Happy Thanksgiving

Give thanks for what you have, and remember those families that won’t be together today because of the war on drugs.

I’ll be without wifi for the next few days, so posting will be light.

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  1. darkcycle says:

    Duncan is that your way of telling me my original attempts to post were effective and simply have not shown up on my computer?

  2. allan420 says:

    is somebody making fun of Momono (aka BigFoot)? More Joseph Campbell, less Stephen Hawking please. More Terrence McKenna less Calvina Fay…

    Momono is a well known entity among certain indigenous folks… a real Momono story:

    There’s a foundation in central CA, east of Atascadero/San Luis Obispo, called Redwind. Started back in the day by Grampa Semu Huaute as a place for young tribal folks to come and get away from the stresses of the Rez and big city livin’, do drumming, sweatlodge, maybe pick up a skill or some knowledge… and live and exist in a quieter place for awhile… well sometime in the early ’70s Neil Young donated a pair of buffalo to Redwind. One night, very late, the folks in camp heard a commotion in the buffalo corral, when they went outside there was a very large two-legged playing with the buffalo… when he/she/it heard people it took off up the canyon. The next morning they followed its tracks a ways up the canyon, until they disappeared…

    Heard a tale about an old auntie that lived around Santa Barbara, she had Momono’s family come out of the woods at night sometimes and play on her swingset…

    Science is not here to undo certain things… people need their myths and legends, many are filled with practical advice or common sense lessons. Something quite often lacking in the practice of applied science.

    Besides… the more science we “know” the less we really know. For every question science answers, multiple new questions arise… ergo, we convince ourselves we know more but in an infinite universe it becomes like chasing your own tail, or a situation where every step we climb just shows a bigger and bigger horizon.

  3. DdC says:

    Come on dude, a metaphor is not a myth, Funny how dictionaries work that way. Your dictionary doesn’t count so stop wasting my time on your denial. Quit that incessant whining and blaming others for your choices dude. I post whatever the fuck I want and you make a choice to read it. You disagree then so be it but its your choice. Then you choose to make shit up just to falsely label something with lame buzzwords? What is wrong with hope and a theory of critical mass. We fight censorship, whacky politicians, flat out liars and the frickin Military all while the media labels us terrorists and you think giving hope that maybe enough people will come together and then at that point the war will end is myth?

    It is a metaphor of my own making, based—as he rightly suggests—on very slim evidence and a great deal of hearsay. I have never pretended otherwise. . . .”

    Slim evidence has broken many cases wide open. Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, it just means, as he said, it happened but it wasn’t explained how it happened. Something happened, thats what he heard from the natives and scientists and there is no reason for either of them to make it up. How it happened may be speculation. But again you just use it as a buzzword to discredit what is obviously over your head.

    Hey now skippy, water all of a sudden after adding BTU’s will reach a certain critical mass at 212*F at sea level under 14.7 psi it changes into boiling water. Same if you remove BTU’s at 32*F it changes again to ice. Myth? Just like Calvina’s myth’s about Ganja? Anyone can cast doubt on anything and remain educated ignorant. I suggest if you don’t believe it, fine, just go on your way and stop dashing the hopes of suffering people with little in the way of fighting for themselves do to the overwhelming forces perpetuating this prohibition. Or nukes or whatever. As stated, which is typically over looked by those with an agenda to destroy. In the subatomic world anythings possible and just because your ignorant of it and deny anything smaller than an atom doesn’t make it so. I pity your ridged physical universe with no hope. Sad.

  4. denmark says:

    … Good gawd …

  5. darkcycle says:

    “What is wrong with the hope and theory of critical mass?” Well, for one, if it’s a hope it’s not likely to be a theory. Also, it isn’t true, and it doesn’t work. If that’s what you’re waiting for as regards drug laws, prepare to wait a long time.
    Look I didn’t mean to sound rude, I thought my response to your challenge was a funny post until I read it back. I apologized for sounding rude, as that wasn’t my intent. AND I posted the refutation you asked for. If you wanna be pissed at me for debunking a false study, fine. But that’s what it is. Myths are not generally purported to be real studies and people don’t usually cite them as references to be taken as fact.
    Buk up Skippy, this is just a comment forum. If I find something that’s obviosly wrong again, and right up my alley, I’m likey to correct it again, so get ready.

  6. darkcycle says:

    And let me get this straight: it’s o.k. to go after the studies that the drug warriors cite to support their persecution of Pot users, but it’s NOT o.k. to debunk a phony study when it’s used by one of us?
    We spend alot of time on this website tearing down misused statistics and bad studies. That seems to be what we do. It can cut both ways. I’m not going to disregard truth when it serves my purpose, or it may upset somebody i only know as an icon of a grey wolf smoking a joint next to a pot leaf. You should expect to be called on that here.

  7. allan420 says:

    there’s room for truth and myth, especially with some good herb to open that third eye a bit more…

  8. Hope says:

    Lol! Thank you, Darkcycle.

    “… icon of a grey wolf smoking a joint next to a pot leaf”.

    My vision has failed me somewhat and I have been so frustrated trying to figure out what that was. Just had another fit of wondering what it is yesterday.

  9. Duncan20903 says:

    Duncan your generalizations about the avian world need to stop. It’s not P.C. (Pigeon-Correct)

    Yes, after reflection I see that you are correct. I apologize from the top of my head to the tip of my tail feathers. But my generalization about the smaller dinosaurs were made from abject ignorance, not from any manner of speciesism. I am not a speciesist!

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