here. 😉

  8. EZ — yep, that’s exactly what it is. and that’s why i continue to insist that we use that simple fact as our main reason for taking it all down.

    darkcycle — holy shit mon, i wish we could be there too!

  9. DdC says:

    “Men are more easily governed through their vices
    than through their virtues.”
    – Napoleon Bonaparte

    Ain’t Nobody’s Business if You Do:
    The Absurdity of Consensual Crimes in Our Free Country

    “If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.”
    – Thomas Jefferson

  10. denmark says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Pete and all of you here too.

  11. DdC says:

    Medical Marijuana Patient Keeps His Housing Subsidy
    Storm Crow on November 25, 2010

    UPDATED: Medical Marijuana Patient Keeps His Housing Subsidy By The Associated Press
    Wednesday, 24 November 2010 15:15

    San Miguel County Commission reverses a decision to drop the 70-year-old cancer patient from the subsidy program

    A 70-year-old cancer patient who uses medical marijuana will keep his federal housing subsidy for a rental home in the northern New Mexico city of Las Vegas.

    Robert Jones had been dropped from the subsidy program over his participation in New Mexico’s medical marijuana program.

    But San Miguel County Attorney Jesus Lopez says county commissioners, acting as the county housing board, reversed the decision Wednesday at a meeting in Las Vegas.

    Lopez, as hearing officer for the issue, recommended Jones be reinstated to the housing program. He said the vote at the end of a two-hour hearing was unanimous.

    Jones joined New Mexico’s medical marijuana program in October 2007 when he was diagnosed with cancer.

    The retired political consultant said he told county housing authority officials he used marijuana before signing a statement agreeing to follow a rule not to participate in drug-related criminal activity. continued…

    The article has earlier articles attached to it, so you can read the full story. To reach the story they have you watch an “ad” then the option of joining or free pass to read it. I have them all posted here.

  12. thelburt says:

    happy thanksgiving to all the hempestuous and thank you, pete for being righteous. i’m thankful to have a roof and food in the house when others don’t. i thank all of the above for your cogent comments in the past. you know how to get the brain cells working.

  13. Duncan20903 says:

    [belch] [belt opens a notch]

    Did everyone enjoy their T-day? For some reason my turkey was some kind of good may shrimp stir fry with fancy pants garlic mushrooms and stuffed scallops, but it still ended up working. My sister in law is lucky. If she had served that meal to most prohibitionists they would have wanted her arrested for violating T-day SOP. Perhaps executed to deter those who would promote the heinous proliferation of non-traditional T-day dinners and thanking lucky ducks for what was obviously the work of the Good Fairy Jesus, bejeezuz. If we continue to allow shrimp on T-day the next thing you know we’ll all end up gay married to farm animals driving the country broke with socialized health care. Do you know how sick you can get, and how much money it costs if you have gay sex with farm animals? Of course you do, you’ve been doing that for a number of decades and sticking the American taxpayer with the tab. Well the getting sick part, why would you worry about the bill or know its cost when you can just pick the pocket of John Q. Taxpayer? Lib barrel land, where the men are mem and the sheep are nervous. All because people ett shrimp on T-day and were allowed to get away with it.

    People compare prosecuting the war on (some) drugs to evicting Emperor Hirohito, Messrs Hitler and Mussolini and the Axis of evil in WW2. That cost a lot of borrowed money too you know. Hmm, we dispatched those dastards in 3 years and 9 months. I started counting on December 7, 1941 because that’s the day Japan formally declared war on the US. Maybe they would have done better if they were on drugs? Well other than the meth in Germany.

    My family didn’t even beat me up or have me committed to an asylum for being an atheist who prefers lucky ducks to Good Fairies. There is even an insane asylum less than 3 miles from my sister’s home. It just wouldn’t have been that hard but they just couldn’t be bothered.

    What iz the whirled comming to, I axe you? Don’t pee pell think that it’s worth it to use any amount of force, violence, killing and mayhem necessary to achieve whirled peas? What about the chilled wrens? Don’t they deserve whirled peas?

    (The standard disclaimer applies. The above is intended as sarcasm, parody and/or an exercise in stupidity and is not intended to be taken seriously. Carry on.)

    One of these days I’m going to learn how to spell the word atheist. There I go again, sheesh. In a sentence about not being able to spell the word no less. It’s very sad, but I’m thanking those lucky ducks for spell checkers. King me.

  14. Duncan20903 says:

    I’m so thrilled. Today I have a name! Pot nerd. Man that’s so apropos. I’ve never cared for being thought of as a cannabis wonk and I am so pleased to discard it. I feel as happy as Jim Croce!


  15. Duncan20903 says:

    I actually emailed the Richard Lee solicitation for LEAP to Pete. I’m hard pressed to see how the Know Nothing potheads will work it into their hysterical rhetoric about Mr. Lee’s greed and desire to control all potheads and the world wide cannabis market. If we let him, before you know it Mr. Lee will have all of us potheads marching in lockstep like right wing funny mentalists and paying dearly for the privilege. Well I am sure the KNp’s won’t let us down but they’re really going to have to twist the poor little truth in an unimaginable way to accomplish it. How about he just likes LEAP because its name sounds like his name?

    On a more serious note, does anyone know why a man of Mr. Lee’s means would employ such a basic, no frills wheel chair? Shit you’d think he’d have a totally pimped out electric chair with CD, four on the floor, dual carburetors, overhead cam, and cruise control. Let’s not forget the “I pillage and plunder potheads” bumper sticker.

    (standard disclaimer, not serious, sarcasm, parody, stupidity, blah, blah, blah)

    The ice cube in my heart for DdC has melted away because he posted the Lee email. Well by at least by half.

  16. Duncan20903 says:

    So anyone up for some self flagellation? NIDA updated it’s “infofacts” about cannabis. I admit I haven’t looked at more than the headline but my brain has already started to hurt this morning.


    Hey you might get lucky and find they’ve come to their senses.

    Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Super Pig!

    Wow I looked up flagellation in the dictionary.com. Did anyone else know that it applies to either the acts of either the sadist or the masochist in roleplay sex?

  17. darkcycle says:

    Duncan: it’s the new “War on Thanksgiving”. My neighbors next door had BEEF BOURGUIGNON fer chrissake. Damn Hippy freaks. It goes along with the “War on Christmas”. Why can’t people be allowed to worship a magical, all powerful sky-man, who looks just like them? After, just ’cause he ain’t doing shit to help, doesn’t mean he’s not all powerful. See, HE’S got a plan. When the whirreled get’s bad enough, see, he’s gonna come back here. Not to kick ass, mind you….he’s gonna send a member of his family, see, and they are going to take all of those good little sky-man worshippers and leave. Just like the Heaven’s Gate people, only the sky-man’s people, they don’t need matching shoes or anything…
    I’m not sure if there’s a comet involved or anything that specific, like ‘Heaven’s Gate”. However it plays out, they all seem to agree that they-all WILL NOT need gore-tex rain gear for the journey, so I guess it’s somewhere sunny. I wonder if there’s anything in scripture about sun-screen?
    Anyway. Beef Bourguignon. Nothing good can come of that.

  18. darkcycle says:

    Duncan: It’s really very funny, the NIDA “Infofacts” page. I looked up “Infofacts” in the dictionary. I think my dictionary is broken, because it’s not in there. Anyway, I think I’ve been able to work out the meaning throgh the context of it’s use. I’m positing that it Means “Devoid of any accurate fact and/or information.”
    The piece is excellent if you substitute the word “stupidity” for every instance of the words “Cannabis” or “Marijuana”. Then it reads not only accaurately, but hella-funny too. Try it.

  19. Duncan20903 says:

    I really do think that “god” was real and that something happened. I’ve no clue what really happened but I do have some meaningless speculation with no basis whatever. I can’t get it out of my head all those old time people used to talk to god or his angels all the time. I’d dismiss it as everyday garden variety delusion if the reports hadn’t stopped coming sometime in the early 1st century.

    /cue twilight zone music

    Why couldn’t they have been space aliens? Think about this: How would a man living 1000 before the birth of Christmas have described a submarine? Would it be unreasonable to think that without any frame of reference of underwater boats that he might have called it a “great fish”?

    From the holly bibble:

    1:17 Now the LORD had prepared a great fish to swallow up Jonah. And Jonah was in the belly of the fish three days and three nights.

    2:1 Then Jonah prayed unto the LORD his God out of the fish’s belly,

    Magic spells/prayers = voice activated technology?

    I recall one story in the bibble where this guy got sucked up into the sky in a “whirlwind” in that particular bibble. He also knew it was going to happen. So how would the man living 1000 year before the birth of Christmas describe matter/energy conversion technology aka a transporter?

    Here it is, 2 Kings 2:11

    2:11 As they were walking along and talking together, suddenly a chariot of fire and horses of fire appeared and separated the two of them, and Elijah went up to heaven in a whirlwind.

    The Good Fairy Jesus was “assumed” into the “heavens” after he reconstituted himself.

    I could seriously entertain the argument that this planet and our existence is simply a terraforming effort either gone awry or incomplete as of yet.

    The predicted second coming of the Good Fairy Jesus after about 2000 years could have been “I’m hopping on my spaceship, running back to my home planet, but I’ll be back.” At just under light speed how far can you travel in 900 years give or take? 900 because I figure he’d want to take a load off, have a few bong hits, kick the wife and fuck the dog before that long journey back.

    I’ll say it for you, I’ve watched too many episodes of “Star Trek”.

    Carry on!

    A lot of people are surprised or amused when they meet a stone cold atheist that can compete with some of the most practiced bibble thumpers when it comes to pulling stories out of the bibble to support his deluded rantings. Actually it was a significant investigation of the Fairy Tale which included significant bibble reading which resulted in my disbeliefs. I really did like to drop acid and sit and read the goddamn thing. Hey, it’s human nature to not want to die and the entire canard of religion is a way to deny that reality, therefore based on and created by the fear of death. I admit I had wishful thinking and was hoping there really was a chance the everlasting life canard was real. Bummer, eh?

    Spooky stuff. I recently saw a Hawaiian funeral and it actually tagged the jesus spot in my brain. Did you know they have them on surfboards out on the water? I don’t get many “religious” experiences anymore and I’m shocked that one could include surfboards. Annoying little jesus spot.

    Maybe someday I’ll share my theory that this is a prison planet, and that we’re all serving a life sentence without parole. “Well he’s gone to a far better place/home.” “He’s been set free!” It would mean that those who suffer reincarnation(s) are recidivists. It also means that dead babies were simply misdemeanants. If we really cared about the chilled wrens we’d whack them over the head shortly after birth and “set them free”. Holy cow Batman, that would probably be facilitating a jail break and mean ten to fifteen years of wandering the streets of Bombay.

  20. Duncan20903 says:

    I really am a masochist and got to citation #2 before I nearly puked and had to quit when I Googled the actual study cited which in no way, shape, or form in any way resembled what NIDA claimed it said. Usually they’re just junk science produced to please those footing the bill and actually do say what their masters directed them to prove. This one was NIDA just bald faced lying. I mean fuck me, they claimed exactly the opposite of the studies conclusion. I guess they figure citations and links to the study will make their bald faced lies more believable to the gullible and no one will ever “trust but verify”. Unfortunately I was right that reading that page would make my brain hurt worse. I must get the damn thing removed, it’s the direct, proximate cause of all my woes. Wise men fear to tread where ignorance is bliss. It’s a mistake to attach a stigma of undesirability to being ignorant.

    “Infofacts” isn’t even in the Urbandictionary. They’ve got refudiate but not that one. I loved that refudiate thing. All those people working so hard to make Ms. Palin correct and to add the word to the language. The very definition of a living language, LOL.

  21. darkcycle says:

    Ah, Duncan, the truth about creation may be more fantastic than even the “Bibble thumpers” believe. I will admit it. I am a wonk. A numbers wonk, to be specific, a higher math wonk. The stuff that doesn’t have any real world application. You won’t use it going to the store….
    Anyway, “M-theory” and “super-string theory” have some frikking Mind-boggling ideas about how our Universe came into existence. Unfortunately for the ‘eternal life’ crowd, those same theories mostly project our current universe winding down, getting very cold, and basically disassociating. But that’s OK, too, ’cause it also looks like another one will come along right quick to fill the space left by the old one…
    You should pick up the books by Brian Greene for a popularized overview. If you enjoyed the Bibble on ‘cid, Physics on ‘cid is even better.

  22. DdC says:

    TIME Magazine Cover: Is God Dead? – Apr. 8, 1966

    The God Is Dead Movement

    What Treatment Options Exist?
    (i.e., providing vouchers for goods or services to patients who remain abstinent) have shown efficacy in treating marijuana dependence.

    Oaksterdam News: Cannabis – Info Fact Sheet
    The major psychoactive chemical compound in Cannabis is Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (abbreviated as Δ9-THC or merely just THC). At least 66 other cannabinoids are also present in Cannabis, including cannabidiol (CBD), cannabinol (CBN), tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV), cannabichromene (CBC), cannabigerol (CBG), cannabicyclol (CBL), cannabivarin (CBV), and cannabidivarin (CBDV), among, of course, many, many others. Along with THC, some of these cannabinoids are pharmacologically active and contribute to the effects of Cannabis. These compounds act by binding to and modulating the cannabinoid receptors CB1, CB2, GPR55 (proposed to be renamed as CB3), and GPR119 (may come to be known as CB4 in the future).

  23. DdC says:

    Hu-Man people don’t even know their origins were from Ganja? Its also what got us tossed out of the garden. Not because its bad, but because we proved we couldn’t be trusted with something that would make us gods. Actually the apes ate Ganja and opened small capillaries in their brain. Producing more surface area to store memory. More memory meant bigger pictures and eventually reason. The extra weight of the blood into unchartered brain territories and gravity caused the brain to eventually split into left and right sides drooping from the center. Prohibitions throughout History have weakened the strains and have left generations abstaining as sheep in a herd following orders and proud to do it unquestioningly. Now begs the question, who is “us”?”

    Since humans develop gender and/or sexual organs on the 18th or so day after conception, it also leaves the point. If we are made in the image of God, then God can have no gender. The early Roman and Sanhendren fascist took Jesus’ story and formed Christianity. Jesus never claimed to be a christ or king of the jews. To this day the yuppie Philistines are herded into serving the gods. Censorship of the bible works the same as censorship of Ganja/Hemp. The truth will set you free and they need slave labor. btw anyone thinking Lincoln was a humanitarian is as naive as the ones thinking there are dangers with using Ganja.

    The Industrial revolution and machinery ended slavery. Cheap labor is a motivating factor throughout History. Cheaper to buy Rockefeller crude oil than feed, shelter and clothe a group of people. Originally Henry Diesel made his engine to run on peanut oil and Henry Ford had a hybrid ethanol gasoline engine. The only thing different before alcohol prohibition and after is before the farmers home stilled their tractor fuel and after it remained illegal. Coincidence? Now for someone to go through all that expense and trouble, one would think outlawing Hemp and Rx Ganja through yellow journalism and lobbying Congress wouldn’t be so far fetched…

    And out of the ground made the LORD God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Gen.2 [9]

    And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever. Gen.3 [22]

    So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life.” Gen.3 [24]

    Marijuana May Live Up To Be The Elixir of Life By Ravi Chopra
    Source: Earthtimes.org October 15, 2005

    A study by University of Saskatchewan researchers results appearing in the ‘Journal of Clinical Investigation’ have actually given a fillip to the traditional and mythological view that associates the addictive weed in some ways with immortality… continued cannabisnews/21194

    Tree of Life

    Al Capone and Watergate were red herrings to divert the countries attention from the Fascist acts of eliminating competition. Booze/Ethanol or Ganja//Hemp.

  24. Duncan20903 says:

    I’m skeptical that one can understand the universe. I mean that it is not physically possible for one person, that our brains aren’t large enough to process that much information anymore than a goldfish can comprehend our mode of life. This may be what leads us down the path to turning ourselves into Borg because scientists will want to develop a direct neural interface in order to try to be able to grasp the concept. Really, this would be a gateway to more and more bio-implants and before you know it we will have assimilated ourselves. It wouldn’t be all bad because we’d no longer need a goverment, just a Central Scrutinizer*. This is really scary stuff to my mind but everyone else seems oblivious to the danger to mankind. We’ve actually started down that path with the invention of those Borg implants that most cell phone power users have coming out of their ears. There ought to be a law against it. There ought to be a whole lotta laws against it! Just say no to self assimilation! Let’s get the prohibitionists to focus on avoiding allowing mankind to assimilate itself into Borgdom. Let’s get to work on that, shall we?

    *(for an explanation of a central scrutinizer see:
    caution! Frank Zappa)

    Don’t think goldfish thoughtless. they may have a limit of only 3 or so but their minds aren’t totally blank. They certainly understand what being dropped into a 55 gallon tank and coming face to face with a hungry bluegill means. Farm raised, store bought goldfish that had probably have never seen any other species of fish in their lifetime would quiver with mortal fear just before getting a full understanding being in a very low position on the food chain. Some would literally shit when they saw Filet. That was my pet bluegill, yet another part of my life that I fucked up because I did cocaine.

    One problem with advancing cocaine addiction is one develops progressive misophonia from the deterioration of the nervous system. Unfortunately for poor Filet his whisper quiet water filter was just too damn loud and had to be shut off when I was locked in that room smoking cocaine. Turning off that filter because of the “noise” it made was a regular habit, as was turning it back on befrore crashing. But that day I had plenty of coke all week** and sleep comes suddenly when you reach the point of absolute physical exhaustion. Filet drank all his oxygen and in one final attempt to avoid the grim reaper hurled himself from his tank. This had actually happened before but I found him before he his death rattle and he lucked out because I had a 5 gallon bucket with water that had been sitting long enough that the chlorine didn’t kill him. But this time he was out of luck and he passed away while I was passed out. I had almost gotten him to nearly the state record weight. My plan was to feed him until he exceeded that weight. Then I would bait a hook, drop it in his tank and “catch” him, then claim the state record for a bluegill. I have no clue to this day why I wanted that prize, but I had been feeding him for over 5 years. That was a pretty big fish when he died. But it was just another dream shattered by cocaine, and a lot of goldfish down the drain.

    **(days were 168 hours long in cocaine land…seriously.
    …nights lasted for 36.)

  25. darkcycle says:

    Maybe “understanding” the Universe is a tall order. Physics isn’t really trying to understand it so much as to gain a coherent picture of “a piece” of it. The idea being that the fundamental laws, (once we’ve pieced them together so they all work without annoying contradictions) will give us the tools we need to apply to understand the universe as a whole. Since the laws of physics are the same everywhere, and presumably at all scales, understaning a piece means you got the whole.
    I’m not sure how this applies to captive game fish and Peruvian Marching Powder though. I’m sorry for your loss.

  26. darkcycle says:

    Hypersensitivity to sound, along with auditory hallucinations are general symptoms of physical exhaustion. People before the “first century” were talking to God because the people writing about them were in the third through the sixth century. Basicly they didn’t know how or where these folks had got their revelations of the meaning of God. In many cases they were making the shit up as they went along to fill in missing fragments of previously oral histories that they (the dumbshits) forgot. Gotta have some explanation for the freaky stuff the old folks (said they) did, and while you’re at it, for a long happy life, you better make up some explanation that’s acceptable to the local Mugwump, too. Othewise it’d be a burning or a drowning for you then, wouldn’t it? Then, when things got too confused, with everybody telling a differnt story, with a different punch-line, all the Mugwumps got together at a place called “Nicea” and decided which stories, with which punch-lines would be acceptable. Then they ran about in a religious frenzy, killing anybody who told a story with a different punch-line until they were all dead, Hall-layy-luu-ya, praise be to God, Amen.
    I would also like to posit that hallucinations were likely at the heart of all these God stories too. Alot of people ate mushrooms of all types before the first century. And there were Aminita cults all over Europe in pre-christian times. Not to mention the Zoroastrians, who were hard core with the substances if you know what I mean. They were real poly-drug abusers back in the day.
    Maybe when Jesus was passing out loaves and fishes, they were bluegill. Ever wonder about that? Why not?
    That feat, incidentally was pirated from the Magic Cauldron of Celtic Myth. This magic cauldron, which was actually said to exist, could feed any army, with none walking away hungry. Sort of endless Thanksgiving turkey sort of thing. Having Turkey leftovers tonight too, incidentally. Your turn.

  27. DdC says:

    Maybe “understanding” the Universe is a tall order. Physics isn’t really trying to understand it so much as to gain a coherent picture of “a piece” of it.
    ~ darkcycle

    True, except for what is in-between the atoms that no one is (few) are researching. Corporate science filters their discoveries into a what will profit rather than what is necessary. Solar panels for one. Or government science into what blows things up, not what cures diseases. Cures and prevention take away profits on the status quo “treating” the symptoms. Ganja may prevent and cure. Not magic. If cells are switches turned on or off it doesn’t stretch the imagination too much to think if you turn a cancer cell on with pollution, radiation etc. Then why not just turn it off. If the cancer cell is a NO switch and you energize it to close and complete the circuit or cannabinoids opening the circuit amplifying the transmitters with Ganja. But no one cares about the micro universe taking profits, only outer space and selling more space junk. Same censorship banning medicinal research but not NIDA sabotage. I see Atheist and Religionists as both being arrogant for drawing conclusions when an entire Universe of quirts? would explain even more. Electrons are made of something… But I also believe when enough people learn the truth it will reach the critical mass and the the 100th Monkey will wash its sweet potatoes and Ganja/Hemp will once again serve the masses.

  28. vicky vampire says:

    A belated thanksgiving to all here on Drug War Rant who contribute and to all who just visit and future visitors may they truly be sincerly illuminated about real beautiful truth about cannibas. yes I do believe in truth that’s drugs herbs and thinking outside the box should I hope that we can here impart the reasons why Marijuana is so much more to us than just getting high its medicine,nutrition,fiber,clothes,lotion, etc and and because it loosens our inhibitions some believe it leads to to overall complete degeneracy because they say Europe is that way and America there are so many factors involved in that caustion is would take days to write about it I think slowly more people are it people wnat to use subtances to enhance our ,via Vitamins.Bio-identicals,hormones,other smart drugs the list is endless,these life enancing substances are adding to quality of life despite lies of ignorant people tat cna’t see it becuase they want to see the negative always and thats true on left and right. you guys are knowlegable on that front God bless and yes even though I’m thankful sorry when it applies to Mizz DEA DANGEROUS,ENOUGH,ALREADY LADY Michelle Lionheart yes she has power of gov which is tremendous but have truth and that the entrepnurial spirit of US that put pot out in mag,journal,food,shirts,you tube the internet was tremendous so powerful I think in turning around thousands more folks I know fear runs deep.

  29. darkcycle says:

    Uh, 100th Monkey is a myth….
    …and weird. my computer lost the name and e-mail fields here in comments. I wonder if I’ll get a new “thingy”?….nope, thingy’s the same.

  30. darkcycle says:

    I’m glad my thingy’s the same. I crave cosistancy. And leftover Cherry Pie, I crave that too.

  31. Duncan20903 says:

    I think they’ve got a hardon for Willie Nelson. He got pinched again. To think that they would harass a poor, frail & failing 75 year old man to promote their insane agenda. He was got by the border patrol while driving from California to Austin. Wow, I didn’t know you had to cross the border to get from California to Austin TX. Oh that’s right New Mexico is in the way.They don’t even say whether he was going in or coming out. I was hoping he was caught smuggling pot into Mexico because that could be lovingly spun in our favor. After all ‘who the heck smuggles cannabis into Mexico’ is likely stuck in most Know Nothings minds.

    (PS stardard disclaimer parody satire and exercise in stupidity once Willie ‘crossed the border’. Of course I know about the 100 mile perimeter inside our border an that New Mexico is a state. I might only know the names of 15 US States and the District, but New Mexico is one of the 15.)

  32. Duncan20903 says:

    There came a point where the hypersenstivity to sounds started spilling over into the brief non-cocaine non-sleeping hours and I’d be hiding from it

    One thing that I was never vexed with which is on the favorite lists of advancing crack heads was getting high while standing behind a barricaded door while only taking the eye out of the peephole to hit the pipe. I asked a bunch of them what the heck they would do if a police man came up and started pounding Police open the door. Not a one answered, all but 2 seemed stunningly confused by the question, and about half started quivering in mortal fear like my goldfish did in my screed above.

    There was one time where I was coupling with the pipe and one of my cohort was intently covering the peephole so I was pretty much ignoring him. We were in a second floor motel room that day. There he is intently staring out of the peephole when the phone rang. Hey did a verical leap that would have made Muggsy Bogues* green with envy, spun around 180 degrees and in a in a snap decision chose flight over fight. Moving too fast for the eye to follow he went straight through the closed window, landed still running full speed and I didn’t see him again for two days. He was sorry about that because the coke made it so he didn’t notice hes two broken bones, one in each leg. One was a teeny tiny bone in his ankle so I’m not sure that was such a big deal.

    *(if you don’t know about Muggsy Bogues he was a 5’3″ guy who played in the NBA. You got to have a great vertical leap to compete with those guys at 5’3″.
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muggsy_Bogues. He had the advantage of being able to sneak between the tall guys legs and make them look like buffoons.

    don’t believe me about the in between the legs stuff?

    There is nothing in the world that isn’t on youtube.)

  33. darkcycle says:

    You were likely still just as exhausted when you awoke as when you crashed. Under those conditions you were passed out, not sleeping. There’s a profound difference. In normal sleep there are three (or four, depending on who’s construct you like)stages, including REM (or ‘dream’) sleep. You will naturlly cycle back and forth through each of these stages multiple times a night. Four or five times is the average. That won’t happen if you are “passed out”. Under those conditions you go straight to stage three (or four) and stay there. It has been hypothesized that the deeper stages represent the somatic portion of sleep, where the body’s recovery is taking place. The cycling through the stages seems to have to do with the brain’s replenishing lost neurotransmitters and processing information for later retrieval through memeory. This may be part of the reason why ‘blackouts’ occur. The brain isn’t idle during sleep; part of the processing of memory occurs there. It’s easy to see how events not subjected to this ‘cementing’ during sleep are lost.
    Anyway, you were just as exhausted (mentally) as you were when you were asleep. The continued dysphonia was probably related to that.

  34. darkcycle says:

    As for looking out peepholes between hits on a pipe…..Haze and Vietnamese/Laotian varieties do that to some people. We used to get a hermaphroditic Haze variety back in the late nineties that would always seed itself, no matter what you did. People didn’t stop growing it, because it was SO damn strong. Didn’t matter if it was seeded, it took one hit to send most people crawling to the couch. It actually started a rumor among some who didn’t know better, that seeded pot was stronger than sensi!
    Paranoia is a funny human response. It only arises when the internal ‘self’ becomes of inflated importance in relation to the outside world, and conditions of profound stress arise. An objective person constantly tests thier perceptions of reality against the known facts in order to bring their internal perceptions in line with the outside world. It’s an essential task, if we don’t engage in it constantly we ‘lose touch’ with the real world very quickly.

  35. allan420 says:

    yep, the WOD is over. Texas popped the head pothead:

    Willie Nelson charged with pot possession

    Seriously… would someone get Willie in touch w/ Howard Wooldridge and some of those Texas LEAPsters (Bean Becker, Rusty White, John Delaney, Michael Gilbert, Russ Jones, Terry Nelson, Richard Newton, Nick Novello, Richard Watkins).

    Willie, we need ya man. You’ve done Farm-Aid for years and years… now we need you to pull all your friends together for Cannabis-Aid.

  36. darkcycle says:

    UGH. A giant, red RCMP Chinook just flew into Bellingham Int’l Airport from the direction of Victoria (B.C. Provincial Capitol).
    Sometimes you can just tell the drug warriors are up to something….

  37. darkcycle says:

    Jeezus B. Cristie, this has got to be harrassment already. Dig it. Karen Tandy gets in (she got the apppointment, didn’t she?), K2 and Spice are summarilly banned without any attention to formalities like Congress, and Willie gets busted AGAIN. In her first f**king week. This is bad.

  38. ezrydn says:

    Maybe they’re on their way down to pick up Marc and give him a ride home. Hey, we can only hope.

    “Cannabis Aid.” That’s not a bad idea.

  39. darkcycle says:

    I wonder if she came in with instructions to “put the potheads back in their place”? That’s not idle speculation, Obama badly wants this toothpaste back in the tube….

  40. Duncan20903 says:

    DC, even h ys fall from trees. Fall down 7 times, get up 8.

    I find it much more likely that the monkeys would have figured out how to peel the potatoes. Monkeys know how to peel their bananas. Here’s proof:


    so why not potatoes?

    Yeah Vicky, we wouldn’t want to end up like those loser Europeans. Who the heck wants less crime and less drug use by youth? How could we impress people how cannabis ruins lives if we discourage lives being ruined with proven methods of harm reduction? War is peace, and this is the most peaceful country on the planet. Why is it that you so hate the idea of peace? I’ll bet that you hate freedom as well! This is a free country, as long as you do what you’re told to do. I learned that in 11th grade history class (no fooling).

    Look at the French and their problem with rampant public urination! They are actually developing a wall that will repel the urine and splash it back on the deviant urinator! Do you know how much a urine rejecting wall system would cost the Treasury? Well neither do I but it must be a ton of money. I’m glad Frenchmen are so stupid that they won’t figure out how to aim just in front of the wall. Spending the money on public toilets sure wouldn’t work, these people are animals and prefer to just whip it out and pee wherever they please. Do we really want our country overrun by public urinators or to suffer the cost of urine rejecting wall systems to the taxpayers? The problem with the latter is that American men are much smarter than the French and would likely figure out that pissing on the ground rather than the wall will keep them comfy and dry. So the cost borne by the taxpayers will just be more money borrowed and squandered! Don’t the public authorities squander enough money borrowed from our great great great grand chilled wrens? Cannabis actually exacerbates public urination, just ask the authorities in Maastricht!

    Sheesh, the Your-a-peons can’t even stop people from pissing. The Europeans are obviously dumber than dirt. We just can’t afford to put the government’s seal of approval on public urination. Everyone would start, even the women! You know some hater of America would develop a device to make it easier if the women were to start demanding equal access to public urination! Maybe even the Taliban. They enjoy pissing on America. Do you really support terrorism? Perhaps they would call their device the Whizinatrixâ„¢, perhaps the Urinatrixâ„¢, I can’t speak to that. What about the chilled wrens? Don’t they deserve to grow up in a urine free society? Urination is something that definitely requires stiff penalties, very stiff indeed.

    I for one am really grateful to live in a country that believes it’s better to be pissed off than pissed on.

    (ok, does this one really require the standard disclaimer? Oh I guess I can’t afford to take the chance…the above is satire, parody, and/or an exercise in stupidity and is not intended to be taken seriously.)

  41. Duncan20903 says:

    So what about the chilled wrens? Look at these cute little cold birds, don’t they make your heart melt?


    But because nobody cared about them, they soon turned into drug dealers hawking their evil snake oil on the street to the gullible and destroying the health of Americans in the process:


    “With our little wonder pills you can throw your dumbbells away!

    I think this proves beyond doubt that drugs are a corrupting influence on chilled wrens.

    Oh OK, they’re actually magpies. I call that hair splitting. They’re all birds, and that’s close enough for government work.

    (this standard disclaimer business is for the birds. Oh well: it’s all meant to be funny. Whether or not it is or it isn’t is irrelevant.)

  42. darkcycle says:

    Funny thing about that study, Duncan. It’s made up. It doesn’t exist. That story has cropped up a dozen times in the last decade in popular media, it’s debunked and goes away for awhile, then it comes bac again. I constantly see references to it. Take my word for it if you can, I have a Phd in Psychology, it isn’t real and monkeys don’t learn like that. I had a friend in the primate lab at U.W. who’s name was Grover. He would go ballistic when somebody would unknowingly cite this “study”. Becasue beyond second hand accounts like the link above, it isn’t there. It’s like Bigfoot, or the Lochness monster.

  43. darkcycle says:

    C’mon, to a bird the difference is very important. There you go, not thinking of the chilled wrens, and now dissing magpies (a very intelligent bird, perhaps more intelligent than some Europeans)too. Duncan your generalizations about the avian world need to stop. It’s not P.C. (Pigeon-Correct)

  44. vicky vampire says:

    AHH Allan420 YOU ROCK Willie Nelson Cannabis -Aid fantastic,great,Stupendous idea saw Willie in concert a few years back. Yeah Toby Keith singing his song I’ll never smoke weed with Willie again.HA ha

  45. DdC says:

    Uh, 100th Monkey is a myth….
    It’s made up.

    Watson created the hundredth monkey phenomenon. Amundson refers to Watson’s “myth-making” rather than his confabulation. Watson’s response to Amundson’s critique was published in the Fall 1986 issue of Whole Earth Review. Watson wrote: “I accept Amundson’s analysis of the origin and evolution of the Hundredth Monkey without reservation. It is a metaphor of my own making, based—as he rightly suggests—on very slim evidence and a great deal of hearsay. I have never pretended otherwise. . . .”

    Ken Keyes, Jr. has published a book on the Internet. The title of his treatise is The Hundredth Monkey. In his book he writes such things as “there is a point at which if only one more person tunes-in to a new awareness, a field is strengthened so that this awareness is picked up by almost everyone!”

    It seems to be working for spreading the word about the hundredth monkey phenomenon.

    Rupert Sheldrake has claimed that his theory of morphic resonance explains “the increasing ease with which new skills are learned as greater quantities of a population acquire them.”*

    There is no need to feel helpless or get paralyzed by hopelessness. We know we have the power to make changes if we can join together and raise our voices in unison. There is more power in numbers that we ever hoped to dream about! I call for us to let our numbers grow exponentially as we all take it on ourselves to spread these messages.

    We are the bearers of a new vision. We can dispel the old destructive myths and replace them with the life-enriching truths that are essential to continued life on our planet.
    St. Mary, Kentucky Ken Keyes, Jr.
    December, 1981

    Christianity, Thanksgiving, Zeus and Democracy are myths, “Myth” labels are typically Buzzwords trying to degenerate people or ideas only to divert attention, and usually suffer from lack of proof. Deniers. The story of the Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon says it happened, but they don’t know exactly why. The book by Ken Keyes, jr. used the story The term 100th Monkey as a metaphor of critical mass… Shit does happen even if its denied. Usually by those having interest in it remaining a secret.

    Myth? The monkey’s or the island? Or a fable just out of the imagination to explain critical mass? Seems scientists observed what it says so are you saying they’re lying? Got refs? It either happened for some reason or it never happened for what reason? I don’t think its fabricated and I don’t think he tried to qualify why it happened in nuts and bolts terms. Thats where I say at the subatomic level anythings possible.

  46. darkcycle says:

    He didn’t dispute it. Slim evidence and a great deal of hearsay. Gathering references to prove something the (supposed) originator already admits is speculation? Are you just trying to waste my time?
    You want me to gather evidence to prove bigfoot doesn’t exist too I suppose?

  47. darkcycle says:

    I give up. This ain’t posting my comments. See ya…

  48. darkcycle says:

    O.K., Self Help magazine’s web site is a mass of stupid cookies, and I guess this site didn’t want to pass that link along, here’s a clean wiki link:
    Sorry if I sounded rude.

  49. Duncan20903 says:

    You were likely still just as exhausted when you awoke as when you crashed.

    Well, I can’t argue against that. The sleep was the sleep of the dead, and the awake was at least supported by the coke, if not caused by it. Hard to argue against that 160 hours into a coke binge. I guess if we presume your argument correct that the correct word is hyperacusis?

    You know I think that’s correct looking over the definition.

    hyperacusis can also be acquired as a result of damage to the brain or the neurological system. In these cases, hyperacusis can be defined as a cerebral processing problem specific to how the brain perceives sound.


    Hey did anyone else know that President Kennedy re-appointed Harry Anslinger in 1961, to whatever they called his job? It’s on his Wikipedia page. If true Mr. Obama’s re-appointment of Ms Leonhart is kind of like deja vu all over again, no?


    Here’s a hoot. I googled —-> noon19 medical marijuana <— One of the sponsored results read:

    Low Cost Medical Insurance – Noon19.org – Noon19 and The Brain – 4:44pm
    Noon19 – your number one choice for Cannabinoid Receptors and Illicit Drugs. … The Brain; Marijuana; Medical Marijuana; Marijuana Users; Use Of Marijuana …

    noon19.org/index.php?pt=1&Query…sk=low+cost+medical… – Cached

    Wow, what’s the shipping cost on a dozen cannabinoid receptors nowadays?


    In other Know Nothing prohibitionist “you just can’t make stuff like this up” news, The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled that possession of cannabis is such a serious charge, and that the war on (some) drugs so urgent to continue, that it is legal to (drumroll please) force the accused to take drugs! Well the guy must be nutz, he didn’t vacate the state after his news of the weird story that made the news in 2005. Goddammit my brain hurts. And they say propaganda is a victimless crime/wonder why we get high.

    Seekins also made headlines in 2005 when he painted large pictures of marijuana leaves on his Winsted home with the word “hemp” beneath them after being charged with growing marijuana, saying it was in support of legalizing the drug.


  50. darkcycle says:

    Hyperacusis is permanent, I believe.

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