More people have fun with Charles ‘Cully’ Stimson

We had some entertainment last week with Stimson’s bizarre screed at the Heritage Foundation. Some others have joined in the game with some good stuff

Steve Fox

I have been working in marijuana policy reform for almost nine years now. I think I have heard all of the arguments against creating a legal, regulated marijuana market more than a few times. While some arguments have some legitimacy, most are distortions of the truth, intellectually inconsistent, or flat out wrong. But this new piece from Charles Stimson, which just went up on the Heritage Foundation site last week, is batshit crazy.

Jacob Sullum

Last month I marveled at the inability of six former drug czars to muster a cogent argument against marijuana legalization in an 800-word Los Angeles Times op-ed piece. The Heritage Foundation gave Charles “Cully” Stimson eight times as much space, and the resulting hash further illustrates the intellectual bankruptcy of drug prohibitionists. […]

Cataloging every misleading, dubious, or flat-out wrong assertion that Stimson makes in the course of his excursion into marijuana policy is a daunting task. It would be easier to list all of the true things he says.

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6 Responses to More people have fun with Charles ‘Cully’ Stimson

  1. WatchinItCrumble says:

    Wasn’t Joseph Coors a founding member of the Heritage Foundation?

  2. WatchinItCrumble says:

    I apologize, you basically pointed the Coors connection out in the original thread comments with your sourcewatch link

  3. claygooding says:

    I had to settle for e-mailing the Heritage Foundation and complaining that they would allow so much fabrication from one of their members to be published. Lies so blatant and
    easily disproved that the entire article could only result in the loss of any credibility they had.
    I didn’t add “as if you ever had any”.

  4. I’ve never heard such blatant lies from anyone as i have coming from the ” Heritage Foundation ” . Gee , they must recieve money ( and lots of it ) from the Drug industry to state such ridiculously absurd things against Marijuana as i have heard from ,Mr. Stimson . Mind you , DRUG FREE AMERICA recieves huge sums of money from Drug Companies . Imagine that ! Drug Companies contributing tons of money to DRUG FREE AMERICA to lie , fool and decieve you to make you think through deception that Marijuana is a drug and their drugs are not drugs .
    I got to ask you , Mr. Stimson…..just how much money were you paid to say such ridiculousness & lies about Marijuana ?

  5. Duncan20903 says:

    Stimson eh? Would this be his Facebook page?

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