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Press continues to pretend the Drug Czar has something important to say

The drug czar is once again pushing his ridiculous drugged driving crusade with more meaningless data, and while the press isn’t completely rolling over dead, they’re comatose and the fact that they even print this stupidity is an insult to … Continue reading

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Get ready to ban more things. A new dangerous combination…

OK, now that we’ve decided that banning everything is the way to go, rather than regulating products or educating people, what’s dangerous combinations will we be going after next? Oh no!!! It’s alcohol and… dessert topping. My God, they’ll get … Continue reading

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Getting the search warrant after the search

Via Grits for Breakfast, there was an excellent piece at NPR last week about the Richardson family in Clarksville, Texas and their run-in with the drug war: Civil Rights, Judicial Bias Surround Texas Drug Case by Wade Goodwyn. It’s a … Continue reading

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