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Illinois Action Alert

Important news on the medical marijuana front. SB 1381 is to be called for a vote tomorrow, Tuesday the 30th. Patients & Supporters are at the Capitol lobbying lawmakers right now for the final push. During this veto session we … Continue reading

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Legalization and Prohibition

Based on the excellent, though occasionally derailed, discussion we were having at Opposing prohibition is not designed to be a simple solution to the drug problem, it appears that it would be good to talk definitions again. The definitions of … Continue reading

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Marijuana war travesties

I am so damned tired of hearing prohibitionists say that nobody goes to jail for marijuana. We all know that’s a lie. I want to mention one particular area where this particular lie is especially egregious. Unfortunately, I get letters … Continue reading

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Apparently Mexico exports some marijuana to the U.S.

Remember during the Prop 19 debate how everyone (ie, RAND) suddenly got bent out of shape when legalizers said that a large percent of Mexican drug criminals’ income came from Marijuana? (even though that number originally came from the government) … Continue reading

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