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Peter Tosh’s family released the following statement:

Today, as Peter Tosh did back in 1976 with the release of “Legalize It,” the Peter Tosh Estate proudly speaks out for marijuana legalization. They do this in the name of Peter Tosh, his music, and their strong belief in the power of “Yes” on California’s Proposition 19. Join them in the fight for legalization by supporting the Just Say Now campaign.

Here’s the full version of Peter Tosh’s “Legalize It” on iTunes, in case you’d like to add it to your iPod.

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  1. allan420 says:


    Such a long time ago… when was in college we spun Peter Tosh, Bob Marly, Jimmy Cliff… all the time on the turntable (yes, vinyl records). When “Legalize It” played it became a sing-a-long.

    … sigh… such a lifetime ago. But mighty heady times! (and I was young!) It will be a wonderful day when we do, indeed, Legalize It. Thanks and praises! Irie…

  2. darkcycle says:

    Peter Tosh, that got big while I was out of the country. All I remember from those days is the Spanish version of “Hotel California” endlessly, over and over. I still smell the tropics when I hear that tune.

  3. If I had a rocket launcher says:

    Wow, I wasn’t aware that Mr. Tosh had passed away. Oh, no wonder, he died in 1987 and I had very little to do with reality that year. Murdered, wow. So did they blame that on pot? That’s a rhetorical question, I’m sure some people did.

    Let’s remember that one of the know nothings more arcane arguments regarding the death of Bob Marley, widely reported as a case of brain cancer. So the Know Nothings nod their heads knowingly and say see? He smoked pot and got brain cancer. Well it’s nothing new for cannabis to be blamed for any ill, inconvenience, or accident that occurs in its general vicinity, and usually you can’t actually ‘prove’ that it isn’t. However, in the case of Mr. Marley we can. The cancer did metastasize in his brain, but it started on his big toe. It would have been no problem whatever to cure, but Mr. Marley was under the influence of religion and chose to leave it untreated.

    Hey, you can use the word thunderfuck on

  4. Just me. says:

    Heres a link that tells of joint U.S. / Russian coalition destroying some opium oprations.

    For more than a year, Moscow has been using the subject of Afghan heroin (and the fact that Russia is its largest consumer) to crowbar its way back from the margins of the debate over Afghanistan. Top government officials have used their turns at conference podiums around the world this year to fume at NATO over its policy on poppy crops, which the coalition has refused to destroy for fear of pushing poppy farmers toward extremism. In June, Ivanov even compared NATO to Dr. Frankenstein, suggesting that its Afghan drug policy was “giving birth to a monster.”

    So lets see if this gives rise to more extremism, which is what U.S. government needs to stay there, more terrorists.

    The only monster is Prohibition and how We and the Russians deal with a health isssue known as drug use.

    Seems everyone has their fingers in Afganistan for one reason or another. To list a few: The Taliban,radical extremism, 911 attack, drug trade, geo political, military positioning with Iran in the middle, rare earth metal riches.

    So what kind of war is this? A drug war? A war of retailation? A war to get the richs before anyone else? The only monster I see is greed and power.

  5. and oh boy if we can just get pot legal it will mean the end of the … oops

  6. If I had a rocket launcher says:

    Sigh, lots of warnings today that parents should be looking for medibles given away to trick or treaters. No, they’ve never had a case of this before but it does make for some very compelling hysterical rhetoric.

    You know, I could actually see an asshole like Sheriff Baca in LA getting a hold of some medibles and handing them out to children in order to discredit Prop 19. OK, so who’s hare brained idea was it to schedule this vote so close to Halloween?

    How you doing with those rape kits LA? Have you let a few hundred more rapists go scot free since last I checked? None of those rape kits were attached to crimes with children as victims? That was 7 years that those rape kits that had to get tossed went untested, right? But you clowns have plenty of resources to harass potheads.

    These fucking assholes should be ashamed to show their faces in public.

  7. nice to see you admitting that it isn’t about pot pete.

    • Pete says:

      Admitting? It’s always been about ending the drug war, not about pot. But right now, it’s about getting Prop 19 passed, because it’s a viable and powerful step in the right direction that can lead to further gains. In fact, it’s probably the strongest step that’s ever been taken toward achieving the beginning of the end of the war on drugs. And it’s possible because of the earlier small steps in medical marijuana state by state.

      Until someone reveals the magic bullet that lets us end the drug war all at once, this is the approach I’m taking.

  8. the problem though, is that you seem to want to enforce the party line and get bent way too out of shape by anything posted here that is counter to the mindless cheerleading that is going on.

    prop 19 is not the “beginning of the end” — that happened already, back in the 70s.

    back then there were 24 states that had passed medical marijuana laws, decrim had happened in many states, the ABA, AMA, various governors, a plethora of civic groups, and even the President of the United States were all calling for an end to the war on pot. and perhaps more importantly, the first state to legalize growing and using marijuana (alaska, for those who are unaware), still remains the only state in which it is legal to do so. and sadly that may still be the case on nov 3.

    so, no this is not the “beginning of the end,” hemp will not save the world, pot will not save the economy and prop 19 will not crush the cartels. precious little attention is being paid to managing expectations.

    groupthink and irrational exuberance will do us no more good than it has any previous group enchanted by such spells.

    so my friend, i’m not drinking the kool aid and i’m not going to live another 40 or 80 years waiting for the next domino to fall. thus, i’ll continue to say it out loud.

    the degree to which that appears to bother you is quite disappointing.

  9. chris says:

    Brian, did alaska legalize cultivation of an unlimited amount for personal use or commerciale sale and cultivation? Does it have the framework of retail distribution that california has due to medical marijuana? No, it has people in a sparsely populated state not even attached to the contiguous united states far above a country with medical marijuana at the federal level and rock bottom prices. Look at the difference in population between the two states and the cultural impact of the people who live there on the rest of the country. Alaska is not california and the fact that they have legal cultivation of tiny amounts is irrelevant and totally ignored by most people. Prop 19 is legalization that will be effective enough to actually change this country’s drug policy.

  10. If I had a rocket launcher says:

    What really drives me nutz is how the Know Nothings love to trot out that cannabis recrim vote and act as if that should be proof in and of itself that cannabis should be kept illegal everywhere. Let’s see, the vote is held in a non-Presidential election, in a traditionally conservative state and their initiative wins 55-45. That’s hardly an overwhelming margin.

    Can we just imagine how the Know Nothings are going to cackle with glee, and we’ll be hearing about it for the next 3 or 4 decades’

    Technically Alaska never re-legalized cannabis. Their Supreme Court tossed the laws against certain lower level offenses because the Alaskan Constitution protects people’s right to privacy in their homes. Perhaps it’s a distinction without distinction but I think it’s worthy of debate. Alaska did vote in 1990 to recriminalize cannabis and their Appeals Court gave that one the same heave ho using the decision in Ravin v State of Alaska for precedent.

    Whereas I can say “the residents of Massachusetts favor easing their state’s cannabis laws, and they love to pay income tax. I can link to the results in Massachusetts 2008 ballot initiatives and find that the residents voted to decriminalize petty cannabis and impose a civil fine of $100. The margin was 65-45 in favor. The residents also voted on whether the state would repeal it’s income tax. That was voted down by a margin of 70-30. In Massachusetts cannabis is more than twice as popular as the idea of repealing the income tax.

    Alaska did vote in 1990 to recriminalize cannabis and their Appeals Court gave that law the same heave ho using the decision in Ravin v State of Alaska for precedent. The Alaskan Supreme court couldn’t be bothered to listen to the Know Nothings appeal.

  11. allan420 says:

    ya know, it disturbs me just a hair when I see two of my fellow patriots parsing words w/ attitude. But it happens… I’ll only say that we are on the same side. We (naturally, because of the asshats we fight against) spend quite a bit of time w/ our hackles raised.

    Another one of my long winded stories for y’all:

    Back in the ’80s I was on a roll, and then politics and religion met head on and life changing events wrenched a chasm in a once harmonious life. But that’s the prelude… I became involved with the anti-nuclear weapons movement in the early ’80s. I was moved by the conscientious proteests of folks like the Berrigan Bros and the facts as presented by Australiar’s Helen Caldicott. I was very active in the Fresno area and became the media spokesperson for our arm of the Vandenberg Action Coalition (which is still and org). We held two actions against Vendenberg AFB, outside of Lompoc (what’s worse than chicken pox? Lompox!). The first was an action blockading the front gate. The second was a full moon overnight hike taking is onto base property and heading towards silos.

    But the whole point to this… when a wrong becomes so sgregious that it can no longer be tolerated it is our duty as citizens of a nation legally ours, to step up and say “No!” And that’s what the world’s storage of nukes had become – an affront to reason and civility.

    No, we didn’t eliminate nukes but we generated the momentum that has seen us reduce their numbers drastically. And what we did at Vendenberg echoed actions across the nation, all coordinated by phone and in person meetings, people literally travelled thousands of miles sometimes to do what we now do here on our qwertys.

    And… all our actions were set on the effective application of consensus. It was a difficult process where every objection was dealt with. The process is simple yet so very fucking effective because disagreements must be ironed out. The goal is the focus and egos take a very back seat. Every local affinity group had a spokesperson that spoke for the group and when general meetings were held the spokes were the only ones speaking. And when agreement was reached – consensus – there was an overwhelming sense of collective satisfaction.

    What Prop 19 is doing is elevating the drug policy discussion to a new level. But it is just gaining momentum… a momentum we need to propell even harder. The Prohibs are backpedaling and when your foe is in retreat… especially an ogre like the WO(s)D that deserves no quarter, go for the throat. Slay that demon. Dice it up and burn the remains…

    The nature of this politics of people will never see us all agreeing 100%. But we have a great need to agree to disagree. Fight as you will… just keep in mind the gravity of the situation. SWAT still raids, Droopy still lies… a lot of work left to do.

    I’m grateful for every bit of effort by each and every one. Like the Rastas say – give thanks and praises!

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