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September 2010



What did you do in the war, Daddy?

I was both busy and out of town the past couple of days, and need to catch up on reading the voluminous comments here. You guys certainly get some good discussions going….

There’s an interesting think piece in today’s Washington Post (thanks, Daniel) by Kwame Anthony Appiah: What will future generations condemn us for?

…Looking […]

Open Thread

Still fighting. Two years after its introduction, Good Samaritan still stirs passions among students, officials. Seeing the passion, intelligence and determination shown by young SSDP members often makes me think that there’s hope for the future.

Brian Doherty on Medical Marijuana Supporters Against Legalization. Which reminds me: It’s Time for Unity in the Marijuana […]

Bad Bill Alert

Remember that final scene in Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, where Kumar convinces Harold to go with him to Amsterdam, reminding him that marijuana is legal in the Netherlands? Well, that might just get them thrown in jail for “conspiracy to commit, at any place outside the United States, an act that would […]

More people have fun with Charles ‘Cully’ Stimson

We had some entertainment last week with Stimson’s bizarre screed at the Heritage Foundation. Some others have joined in the game with some good stuff

Steve Fox

I have been working in marijuana policy reform for almost nine years now. I think I have heard all of the arguments against creating a legal, regulated marijuana […]

Those poor beer distributors, worried about stoned beer truck drivers.

Yeah, sure. That’s why they gave $10,000.

Roger Salazar vs. Mason Tvert on CNN

[Thanks, jhelion, and h/t to Maria for title]

And just for the record, we understand that there are beer makers who support Proposition 19 or are neutral to Proposition 19, particularly many of the smaller beer makers, who rightly feel […]

Sierra Nevada

A principled stance by Sierra Nevada beer (h/t to CelebStoner).

From Sierra Nevada – We’ve been getting lots of calls and email regarding our stance on California’s Proposition 19-which would legalize marijuana if passed. A beer industry group surprised us by linking our name in with their opposition. We had no idea it was happening […]

Vote Green, not Brown

Jerry BrownCandidate for Governor Public Safety FirstActivist Organization Opposes marijuana legalization Opposes marijuana legalization Spokesperson: Roger Salazar(through California Working Families coalition) Spokesperson: Roger Salazar Received contributions from California Beer and Beverage Distributors Received contributions from California Beer and Beverage Distributors

Bob Barr better read up a little more. You’d think by now, […]

The Onion comes through again

It gets harder and harder for the Onion to come up with stories that aren’t already happening somewhere in this strange world, so have a little fun with this one: Mexico Killed In Drug Deal

MEXICO CITY—In the latest incident of drug-related violence to hit the country, all 111 million citizens of Mexico were killed […]

Roger Salazar, theatre of the absurd

The alcohol lobby hasn’t responded to press requests regarding their donation to the Prop 19 opposition, so the Mercury News, after getting quotes from MPP’s Steve Fox about alcohol’s fear of marijuana as competition, decided to go to Public Safety First spokesman Roger Salazar.

But Public Safety First spokesman Roger Salazar said it’s a public-safety […]

The Drug War and Criminality

Thoreau, writing at Unqualified Offerings, has a couple of interesting posts about drug legalization: Stop worrying and love the bong? and More on drugs.

There’s one part that caught my attention and I wanted to discuss…

If I say that the drug war enriches criminals, I am suggesting that without the drug war the […]