Meanwhile, south of the border…

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico – Gunmen stormed two neighboring homes and massacred 13 young people at a birthday party in the latest large-scale attack in this violent border city, even as a new government strategy seeks to restore order with social programs and massive police deployments.

Attackers in two vehicles pulled up to the houses in a lower-middle-class Ciudad Juarez neighborhood late Friday and opened fire on about four dozen partygoers gathered for a 15-year-old boy’s birthday party.

The dead identified so far were 13 to 32 years old, including six women and girls, Chihuahua state Attorney General Carlos Salas said. He said 20 people were wounded, including a 9-year-old boy. Most of the victims were high school students, a survivor said.

So we have the opportunity now to start the process of defunding the violent Mexican drug trafficking organizations by eliminating prohibition. But if Prop 19 isn’t exactly what you want, no problem, we’ll wait 2 years, 4 years, 8 years to get started on it.

I’m sure the families of these kids won’t mind.

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  1. Chris says:

    Who cares, this is in dirty Mexico. They probably deserve it for allowing all this drug trafficking to take place. And as if legalizing drugs is going to stop them from shooting up places like this, they’ll just move on to other profitable crimes, like shooting up banks. Are we going to legalize bank robbery next? Give me a break.

    In other news:,14262/

  2. darkcycle says:

    I sure hope that was sarcasm. Because if it wasn’t, the callous stupidity of that post would be overwhelming.

  3. Ben Mann says:

    Shit like this makes me want to go out and buy guns to protect my family. Lord knows who might try to force entry to my home, armed with automatic weapons, a court-sanctioned no-knock warrant, and absolutely no brains.

  4. darkcycle says:

    Ben, at best guns will add to your sentance, at worst they will get you killed. Their guns shoot more bullets faster than yours, and they have more of them. The math doesn’t work out, trust me. The best defense against SWAT criminals is simply: be smarter than they are.

  5. Just me. says:

    I too hope that was sarcsm Chris. Other wise, I’ll have to ask what part of dirty America did you find a rock to crawl out from under?

  6. Maria says:

    Ok guys, calm thy selves. Breath in. Breath out. Click the Onion link to get your answer. 😉 Bad taste maybe but definitely sarcasm.

    Nerves appear to be stretched thin. Can’t really blame anyone though, there’s one week to go! I donated again today. I can’t do much else from the other side of the country, so let’s keep the drumbeat going but don’t loose the sense of humor.

  7. Maria says:

    *lose, not loose …. oi.

  8. Cannabis says:

    Of course it was sarcasm, there was a link to The Onion in the same post. I’ve stopped writing posts like that, but others may consider using the </snark> tag to keep everyone else on topic.

  9. darkcycle says:

    Without context, the aid of gestures and facial expression, sarcasm can get lost. Sarcasm too close to the truth can get lost. Sarcasm employed by people in sensitive contexts can get lost. Sarcasm applied to events horrific, unnessisary, and violent is in questionable taste. Sarcasm applied by the Onion, a novelty I tired of years ago, can get lost on those who not only don’t read the Onion but ignore links to the Onion.

  10. darkcycle says:

    Sorry, part of my problem is I live in the Pacific North West. People are pathologically nice here, and you almost never hear sarcasm. Even when people are brushing you off, it’s hard to tell sometimes because they are so damned nice about it.

  11. chris says:

    Didn’t think my sarcasm would be that lost here. I’m mostly annoyed by mexicans on private forums I go to that seem to think that legalizing drugs will not do anything to the cartels because they have “so many other forms of revenue” and each and every one of them was born bad to the bone with no hope of any career other than crime. The other half of the problem I was pointing out was that people in the united states couldn’t possibly care less about murders in mexico that are obviously caused by out drug policy. The cartels are just filling the need. The onion link was there to make it obvious that this was sarcasm (and if you watch the video, it is an unrelated example of how little the US cares about anything horrible happening to mexican citizens).

  12. darkcycle says:

    I was wondering where George Soros was…I thought he was steering clear. The minute his name is attached to anything the conservatives go ape-shit.

  13. mikekinseattle says:

    Those of us who don’t live in CA can help by calling voters and urging them to vote for Prop 19:

    Of course, you can also call if you live in CA.
    It’s GOTV time!

  14. ezrydn says:

    I have to laugh at you guys sometimes. If it happens in one place, therefore, it must be happening in all the places. Isn’t that the mindset up there? I’m going on my 10th year living down here and I’ll ask the question One More Time: I’m a combat vet. Do you honestly believe that I would intentionally put myself in “Harm’s Way” again? Think about that.

    I’m more worried about comeing up there, from what I read on the news than I am moving around down here. While most think Onion is funny, a lot of folks don’t have a sense of humor. All they can do is point fingers. They need both hands shoved up their backsides. You don’t hear this sort of crap when there’s a gang shootout up there.

    The people down here want this cartel crap stopped. How? Good question. Firearms are not allowed in the country. Government seems out of touch. Don’t know if the military is the good or bad guys. See what we’re up against? And, no, there is absolutely NO WAY you can come down here and do anything. Constitution of the Republic expressly forbids it.

    You’re giving us the best help you can by pushing legalization. Keep pushing, state by state. There’s more talk of expanding the legal status down here now. Your voices ARE being heard here. So, speak loudly and often. We’re far, far away from anything resembling a “failed state.” That’s just a “talking head” headline grabber.

  15. claygooding says:

    Will do,and I am up 2 grams on sleeping aid just from the excitement.

  16. darkcycle says:

    Hey Ezzy, My sense of humor is intact. My first post, cheesewad, was an attempt to ascertain if indeed that was sarcasm. When you read some of the posts that I do, you find an amazing number of people who believe exactly that; That all mezkins should just kill themseves, and maybe when we get that wall built, we should just throw guns over the side ’till the sound of shootin’ stops.
    Maybe we’ll let the good ‘uns pick our fruit, but only if they behave and go straight home, and leave all their money here.
    In fact, I live with one of those. My own Dad, bless his insane ass, IS one of those. But he’s not racist…just ask him. And, in case you missed it, there’s this bit I posted: Without context, the aid of gestures and facial expression, sarcasm can get lost. Sarcasm too close to the truth can get lost. Sarcasm employed by people in sensitive contexts can get lost. Sarcasm applied to events horrific, unnessisary, and violent is in questionable taste. Sarcasm applied by the Onion, a novelty I tired of years ago, can get lost on those who not only don’t read the Onion but ignore links to the Onion.

  17. Chris says:

    Can we drop the issue and quit wasting any more time with it? Sorry.

  18. Sardonnas says:

    Pelosi wouldn’t say how she’ll vote on Tuesday on Prop 19, but appeared open to supporting it. “In terms of marijuana, I have always been for medicinal use of marijuana for a very long time. I think we pretty much have crossed that bridge. I hope so anyway. It seems unfortunate that it had to be such a struggle, when it was so self-evident that it was effective. I’m pleased with the bill that Gov. Schwarzenegger signed to take it from a misdemeanor to an infraction, so our law enforcement people are not consumed in issues that relate to personal use,” she said when asked about Prop 19. “I haven’t taken a position on the [proposition], but I like the steps that have taken us in a direction where we can look in a more clear-headed way and less-emotional way about where we should go in this.”

    Pressed by HuffPost to answer the question as if a pollster had called her and asked which way she was leaning, she demurred. “But you’re not a pollster,” she noted.

    Hmm… She’ll vote Yes and Cali WILL say YES to Prop 19 🙂

    Now only concern is the thing.
    Only fear for me, that the outcome will get rigged.

    Got my green card lottery application submitted, holding thumbs for that and 7 days to wait, if to hold thumbs even more for that green card 😀

  19. ezrydn says:

    You have to understand, I hear this crap all the time, if not off the bird, then whenever I’m up there. And every mouth it comes out of simply shows the total ignorance of the speaker. Remember, you’re talking to one of your own who’s “boots dry.” I only protect people when I know they’re being wrongly accused or labeled. I’ve asked many times and no one around me wants to come up there. Of course, we’re talking “educated class.” Truth be told, I hate coming back up there but must, time to time, and when it happens, I make sure is a quick trip. Usually 3-5 days and I want to get back home where I feel safe. That’s hard for some to understand, I know.

    One day soon, I want to go to DC and visit the Wall. However, when the time comes, I’ll ask someone who lives there about the conditions, not CNN, FAUX or any online source.

    While you hear a lot about the cartels, they’re not the major problem. It’s Los Zetas, the renegade Mexican Special Forces that decided to become a cartel of their own. If you were to get rid of them, you’d hear very little about the other cartels.

  20. Just me. says:

    Sorry Chris…I must have checked my sense of humor at the door…sometimes life does that to ya.

  21. DdC says:

    Santos: ‘Proposition 19 Could Change Colombia’s Drug Policy’

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