Some fun plugs

bullet image Scott has been a very good friend of mine for some decades now, and he has started his own blog: Practical Biking: Riding for everyday transportation. (You may see some similarities in site structure to mine.)

If you really enjoy biking, but aren’t one of those biking racing snobs, then Scott’s the go-to guy. He has practical advice, is very knowledgeable about Bromptons (collapsible bikes) and leads bike rides in Seattle regularly. As he says:

I know about how to use a bike to get from point A to point B and back again, possibly with a bag or two of groceries, and that’s what this blog is about.

His most recent post is an impressive, if totally impractical bike ride from Telluride, Colorado to Moab, Utah.

I recommend following the internal links to the various days of the trip, because there is some really nice photography in there.

So if you like bikes at all, go visit his site and give him some much-needed comments. Maybe encourage him to blog more often.

bullet image For some more incredible photography, we have our own regular allan420, AKA Allan Erickson. His latest project is a gorgeous calendar now available online. These are pictures from a medical cannabis farm in Oregon.

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5 Responses to Some fun plugs

  1. ezrydn says:

    Question for Allan,

    Do your calendars list all the US holidays? Reason I ask is all the claendars where I live DON’t and I never know when the correct day is. You ship internationally/transborder don’t you?

  2. darkcycle says:

    I’m not a cycle guy, oddly enough. The name darkcycle comes from the fact that every grow book ever written contains this phrase somewhere: …”marijuana will flower under a 12/12 light/dark cycle.” and …”it is important that the darkcycle not be interrupted for any reason”.
    Bicycles lack crumple zones. And I can’t fall off my volvo. Unless I somehow manage to do something extraordinarily baboonish.
    Anyway. Allan I’ll have one fer my garage wall…

  3. claygooding says:

    Quit surfing on the hood? :<)

    Motorcycles,because they have more horsepower.
    Have a nephew that rides in the "Hotter than hell
    100" since he was a teenager and rides about 5 miles every
    day. He is so skinny he has to run around in the shower to
    get wet.
    More people getting on the support list from across the nation. Feeling positive.
    Looks like their will be anti 19 ads on tv and radio,probably paid for with our tax dollars or at the least,supported by ONDCP or the DEA,since the anti-29
    group has been low on funding since it began. Unless
    they received a large donation from somewhere,no way they could have afforded television time.
    Maybe the govt classified the ads as a public safety announcement.

  4. darkcycle says:

    Yeah, I wondered how long it would take them to use our own tax dollars to try to defeat our initiative.

  5. allan420 says:

    @ez… no holidays at all buddy, the hosting site is in Australiar. However… should enough interest arise I will shop it out for printing locally and then I will add some text and etc. The key for me is “enough interest.”

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