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About that alcohol lobby funding

I’d like to further discuss the earlier post about Alcohol lobby funding the Prop 19 opposition. First. I like alcohol. I think that alcohol, used responsibly, just like any other drug, has a wonderful place in our society. Personally, I’m … Continue reading

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Alcohol lobby funds Prop 19 opposition

Press Release from Mike Meno at MPP: Alcohol Lobby Teams with Law Enforcement to Fund Anti-Marijuana Campaign California Beer and Beverage Distributors Give $10K to “No On Proposition 19” Campaign in Attempt to Kill the Competition On September 7, a … Continue reading

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What is it about ex-Presidents seeing the light?

Already we have ex-Presidents Vicente Fox (Mexico), Ernesto Zedillo (Mexico), Cesar Gaviria (Colombia), and Fernando Henrique Cardoso (Brasil) calling for legalization and the end of the war on drugs. Add ex-Premier Felipe Conzalez of Spain to the list. Spanish ex-premier … Continue reading

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