Finally, an anti-Prop 19 site worth viewing

The organizations and web sites of those opposing Prop 19 have been really ridiculous — tired old nonsense that’s been disproved over and over. I was beginning to despair of finding a site that could possibly give us a decent challenge.

Well, there is one. Someone stopped by and gave us the link in comments, but it was caught by the spam filter (perhaps the spam filter is politically watching my back?) But I rescued it.

California Prop 19 would have California treat marijuana much the same way we now treat alcohol following Prohibition. Adults would have the option of legally using marijuana in the privacy of their home. Prop 19 is nothing more than a crude attempt to undo over 70 years of Harry Anslinger’s enlightened approach towards marijuana.

The site includes the true story of how the narcotics squad got the hopped up killer, or this tragedy:

THE sprawled body of a young girl lay crushed on the sidewalk the other day after a plunge from the fifth story of a Chicago apartment house. Everyone called it suicide, but actually it was murder. The killer was a narcotic known to America as marijuana

The site’s conclusion is compelling…

If we can put every marijuana user in jail and we can find and kill every single marijuana plant, there would be almost no violent crime left in America. This fact is recognized by the liquor industry. That’s why the liquor industry supports our efforts to defeat Prop 19 with such generous financial contributions.

Keep the status quo by defeating Prop 19. Join with Rep. Lamar Smith, other self-interested politicians, a large percentage of law enforcement, prison guards, the liquor industry, Mexican cartels, and thousands of drug dealers in opposing Prop 19. Don’t let our prisons go under-utilized. Arresting marijuana users makes good sense and is just plain good business.

Somebody put a lot of good work into that site.

Update: Read this before commenting. The site I’m talking about here is a parody. Be sure to know what that means before you comment. You can always look it up on teh Google. This is part of a basic education, people. Breathe. Laugh. and…. Lighten up, Francis.

I swear if another person shows up in the comments all pissed off by the material from this site, I’m going to pass a law saying that everyone but you gets to smoke pot legally.

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48 Responses to Finally, an anti-Prop 19 site worth viewing

  1. Dante says:

    Sputter! Gasp!

    Why, those rotten….. ! That’s not at all true….

    Grrrr. Cough. Um…

    Oh. Sarcasm.

    Got me good that time.

  2. michael says:

    Haha! Surely this is just a joke and not a serious belief of someone! Henry Aslinger was paid off by DuPont who wanted to ban cannabis so that everyone would be forced to buy their compound instead of hemp. No one will ever stop marijuana and the alcohol companies contribute because people will replace deadly alcohol that can destroy your body, mind, and family with a natural plant. Being high is much preferable to being sloppy, violent, ignorant such as what happens when you consume alcohol. You are clueless if you think its a good site.

    • Pete says:

      No, Michael, I am not clueless, and yes, I think it’s a good site, because it’s a well done parody! Of course it’s a joke.

      Come on, folks. I realize that the prohibitionists are so far around the bend that it’s often hard to tell when even they believe the nonsense they spew, but I refuse to accept the death of sarcasm and parody. I enjoy them way too much.

      If nothing else, the fact that the site concludes with “Join with Rep. Lamar Smith, other self-interested politicians, a large percentage of law enforcement, prison guards, the liquor industry, Mexican cartels, and thousands of drug dealers in opposing Prop 19.” is enough of a solid tip-off. No prohibitionist, no matter how stupid, is going to admit that he’s on the side of the cartels and drug dealers.

  3. darkcycle says:

    Wow. That one is great. Somebody put alot of work into that. The sarcasm is pretty thick not to notice though. I guess if you don’t read beyond the first few words, but I HAD to look at the whole site….too perfect!

  4. Maria says:

    That is brilliantly done. It’s worth reading the whole site. Seriously painfully good.

    And I’m SO printing that comic out.

    Also, Pete I’m sorry to tell you this, I’m really very sorry, but such is the state of things that you just might have to place another candle flame on your site. A memorial to sarcasm, parody and court jesters. Just sayin’

  5. mikekinseattle says:

    Great site! I’m now convinced that hemp is the scourge of the western world. They forgot to put Satchmo’s picture in the hall of dope smoking criminals, though.

  6. Ripmeupacuppa says:

    “You are clueless if you think its a good site.”

    Michael, please tell us what you’ve been smoking so we can avoid it!

  7. Myself says:

    Is this a facetious posting, I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to be amused, hehe

  8. disco polka says:

    The site is right if we ban marijuana a golden utopia will commence and unicorns and pegasus horses will descend and we will eat berries with the dinosaurs.

  9. kaptinemo says:

    Oh, man, a good thing I wasn’t drinking my usual soda when I began to read that site.

    Of course it’s a parody, and a very clever one. Nothing like a little exposure of the racist origins of cannabis prohibition to cause the blood pressure to rise in the ‘degenerate races’ targeted most by said prohibition. Especially when it becomes obvious just how obvious the racist origins were to begin with. Kinda embarrassing for this supposedly ‘color blind’ society to maintain an overtly racist policy, hmmmmm? Doubly so when prohibs try to justify maintaining prohibition. Such as:

    “Mr. Prohib, having become aware of the racist origins of cannabis prohibition, can you continue to support such a policy? When it’s based on racially bigoted stereotypes and not a single scrap of scientific knowledge?”

    Go for the throat and the balls. Back them into the corner, get them mad, and the let the public see the fascist snarl hidden by the ‘Public Safety’ smiley face.

  10. David Fry says:

    This site is SO funny! My favorite quote:

    We can’t prove it, but it is pretty likely that it was Lincoln’s drug addled brain that was the real cause of the Civil War

  11. Cannabis says:

    Good advice at

    Vote NO on Prop. 19 on Nov. 3rd.
    Mark your calendar now.

  12. flying spaghetti monster says:

    That is frakin’ hilarious that site. My other browser was set on paranoid mode so i copy paste the link into microshaft’s internet exploiter. Love the Deep Thoughts with Jack Handy intro. May the pasta be with you.

  13. Madcapunlimited says:

    I love that we finally have a law on the ballot where voting AGAINST legalization is bad for the kids

  14. BBG says:

    To earn respect on an International level in the War On Drugs, President Obama needs a civil war of sorts, and Proposition 19 gives it to him. God Bless Obama.

    To make CA an Afghanistan like state, occupied with federal troops and airbombed.. vote yes for Proposition 19.

    Bring the International War on Drugs and our troops home to bomb, imprison and disable marijuana users, vote YES on Proposition 19.

    Vote early, vote often. Wear your little, “I voted”, sticker with the federal flag on it, and by 2012, you can trade it in for a purple thumb.

  15. Jack Handy says:

    “I hope that someday we will be able to put away our fears and prejudices and just laugh at people.”

  16. Ed Dunkle says:

    That’s a terrific site. If only we could get it onto the Fox/Teabagger e-mail alert circuit. Or maybe get a nice juicy quote from a politician endorsing it.

  17. john says:

    Yeah if the sarcasm wasn’t enough of a tip-off, the vote on November 3rd should be! November 2nd people!

    Props to the makers of this site. 😀

  18. Common Science says:

    Can only imagine how many people were so affected by those lurid descriptions of the effects of the ‘new mexican drug menace’ that they sought the calming relief of the ‘tincture of cannabis’ that was in nearly every household’s medicine cabinet of the day.

  19. Common Science says:

    Reefer Madness was only intended a short run, as an effective, topical film. The movie, originally titled; “To Tell Your Children”, was part of a creative media campaign to support the course of action of a core of competitive industry leaders who were in secret meetings for two years aiming to outlaw the ‘new mexican drug menace’ marihuana,

    Alongside the barrage of heinous information through newspapers and radio, their campaign successfully avoided pesky scientific and medical scrutiny from outfits, such as the American Medical Association, who could only muster a last minute case before the passage of the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937.

    Its full intention had run its course, the film virtually disappeared from public view. The new law that would eventually save the lives of millions was announced in the August 3rd New York Times, in complete: “President Roosevelt signed today a bill to curb traffic in the narcotic, marihuana, through heavy taxes on transactions.”

    Somehow the educational film fell into the hands of a hippie named Keith Stroup in the early 1970’s. He bought the public domain film for $297 as a part of his media campaign to raise money for his new organization, NORML. Reefer Madness would continue to promote Harry Anslinger’s gospel in many a collegiate cinema, filled with a dubious smokey haze.

  20. claygooding says:

    Love it,probably one of the best written sarcastic articles going out recently and explains very well our frustration with str8 America and our government’s continued brain washing with no rinse cycle.
    I can’t believe that anyone,even after no research except
    the news on television or in their newspapers,could still believe our government and any claims of marijuana’s harms
    to society are true.
    They refuse to see that most of societies harm from marijuana were created by the government’s policies and not the drug,itself.
    And they just continue to throw money into the hole.

  21. Proposal says:

    Prop 19 will cause chaos because it conflicts with the Federal Laws. It is also a socially irresponsible proposition.
    Repeal ALL MEDICAL MARIJUANA LAWS. Medical marijuana is a SHAM. It is LEGALIZED marijuana under the cloak of medical. Everyone qualifies for medical marijuana with a fake illness, some money and unscrupulous doctor.
    FDA must approve marijuana smoke as treatment for medical conditions.
    Legalization of marijuana MUST START at the FEDERAL LEVEL. Bug your Congress. No on Prop 19.

    1. Only 21 and over will have legal access.
    2. No cultivation at place of residence at ALL. No cultivation at any place of business unless there is a LICENSE and PERMIT fees are all paid.
    3. No cultivation at any public property.
    4. Marijuana will only be sold in Legal Marijuana Adult Stores. Do not sell in grocery stores, liquor stores, discount stores, etc. There will be zoning restrictions and the store should only be in a business area about 5000 feet away from residence, religious places and schools. This must be approved by the city.
    5. Marijuana-laced food is banned just like trans fat is banned.
    6. Marijuana is heavily taxed.
    7. Marijuana can only be smoked INSIDE the smoker’s residence with closed windows and air cleaner to remove the smoke.
    8. Marijuana cannot be smoked in front of the minors.
    9. Smoking marijuana outside of the house is illegal. Smoking marijuana at somebody else’s residence is illegal. In other words, if you want to smoke marijuana, you can do it alone in your own residence!!!
    10. Anyone caught violating the marijuana laws will pay heavy fines and will be required to attend education classes in pot dependency and treatment for pot dependency.
    11. Police will routinely test for DUI of pot for drivers.
    12. Pot will only be LEGALLY cultivated and IMPORTED from Mexico. Mexico will be the LEGAL suppliers of pot to the USA. If cultivated in the USA, it is heavily regulated with very high license fees.
    13. Federal laws regarding marijuana will change and new pot laws affecting employment will be instituted. These means employers have the right to test employees who are impaired and have the right terminate employees who test above the pot limit in their system or are impaired. Employers have the right to have a drug-free environment.
    14. Medical marijuana should be treated as medicine and prescribed by doctors and dispensed from pharmacies in SHRINKWRAP with tracking numbers.
    15. All legal recreational marijuana will have special universal wrapping and tracking numbers.
    16. Any other strict laws that put public’s and youth’s safety first.

    In other words, marijuana will be treated like selling ADULT (porn) items in ADULT STORES only. It will NOT be treated like alcohol or cigarettes.

  22. claygooding says:

    @ Proposal:
    For all the confusion it will cause legislators,right on,it is their fault that the people are having to take the route of this initiative, to start changing drug laws to a more sane approach,allow the beginning of the end for the cartels and criminal involvement surrounding the black market.

    For all the “possible” problems caused by Prop 19,the upside far surpasses the down.

    Just the threat of Prop 19 has already created more changes in the reporting of the news about marijuana in the last 10 months than all the scientific research and medical studies supporting medical efficacy of cannabis for the last 40 years,the stonewalling of Judge Young’s ruling in 88,and the last 4 or 5 studies showing cancer treating attributes in cannabis,ever produced.

    Even the AMA’s endorsement of rescheduling cannabis barely raised an eyebrow.

    The only way any state will overturn federal law,IMO,will be by a vote of the people because we will never be able to buy enough votes in any legislature,in any state and even with 14 states and our nations capitol having m/m laws in place.

    With hundreds of doctors recommending cannabis for thousands of patients,over 70% of Americans supporting medical marijuana and our federal government’s total reaction is a friggen memo.

    Anything that starts to stop this insanity is the right move.

  23. Maria says:

    That federal proposal seems to completely miss the point as to why people want it legal. Grown only in Mexico? Not able to grow in your house? 5 thousand feet from any residence, school or religious place? (That leaves very very few places indeed.) No edible products? Pot limit? Air filters in your own house?

    Look, no offense, but it sounds like a proposal written by someone trying to pacify every single fear monger in the op-eds. I think it’s too early for a federal proposal (not too early for federal action, the silence up top is deafening.)

    I just feel unsettled by any calls for a set in stone federal law. Once that sort of law (like the one above) is set at the federal level and it doesn’t work it takes forever to change and adjust.

    At the state and county levels. Things tend to move a little swifter. We can see what’s working and what’s not. And of course some things wont work but I also think that very little could be worse then what’s going on right now, and definitely not prop 19 as it’s written.

    As the states move and counties start to see what’s working, the fed will have to act and it will either be harsh (much much harsher then now) or they will capitulate. In the end, they will have to capitulate. Hopefully before the 100 year anniversary comes to pass.

  24. darkcycle says:

    @proposal: Why not ask for a pony, too? If it were possible on a federal level, we wouldn’t have to take the initiative route through the states. Since drug laws are one of the pillars of the expanded government control over and intrusion on our persons, it is unlikely they will willingly give up. Not when it is the most conveinient excuse for all manner of unconstitutional behavior.

  25. Just me. says:

    LOL !! Thanks Pete. Laugh often everyone.

  26. darkcycle says:

    And to derisively dismiss medical marijuana is to ignore both scientific research and basic humanity. You may as well suggest that because some people tend to abuse prescription pain killers, they are a sham and should be banned too.

  27. Just me. says:

    September 27, 2010 at 4:24 pm
    And to derisively dismiss medical marijuana is to ignore both scientific research and basic humanity. You may as well suggest that because some people tend to abuse prescription pain killers, they are a sham and should be banned too.

    Yep , except that would never happen due to the amount of money made off ‘legal’ drugs.

  28. Just me. says:

    Crap! The carnage just keeps coming. This can happen here.

    We have to stop the flow of money to Mexico. These cartel just keep getting bigger and deadlier.

  29. This is simple says:

    A large percentage of law enforcement, prison guards, the liquor industry, Mexican cartels, and thousands of drug dealers in opposing Prop 19. Don’t let our prisons go under-utilized. Arresting marijuana users makes good sense and is just plain good business.

    I want to look that the part of this closely.
    The reason they all opose prop 19 is they want money plain and simple. Drug dealers profit, police profit from having this “war on drugs.” They want it to stay illegal so they will have huge amounts of over time. If prop 19 passes all of thier profit will go down the drain and be turned into tax revanue witch goes to all kinds of things. Roads, bridges, buildings, schools. The goverment wants all the money for themselfs.

    We don’t need to fill our jails with people who smoke pot the facts are overwhelming. People will never stop smoking pot people will never stop drinking. The people who think it is possible to get everyone to stop smoking are just buying into the propaganda and myriad of lies the goverment has been feeding them. Now I get to the point on drinking.

    We saw it with ban on acohol, people started distilling it to make it where you did not have to drink so to get the “drunk” affect they still had beer people still consumed alcohol in all forms. people even had “medical” reasons to drink, today people drive drunk even though there is a law that prohibits people from being alowed to drive drunk but people still do it. The same goes for marijuana people will drive while “high” there is no stopping it accept it already.

    The war on drugs is a utter failure ever since ronald regan started it. Despite that we have more drug dealers more drug users and abusers than ever befor.

    It’s time for a change

    About prop 19 read the facts from BOTH sides with and against prop 19 just don’t skim it read it all then you come to your OWN conclusion!!

  30. Richard says:

    This shit is a fucking lie! its about time someone legalizes pot! So what some dumbass flings herself out of a window! that was her fault! not weeds! Just another lie to put pot down. If anything pot is antidepressant i don’t now why she would do that but i doubt pot payed a huge part in it.

  31. Pete says:

    @This is simple. This is simple: it’s a parody.

    Fisking a parody is a bit like masturbation.

    @Richard… …sigh…

  32. Chris says:

    I haven’t seen right click protection on a website in years.

  33. Kenny says:

    “THE sprawled body of a young girl lay crushed on the sidewalk the other day after a plunge from the fifth story of a Chicago apartment house. Everyone called it suicide, but actually it was murder. The killer was a narcotic known to America as marijuana”

    This sounds like the same bs war on drugs false propaganda they used back in the 1950’s and 60’s to fund the war on drugs. Open your eyes people and realize this harmless plant doesn’t take lives and never has. I don’t even use marijuana anymore but if you can tell me that every violent crime would be eliminated by taking every marijuana plant and burning them, then you are nieve. Control the plant, control the market then you can control the user and the crimes that are associated with an illegal substance that was made illegal by racist movement on mexican’s and african americans. I’m white by the way but do your research before you throw your one sided view you were raised to believe by a government who is doing nothing good for our country but holding it back from the potential it has to create jobs and a new cash crop.

  34. “Abraham Lincoln said, “Two of my favorite things are sitting on my front porch smoking a pipe of sweet hemp, and playing my Hohner harmonica.” We can’t prove it, but it is pretty likely that it was Lincoln’s drug addled brain that was the real cause of the Civil War. In fact, if it weren’t for Lincoln’s hemp habit we’d probably all still have our slaves today.”


  35. Vote NO on Prop 19
    Remember to vote on November 3! Don’t forget, that’s on November 3. Mark your calendars, but yes voters get to vote on November 2 so those dope menaces can be arrested and incarcerated once and for all.

  36. Just me. says:

    Vote no on Nov 3 LOL

  37. yeson19 says:

    Vote yes on 19. Legalize it and don’t criticize it!

  38. Maria says:

    The internet can drive a gal to drink.

    Or is that human nature? Lincoln, you drug addled hop head, pass me that pipe!

  39. Duncan20903 says:

    I love parody. I wrote a series of pothead jokes to post around the ‘net. Pothead jokes in the style of this one:

    Hey, did you hear the one about the pothead that got a ballot initiative to re-legalize cannabis on the ballot in California? Did you hear that he was so high and hallucinating that he collected 700,000 signatures instead of the 433,000 he needed to get it on the ballot. Is there anyone who doubts that he just forgot the number of signatures needed to get this hilarity on the ballot? I hope they thought to check those signatures! It would be par for the course if these potheads forged all or almost all of them.

    I had to abandon that idea because too many people were thinking me serious.

    Did you hear the one about the pothead that somehow got himself elected President of the United States of America. Hell at least 40 to 45 people have done that. He’s only the first person of those with whom he shares his skin color to obtain that ‘prize’. What a joke. Then there’s a variation which has the pothead getting the California voters to fire the Governor and elect him to that office. I think we can all agree that California voters are just too easy to scam. The potheads will probably win the contest in November. I feel sorry for the people who know better than to smoke dope but are trapped by circumstance and can’t move out of California. They really should dig a bunker and put up some supplies and plenty of guns and bullets. Because once everyone in California is hooked on dope the entire State is going to be like the zombies in “The Night of the Living Dead” Go to to see what California will be like if the voters let themselves get snookered again.

    Talk about cognitive dissonance. Simply mind boggling. Yes the Youtube video link is a scene from the movie, “Night of the Living Dead.” It really gave me some perspective of how ludicrous the know nothings are on this subject.

  40. Duncan20903 says:

    @Proposal, yeah those cannabis edibles derails the propaganda train. God forbid that people should use a healthier delivery method that the know nothings can’t conflate to express how much of danger to health that “cannabis” presents.

    Your entire proposal is absurd in the extreme. We need to remove the absurd nonsense from public policy, not to pretend to re-legalize while instituting a set of rules that are even more absurd than the idiocy of the war on (some) drugs.

    It’s beyond my ken to explain why anyone still believes that cannabis has no medical utility or is a ‘sham’ in the face of the piles and piles and piles of evidence that it is efficacious medicine that significantly reduces the suffering of the sick.

    Yes in the 20s there were medical exceptions for drinking alcohol which were a sham. The AMA removed drinking alcohol from the pharmacopoeia in 1917. The AMA had to be strong armed into removing cannabis in 1941. The AMA testified in Congress against the banning of cannabis for medicine.

    Since you’re really complaining about the medical cannabis distribution chain it would be better for you to take your complaints to the Feds. Most people feel that it is more important to allow doctors and scientists to make medical decisions rather than the decision being left to know nothing prohibitionists or politicians with a political agenda.

    I watched a dear friend of mine get diagnosed with leukemia in 2000. He passed away in 2002. He chose to use cannabis as a palliative for the serious side effects of his medical treatment. That he chose cannabis was especially compelling to me as evidence that cannabis is legitimate medicine because he had a medical degree and a license to practice medicine in 3 states. He could have written himself a Rx for any FDA approved drug that his little heart desired, and his insurance would have paid for it. Yet he chose to risk going to black market and pay for his medicine out of pocket. I really wonder if you’re aware of just how offensive your chickenshit opinion is to some people.

    I absolutely think that it’s of negligible importance to think it more important that someone who is malingering should suffer a slight inconvenience of being forced to get his cannabis in the black market than to provide relief to people like my friend Skippy. Those that think otherwise really should find a brain doctor and get a check up from the neck up. Also a remedial course in the relationship of cause and effect would likely help as well. But that might not help you as it requires an IQ at least equal to room temperature to understand.

    No, getting Fed law changed is the last thing on the agenda. It would be downright stupidity to focus on Federal law and would keep us stuck in the mud for the next couple of decades. In 1937 the Feds were the last to legislate against cannabis. California was the first state to criminalize cannabis in 1913. There are too many denigrations of our freedom, indeed our very way of life in the US.

    Prop 19 does not conflict with Federal law, not in any way, shape or form. The SCOTUS has had Prop 215 in front of them 3 times, and the law still stands. This issue was resolved in the 1920s after New York repealed its drinking alcohol laws and told the Feds, it’s all yours pal. Enforce your Federal law with Federal resources. There is no law requiring the states to adopt a set of laws that duplicate the Federal code. Does California law ‘conflict’ with Federal law because they have no state law against the evasion of Federal income tax? How about because they have no state law against High Treason? High Treason is a much more significant crime that petty possession of cannabis, wouldn’t you agree?

    Slightly off topic but one other thing if I can ask you to do me a big favor. I’ve always been totally bewildered by the thought processes of total fucking assholes. It just doesn’t make sense to me. Would you be so kind as to relate the insider’s point of view for me? Then would you also answer some follow up questions? This is something I’ve really wanted to understand for decades. Thanks in advance.

  41. Jack says:

    My favorite argument against legalization is that marijuana is a gateway drug, and it’s been scientifically proven. I am sure I could do “scientific studies” that prove giving candy to a child is a gateway drug to coffee consumption as an adult, or better yet, it is a gateway drug to cocaine or meth-amphetamines. After all, they are all uppers. You can have a caffeine “crash” just like you crash after using cocaine, but not to the same extent. Well, we don’t really know that because we would have to compare a child’s sugar crash to that of a cocaine crash. I am sure that you could prove that most, if not all speed addicts, ate candy as a child. Don’t you think that when marijuana is lumped together with cocaine and heroin a child or teen who has tried smoking marijuana and heard all of the OD horror stories or addict stories may think to him/herself ” well if this isn’t bad than that can’t be as bad as they say, maybe I’ll try it for myself.”

  42. Bob says:

    Just a heads-up – Google is placing anti-prop 19 ads in your page. You may want to go into your AdSense settings and block the domain

  43. Pete says:

    Thanks, Bob. But I’m a bit torn. Any anti-prop 19 ads are wasted here. It may reduce my income somewhat because few people here will click on them. Yet, I kind of like the idea of them wasting even a small part of their ad effort…

  44. Gary says:

    Whomever made or believes anything that website says is an idiot. I am voting no on prop 19 since its a horriably written bill that again gives all the power to the goverment. Marijuana has killed no one, infact if you educate yourself you will find out that our founding fathers Thomous Jefferson, George Wasington were all in the hemp industry. Oh, and the first drafts of our constitution were written on hemp paper. Who opposes mj? Well lets see, alcohol, tobacco, dea, and cotton industry. President Reagan also based his re election on the drug war and somehow coined the mj leaf as the anti drug logo. So, lets be realistic and not ignorant.

    • Pete says:

      Gary, that site is a parody site, so the idiot is… ?

      So you’re voting No on Prop 19. You’re on the side of all the prohibitionist politicians who are scared to death that we’ll put a crack in their drug war that could spread and become what we want it to be. You’re on the side of the beer distributors and the cartels. You’re on the side of everybody that has been putting marijuana users in jail. Because it’s not perfect the first time?

      Well, that’s your right. But in my mind, that puts you right there with the DEA and the ONDCP and all those others who have been fighting us all along. Go ahead, wait for the perfect bill, while cops continue to bust down doors and shoot people over a plant. What do you care? It’s not your house. They’re not your dogs. They’re not your kids.

      I hope you’re selling pot. That way you can at least get 30 pieces of silver to make up for turning your back on the rest of the world.

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