Roger Salazar, theatre of the absurd

The alcohol lobby hasn’t responded to press requests regarding their donation to the Prop 19 opposition, so the Mercury News, after getting quotes from MPP’s Steve Fox about alcohol’s fear of marijuana as competition, decided to go to Public Safety First spokesman Roger Salazar.

But Public Safety First spokesman Roger Salazar said it’s a public-safety issue, pure and simple.
Salazar also noted the beer and beverage industry owns and operates large truck fleets in California to bring their products to market. “I would think they would no more support allowing their drivers to drink beer before getting behind the wheel of their trucks or vans, than they would want them smoking marijuana.”

Am I the only one who sees the utter absurdity of that statement?

So… Roger is saying that, if marijuana is legalized, the alcohol industry is concerned that the drivers of beer trucks will be high on marijuana?

We’ve got these drivers, and they’re driving trucks full of legal beer, and they’re taking them to bars and liquor stores and convenience stores that have nice cold beer and probably the store/bar owners would be happy to give them a nice cold one for the road, but due to company policy, they’re somehow able to get these drivers to drive without drinking. But marijuana?


Don’t you love political consultants? They don’t even pretend to tell the truth.

(Oh, and Malcolm Kyle has the connections Roger Salazar is spokesman for Public Safety First and is also working for the Jerry Brown for Governor campaign, for which Malcolm has shown the beverage contributions. It’s all about money and where the money is connected.)

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11 Responses to Roger Salazar, theatre of the absurd

  1. jhelion says:

    Mason Tvert of SAFER has a video of a “debate” with Salazar:

  2. warren says:

    the scary-sad part is some people will believe this.

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  4. thelburt says:

    Tommy Chong has my vote for governor.

  5. Maria says:

    It’s just amazing how otherwise perfectly respectable people will go batshit stark raving insane once cannabis is legalized. Teachers, doctors, lawyers, judges, housewives, police officers, forklift operators, school bus drivers and now beer truck drivers will all be so fracking high they won’t be able to pee straight!

    My god, NOT THE BEER TRUCK DRIVERS! *sobs* Won’t somebody think of the beer truck drivers!

  6. Just Legalize It says:

    @Maria… maybe its the weed, but i just laughed for a good 10 mins at what you said… but also died a little inside because i know so many people will buy into rogers bullshit

  7. darkcycle says:

    nice one Maria.

  8. it’s pretty much automatic: simply thinking about marijuana makes people want to crush, kill and destroy.

    oh wait, that’s the people who don’t smoke it.

  9. Just me. says:

    Oh you gotta be kidding. I suppose if they were weed truck driver and alcohol be came legal they’d be drunk driving… Ya ..ok.

  10. permanentilt says:

    I’m pretty sure this statement is equally ridiculous to anyone who reads it, honestly it makes our point for us. There would be no more risk of truck drivers driving high than there is now of them driving drunk. That’s what I thought reading it.

  11. Bryan S. says:

    Dammit, that dude must have balls that clank – to try even and float that argument past anyone with an 80+ IQ.

    The irony is killing me inside, oh the pain… (wait, *idea-lightbulb*)

    /e extreme facepalm (hmm?, = nada, ooh! maybe)

    /e vicious double-facepalm (nope, *sigh* okay…)

    /e headdesk, /e headdesk, /e headdesk (frakkit, NVM the irony still hurts worse!)

    I can’t believe these jokers 40 straight years of this WOD, and another 20+ of prohibition before that, and even more than that in a few places = IIRC its 98 years (quickly approaching 100) in El Paso, TX.

    And it goes back about as far (or farther) in some other limited areas = mostly parts of the South & Southwestern US.
    Some folks may never learn – but as soon as it goes thru In California and the sky doesn’t fall = just like it hasn’t with medical marijuana (despite the word of mouth & neocon media crying doom, “watch about the children?, the immorality?, the social costs?”

    Go ahead and ask them “WWJD?”
    That is of course IF you want to see some heads explode (figuratively). Be ready to duck as the cognitive dissonance sets in they can quickly become violent, and possibly start throwing stones – while scream about blasphemy or blathering on about “your heathen soul”… *sigh*

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